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Destination: Guru (ブルマが危ない!! 四星球はフリーザの手に, Buruma ga Abunai!! Sushinchu wa Furiza no Te ni) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Namek Saga and the fifty-ninth overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on August 29, 1990.


Bulma has finally fallen asleep when Vegeta comes down, finally locating her and filled with rage. He easily kills Bulma, only for her to awaken discovering she was merely having a nightmare. In reality, Vegeta stands by his Dragon Balls, unable to move since Gohan can locate them. Large amounts of seismic activity begins, as an enraged Frieza is shooting off beams of intense energy, but is unable to hit any of his targets. Frieza stands in his damaged ship, while his henchmen huddles together in fear. Vegeta starts to get a bit worried, as without immortality, he will be unable to defeat Frieza.


Krillin and Gohan head to Guru's house

Bulma tries to stop a Dragon Ball from rolling away, as a nearby explosion caused by Frieza causes it to roll into some shallow water. Krillin and Gohan fly through the air using their minimum speed in order to avoid Vegeta. Krillin begins to ponder how Vegeta's power continued to grow, which causes Gohan to doubt his hidden powers. However, Krillin states if a being at his level has some, Gohan wields some as well.

Unwilling to get into the water, Bulma reaches for a stick and stretches out trying to pull the ball back to land. She accidentally pushes the ball farther into the water, but gives up thinking it is better hidden from Vegeta. She checks her Dragon Radar, shocked to see the ball moving away at a rapid pace. She wonders if Vegeta grabbed it, scared that she will never see Yamcha again. Bulma pulls out a capsule, gets, into a submarine, and heads under-water to get the ball, wanting to go down fighting. She slows down after seeing that a ball has been taken by a sea monster, who swam away causing the ball to fall down into a deeper part of the Ocean.


Goku training at 100x Earth's gravity

On the Capsule Corporation spaceship, Goku has advanced to training at 100x regular gravity, even to the point that he harmed himself with his own Kamehameha waves. After being hit with the blast, he is worn out and takes a Senzu Bean from the bag. He is instantly replenished, and gains yet another Zenkai. He decides to be more careful, as he has two more days before he arriving on Namek. Bulma makes her way down to a clam where the Dragon Ball is located. She also spots a giant pearl, and fantasizes what it would be like to wear it. Filled with greed, she passes over the mystical orb and goes to retrieve the pearl. However, it opens up a whirlpool which begins sucking everything away, including the Dragon Ball. She goes after the orb, only to the ball falling into a large amount of giant pearls, and sees it is a crab monster who uses pearls to lure its victims to them.


Bulma's Submarine

Bulma tries to escape, but the giant crab wraps its claws around the ship and begins to break the glass. Bulma searches for an escape capsule, wondering if it has fallen out of her pocket. She locates the capsules, getting into a Mech right as the monster destroyed the ship. The crab goes after Bulma still, as she desperately tries to avoid his claws. The crab then stops its attack and lies down, revealing the pearls are eggs and her babies are hatching. The monster was simply protecting her children. As a pillar falls towards the eggs, Bulma rushes forwards, grabbing the pillar and saving the monster's children. She pushes it aside, and the monster allows her to grab the Dragon Ball.

Bulma makes her way back to land and heads back to her hiding spot with the Dragon Ball, as a Ki Blast lands near her. Two of Frieza's soldiers, Blueberry and Raspberry, fly down wanting to locate the other Dragon Balls and Vegeta. They threaten to bring her to Frieza, grabbing her, and flying her away.


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