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This section is an archived reference to all previous quotes of the day.


January 1 - January 18


Sorry. I'm not made for standing around. ~ Vegeta

January 19 - January 31

Zarbontransformed 117

I told you, Vegeta... You have only yourself to blame for being surprised...! A terrible misjudgment, wasn't it? You've vastly improved your skill, but your arrogance is even worse! ~ Zarbon

February 1 - February 28

Bulma Yunzabit

Whoah! Wait! Time out! You expect me to believe there's a spaceship in a place like this?! Oh, I get it... Drag the luscious babe out where nobody can see what you're gonna do to her, eh?! ~ Bulma

March 1 - May 10


The wild animals and the forests I loved... Don't let them be destroyed... Protect them for me... - Android 16

May 11 - May 25


Tell me about fear, Frieza. I am now what you have always feared most... The Super Saiyan. - Vegeta

May 26


Awfully noble, aren't you...? Are you saying the Saiyans never killed an innocent? - Frieza