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Don Brown

Donald "Don" Brown is a Canadian voice actor from Vancouver, British Columbia. He works for Ocean Group Entertainment.


Although he has been known to play serious roles, he is better known for playing characters that provide comic relief, which appear to be his strong suit.

Don Brown voiced Emperor Pilaf in Dragon Ball and Shenron, King Kai (a role once misattributed to Dave "Squatch" Ward), Burter (formerly misattributed to Alec Willows), Moori (misattributed to Robert O. Smith), Mr. Satan, and Kibito in Dragon Ball Z. He also voiced Master RoshiGarlic Jr.Ebifurya, Rasin (TV version only) and Lakasei (VHS version only) in Dragon Ball Z movies.

Some of his other roles include Scorponok in Beast Wars: Transformers, Elder Ham in Hamtaro, RocketMan, SharkMan, VideoMan and SparkMan in MegaMan NT Warrior, Sigel Clyne in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Jaken in the InuYasha franchise, Cyclonus/Snow Cat in Transformers: Armada and Energon, Tom in Tom and Jerry Tales, Henry Peter Gyrich in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, the narrator in Galaxy Express 999, Challia Bull in Mobile Suit Gundam, and Darks in Dragon Drive.

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