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A Red Ribbon Army soldier is the son of the Red Ribbon Army head scientist Dr. Gero. He became Android 16's template. He is mentioned in an interview with the Dragon Ball manga series author, Akira Toriyama, in one of the Dragon Ball Full Color Androids Saga volumes.



Dr. Gero's son was a high-ranking Red Ribbon soldier but fell to an enemy's bullet. In his affection, Gero modeled a powerful Android after him, Android 16. As he did not want to risk him being destroyed in battle, Dr. Gero deliberately programmed the Android to be non-aggressive.[1]

Other Dragon Ball Stories


In Dragon Ball FighterZ it is stated by Android 21's good side that her son became the model for Android 16 but does not mention Dr. Gero as his father or at all. However it should be noted that she admits that she has little to no memories of her life as a human before becoming Android 21 and does not know the identity of her creator, though it is implied that like Cell she was created by another one of Dr. Gero's Super Computers though it is implied that Dr. Gero may have started the project in his lifetime only to leave it to his computer to finish as he had with Cell. Android 21 arc of the game she does not refer to her creator by name, let alone as Gero himself which questions if she remembers or even encountered him at all after being turned into an android (which likely occurred long after his death given that she contains Majin Buu's cells as it is unlikely Gero or his computer could have collected them before the Majin Buu conflict as Majin Buu was contained in the Sealed Ball during Gero's lifetime). Android 21 however does apparently know that her creator is dead implying she is in fact referring to Dr. Gero as she states thinking about it makes her want to cry, but she notes that he was a great scientist and a genius who stood out in his field, but notes that it appears he wasn't very nice, before noting that considering that he probably wouldn't answer her even if she could ask him, or perhaps his answers would make her wish she had never asked, before asking to change the subject apparently finding the topic too painful. This implies that the mother of Android 16's template may have been turned into an Android either by force and/or that Gero's relationship with his mother deteriorated following the death of their son, or something occurred to her that forced Dr. Gero to convert her into an Android. It is also possible that Dr. Gero may have created both 21 and 16 in an attempt to restore the lover/wife and son he had lost before his vendetta against Goku drove him to focus on revenge or he realized that they could never have been like the originals, though could not bring himself to destroy them, with Android 21 being unfinished during his lifetime, only for his computer to complete it due to lacking any feelings Gero had for 21. Alternatively, she may have joined him in his vendetta either out of a sense of loyalty, shared hatred of Goku, or emotional dependency following their son's death as she notes her creator was not a nice person implying Gero relationship with the mother of his son may have always been or became abusive in the wake of their son's death and possibly the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army at the hands of Goku. Given her reaction, it is possible that Android 21 is a tragic victim of Dr. Gero's vendetta against Goku, much like the future counterparts of Android 17 and 18 who were programmed to hate humanity by future Dr. Gero, that turned them into the psychopathic killers of Trunks' and Cell's timelines.

In the Enemy Warrior saga when questioned by Cell her evil half knows who Gero is, stating she has no use for him, nor does not care about him and only needs his labs. However, it should be noted that her evil half in the Android 21 Saga believes that Androids have no need for families or loved ones which is likely due to her representing Android 21's destructive urges and explains why she has no trouble killing Android 16. 16 himself explains that this is due to some of her cells (presumably Majin Buu's given her hunger and destructive nature which is similar to the Kid Buu Clones which are the only clones with any real personality as the others are mindless drones) going out of control. While Android 21's evil half has no love for anyone but herself, her good half loves 16 as a mother due to him being based on her human son and despite having no memory of her human life she likes to think what her original name might have been as well as imaging what it was like to have a family, which 16 doesn't fully understand, though he recognizes her good self as Android 21's human heart. 16's destruction during the Android 21 Saga during 21's outburst after her fight with Cell, was enough to cause her good half to resurface and lead to her Fission into her good and evil selves which makes sense as it likely reminded her of the loss her human son, 16's template.


  • The loss of his son may be another reason behind Dr. Gero's vendetta against Goku, as Goku destroyed the army Gero's son gave his life fighting for.


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