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The following section contains information about unlicensed material, which - while created and released by a proper business organization - is overall unofficial to the Dragon Ball series.

This article is about the 1990 Korean unofficial live action movie, for other uses see: Dragon Ball (disambiguation)

Dragon Ball (드래곤볼, Deuraegon Bol) is an unofficial live-action Korean film adaptation of the manga series Dragon Ball by manga-ka Akira Toriyama.

It was released on December 12, 1990. Also titled 싸워라 손오공 이겨라 손오공, Ssawora Son o gong, Igyeora Son o gong which translates to "Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku"


Differences from series

  • The way Goku catches a fish in the beginning is different. He catches it by screaming loudly instead of using his tail as bait. Also, the fish he catches is normal sized rather than a Giant Fish.
  • Bulma does not run Goku over, instead she meets Goku when the car is parked.
  • Bulma shoots Goku with a Sub-Machine Gun resembling an MP5A3 or A5 (likely airsoft) instead of a pistol when they meet.
  • Instead of lifting Bulma's skirt up to see if she has a tail, he grabs her bottom. Bulma also offers to let Goku touch her bottom at his house, but she does not lift up her skirt.
  • Oolong is able to perform a Kamehameha.
  • Pilaf has electrical energy powers.
  • The Dragon Radar flips open and has more than one button.
  • The Pterodactyl Goku fights is replaced with a human wearing some form of a robot suit.
    • Goku defeats him differently as well. Instead of using Bulma's Motorcycle to fly up and hit him with the Power Pole, he simply battles him in a normal fight.
  • Nappa appears as a villain despite the movie taking place during the Emperor Pilaf Saga, several years before Nappa and Vegeta invaded Earth in the Vegeta Saga.


  • The Dragon Radar resembles a Nintendo Game & Watch.
  • At Bulma's house, a clip of anime episode The Secret of the Dragon Balls is seen on the TV.
  • In this film, Puar is seen smoking. though he never did in the anime.
  • Most of the villains are killed through very minor occurrences, and yet, they explode.
  • Shenron is shown as a hologram in this film.
  • The suit used for Oolong's robot form is reused from the 1988 Korean movie Sparkman, where it was the eponymous main hero's mecha.


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