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"You're too generous."
Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

Dr. Collie (コリー博士, Korī Hakase) is a scientist.



Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly


Dr. Collie with Lord Jaguar

Dr. Collie is a scientist working for Lord Jaguar, who leads the program of the Bio-Warriors, including Bio-Broly, to defeat Mr. Satan. He gets Broly's blood sample from Maloja. His laboratory is on a remote island, in Mei Queen Castle, with tons of advanced technological devices destined to create Bio-Warriors to the people that would pay more.

Dr. Collie is rescued by Goten and Trunks and assumes there is no way to stop the bio-regeneration fluid until seeing water touch it.

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  • Dr. Collie's first part of his Japanese name is a pun on chestnut, just like Krillin.
  • Dr. Collie's English name is a pun on the vegetable cauliflower. It also resembles the word "collie", which is a dog breed. Given the fact that his employer's name has a similar animal-related pun, the latter's more likely.


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