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The Dragon Ball Gang in the desert

The Desert is an area on Earth where Sand Eagles live. It is located south of the Bamboo Forest[1] and north of Satan City, near Diablo Desert and Grand Apron.


In the Dragon Ball anime, while they were going to West City after the events of the Emperor Pilaf Saga, Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong and Puar travel through the heated desert after crashing in the Bamboo Forest, only to find that they were heading south when they were supposed to be heading north. Krillin, who was leaving the Orin Temple to become Master Roshi's student, caused a sandstorm in this desert while he was running to the south.[2]


A Sand Eagle pursues Gohan in the desert

Later, at the beginning of the Red Ribbon Army Saga, Colonel Silver starts pursuing Pilaf's Flying Fortress in Diablo Desert and another desert very similar to this one after Emperor Pilaf found a Dragon Ball at Fire Mountain. Pilaf puts his ship in the sand in the desert, and catches a few soldiers and Goku, but the Red Ribbon Army still manages to destroy the ship.[3]

In Dragon Ball Z, Gohan is attacked by a Sand Eagle in the desert while he was trying to return to his home after Piccolo left him in Break Wasteland.[4] In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, the Z Fighters find the Six-Star Dragon Ball needed to resurrect Goku for the battle against the Saiyans in a Sand Eagle nest in this desert. Enemies encountered here in the game are Sand Fish, Poison Sandbug & Sandbug Larva, Sandman, Winged Dragon, Desert Bandit and Female Desert Bandit.


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