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"An alien attacker who destroys enemies with her special Crusher Ball."
Dragon Ball Fusions character profile

Doola is a female member of the Brench-seijin who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Doola resembles a female version of Jeice and is similar to Niyusu.


Doola is present at the Timespace Tournament, at one point Tekka requests she join his team, but she says she is already part of a team. Later in the game, Tekka may encounter Doola as a random enemy NPC.

Techniques & Special Abilities

  • Crusher Ball - An energy sphere technique originally developed by Jeice which Doola can use according to her enemy character profile.
    • Super Crusher Ball - A stronger version of the Crusher Ball used by Doola as one of her Special Moves.
  • Super Energy Blade - A stronger version of the Energy Blade used by Doola as one of her Special Moves.
  • Happy Dance
  • Super Leader - Teammates take less time to act. One of Doola's Skills.
  • Ki Move Genius - Fewer Ki Blast Special Ki Orbs. One of Doola's Skills.
  • Cheer - Support attack damage boost. One of Doola's Skills.

Video game appearances