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12250DB-CCG-S1-3D Foil-AMD

Card pack for series 1 "The Warriors Return"

Dragon Ball: Collectable Card Game (Dragon Ball: CCG for short) is a trading card game of the Dragon Ball series made by Bandai. It has five series so far. This card game is a separate entity from its predecessor, the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game by Score Entertainment.


Types of Cards

  • Warrior
  • Technique
  • Event


  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare (At least one in every pack)
  • Super Rare
  • Starter (A foil card that can be received in the starter deck)
  • Promo (Usually foils. Some can be received in certain Shonen Jump Magazines)

Card Series

  • Series 1: The Warriors Return
  • Series 2: The Awakening
  • Series 3: Destructive Fury
  • Series 4: Fusion
  • Series 5: Clash of Sagas


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