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Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe (ドラゴンボール アルティメットスワイプ) is a fighting game based on Dragon Ball Z. It was released on April 10, 2014, for both Android and iOS devices. It is the third Dragon Ball game for these mobile platforms.



Kid Buu vs. Goku

Ultimate Swipe is a first-person fighting game on a 3D playing field in which well-timed taps and swipes, which can also use to store up ki and unleash attacks such as a Kamehameha, is the key to defeating opponents. Graphics are similar to the 2010 PSP game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team. Battles with enemies occur during missions. By progressing through the game, the player can earn CG character figures. Extra stages are available as in-app purchases, such as the ones for the Androids, Majin Buu, and Special Battle missions.


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