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Dragon Ball CD cover

Dragon Ball: Original USA TV Soundtrack Recording is a CD released in 1996 containing 13 tracks of music from the FUNimation/BLT produced Ocean Group dub of Dragon Ball. The attributed artists are Peter Berring (music) and Brian Griffith (lyrics). A companion album featuring music from Shuki Levy's Dragon Ball Z score was released the same year.


  1. Main Title (performed by David Steele)
  2. The Game Begins
  3. Bulma and Goku
  4. Oolong the Terrible
  5. Yamcha the Warrior
  6. Disappearing Dragon Balls
  7. Power of the Master
  8. The Emperor's Prize
  9. Awaken the Dragon
  10. The Awakening Dragon
  11. Goku's Curse
  12. Victory
  13. End Title


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