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The Dragon Ball Heroes (ドラゴンボール ヒーローズ) are a team of teenagers who are skilled at fighting in the Dragon Ball Heroes World.


When Dr. Auto mistakenly releases Black Smoke Shenron and the evil Shadow Dragons in the world, three of the Shadow Dragons kidnap his grandchildren Nimu, Nico, and Genome. To stop the Shadow Dragons and rescue the three kidnapped competitors, the Battle Navigator Tsubasa and the Battle Princess Momo-chan, with help from the Capsule Corporation Engineer Yoshito-kun, decide to reunite a team of teenagers who are skilled at the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game: Beat, Note, Froze, Kagyu, and Kabra. After a brief training, the team enters into the Dragon Ball Heroes dimension in order to defeat the Shadow Dragons and save the three kidnapped Android avatar players.

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