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Dragon Ball Digest Edition is part of a line of manga books called "Shueisha Digest Edition" (Shueisha Soshuhen). The Shueisha's Digest Edition line started in 2008. These books allow readers to enjoy many of Weekly Shonen Jump's most popular manga series as they were originally serialized in Jump, complete with features such as original colors, promotion text, and next chapter previews at the end of each chapter. Each volume of Dragon Ball Digest Edition, known as "Legends", covers a different story arc. These volumes are the same size as the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and also have far more pages than the tankobon and kanzenban releases, meaning more chapters in fewer volumes.

Legend 1: Hunt for the Dragon Balls Arc (released 5/13/16)

Legend 2: Tenka'ichi Budokai Arc (5/13/16)

Legend 3: Red Ribbon Army Arc (Part 1) (5/27/16)

Legend 4: Red Ribbon Arc (Part 2) (6/10/16)

Legend 5: 22nd Tenka'ichi Budokai Arc (6/24/16)

Legend 6: (7/8/16)

Legend 7: (7/22/16)

Legend 8: (8/12/16)

Legend 9: (8/26/16)

Legend 10: (9/9/16)

Legend 11: (9/23/16)

Legend 12: (10/14/16)

Legend 13: (10/28/16)

Legend 14: (11/11/16)

Legend 15: (11/25/16)

Legend 16: (12/9/16)

Legend 17: (12/23/16)

Legend 18 (1/13/17)