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Don't Anger the Destroyer! A Heart-Pounding Birthday Party (破壊神を怒らせるな!ドキドキ誕生パーティー, Hakaishin wo Okoraseru na! Doki-Doki Tanjō Pātī; lit. "Don't Anger the God of Destruction! Excitement at the Birthday Party") is the sixth episode of Dragon Ball Super. Its Japanese air date is August 16, 2015. Its American air date is February 11, 2017.



Beerus glaring at Vegeta while he's paralyzed on the ground.

After learning from King Kai that Goku fought and lost to Beerus in just two shots, Vegeta becomes very worried and rushes to Bulma's birthday party to warn everyone but he doesn't tell them why he is there. Goku excitedly gears up to return to Earth to face Beerus one more time but King Kai is worried, as he knows how dangerous Beerus is. While Bulma is irritated that Vegeta won't show excitement for her birthday, he is angry and scared that even Goku was easily beaten by Beerus.

Beerus and Vegeta flashback

Beerus and King Vegeta in a flashback

He hears Beerus' presence at the party and when confronted by the god, he recalls a flashback from when he was a child; Beerus had visited Planet Vegeta and crushed King Vegeta in his head as the God requested the softest pillow in the universe. Vegeta became scared for his father's well-being and tried to defend him, but Beerus paralyzed him with his limbo powers. Beerus recognizes Vegeta and asks him if he knows about the Super Saiyan God, and Vegeta says he knows nothing about it. Beerus and Whis notice that there is a party going on and meet Bulma, who introduces herself as Vegeta's wife to them. They introduce themselves to her as Vegeta's good friends and accept her invitation to join the party, much to Vegeta's dismay.


Majin Buu and Beerus face-off

Vegeta hides out to make sure Beerus stays in a good mood and reacts with anxiety to anything that the God may consider disrespect, such as Yamcha roughly patting him on the back, or Trunks and Goten accidentally spraying water on him in a water squirt gun fight. To remedy this, Vegeta catches and cooks an octopus. Beerus finds the food, particularly the taiyaki meatballs and octopus delicious, and Vegeta casts his pride aside to cook for him, which shocks the guests on why he's acting strange. Having grown tired of the other food after eating so much, Beerus wants to eat some pudding. However, Majin Buu refuses to share the pudding, which angers Beerus and he decides to confront Buu. They square off and Buu releases a barrage of punches at Beerus, which doesn't seem to hurt him at all. Beerus easily disposes of Buu and turns to face Vegeta, who has a look of fear and worry.

Major Events

  • Battle between Beerus and Majin Buu breaks out.


  • Majin Buu vs. Beerus





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