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The Trio De Dangers

The Grand Minister gathers both groups and transports them to the World of Void, where he has prepared a World Martial Arts Tournament-style ring with spectator seats. The Grand Minister then calls for every god in the multiverse to appear, and every single God of Destruction, Angel, and Supreme Kai from each universe all gather to spectate the match. As Goku loudly greets Champa, the Grand Minister orders Goku to be silent. Grand Minister explains the Future Zeno's request to watch a tournament match as he has never seen one before, and he and Zeno appear to spectate. Goku flies to and greets them, calling them "Zen-Chans" (Champa is flustered at Goku calling them "Zen-chan"). An embarrassed Beerus immediately grabs and throws Goku back to the seats, apologizing to the supreme god. The other disgruntled Gods speculate on how vulgar and impudent Universe 7 is acting. Grand Minister, overhearing them, announces that the Tournament of Power was Goku's idea (Zeno's initially, but he forgot about it until Goku reminded him). Goku thanking the Zenos for letting them fight first, with them thanking him back.

Good Buu

Buu about to fight Basil

In the anime Grand Minister explains the rules for the fights: there will be one-on-one matches in order, there is no time limit, and the winner will be chosen if his opponent surrenders or is unable to continue fighting. Roh greedily asks Grand Minister if there are any prizes, and the Grand Minister answering the purpose of this match is sole to provide anticipation for the tournament and to show Future Zeno what a tournament is. Sidra nervously asks if they will be destroyed on the spot if Zeno considers the fighters to be boring, and Grand Minister answers about its possibility, as all is as Zeno wills it. The Grand Minister calls for the two beginning fighters to go to the stage, Basil, the youngest, goes first. Just like they decided, Goku decides that the first fighter will be Buu, but the group notice that Buu fell asleep during all of the talking. Beerus quickly orders Mr. Satan to wake him up, Mr. Satan wakes Buu with a chocolate bar, promising more if he goes to play with Basil. Buu agrees and heads to the ring. With both fighters present, Grand Minister announces the match to begin.

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Basil powers up to fight Buu

Basil quickly goes on the offensive and kicks Buu around, showing that his fighting style revolves around using his legs in a kickboxing-like method. The two Zenos are impressed with Basil's speed. As Buu lays on the ground motionless, Basil comments about what a real buffoon he is, and Supreme Kai and Beerus are worried as Roh arrogantly smirks. Lying on the ground, Buu grins.

Basil quickly gains the upper hand and beats down Buu, who is not taking the fight seriously and thinks of it as a game. Goku goads Basil into showing his full power to get Buu's attention, which leads to Basil using his ultimate attack. As Roh claims victory, Buu emerges with a hole in his stomach, but he is otherwise unmoved. Basil and Roh are awed to see this. This had Mr. Satan injured during the attack, falling unconscious, Seeing his best friend's suffering, Buu becomes very enraged to the point where he effortlessly beats Basil and knocks him out of the ring. However, since neither Zeno is satisfied with the fight, Basil is allowed to get back into the ring. Roh gives Basil a drug that makes him far more powerful. Although Beerus demands that Basil is disqualified for obvious cheating, Zeno ignores this whatsoever. The Grand Minister announces that the rules will be improvised as the tournament goes along. Basil overpowers Buu and seemingly beats him, which causes Roh to prematurely gloat about the "superiority" of Universe 9. However, an enraged Buu emerges unscathed and launches a Majin Kamehameha at Basil. This inflicted extreme damage to him, although, Basil appears to be unscathed, as he approaches Buu, his body cramps and collapses due to the side effects of the power-up drug he dosed, returning to normal in charred rags afterwards, the Grand Minister clinches Universe 7 the victory. As the Universe 9 team laments Basil's loss, Lavender commenting that if he had been allowed to kill his opponent, then he would have won. Gohan volunteers to fight next against Lavender, who is allowed to kill to his heart's content.

The next match of the Zen Exhibition Match is Gohan of Universe 7 against Lavender of Universe 9, later, as Lavender silently chuckles to himself, Gohan suggests to himself that he must see how Lavender fights with his eyes since his ki cannot be sensed, with Goku advising him from afar. Later, The Grand Minister commences the match to begin.

Immediately, Gohan attacks and he and Lavender exchange a number of blows. When Gohan throws a punch, Lavender dodges it and wraps himself around Gohan's arm. Lavender then sprays a mist of poison gas in Gohan's face, blinding him. Lavender then sprays the same gas on his fists and uses them to attack Gohan, further immobilizing him. Whis exclaims that Lavender is using a very powerful poison. While Lavender is overwhelming Gohan, Roh boasts about Lavender's capabilities. Mr. Satan yells out that this is cheating, Goku reminding him that in this tournament, anything goes. Despite Roh's boasting, Shin pulls out a bag of Senzu Beans, attempting to imitate what Universe 9 did previously. However, Gohan refuses a Senzu Bean offer, not wanting anyone to interfere in this battle, wanting to use only his power. Goku agrees with him, claiming that against an opponent whom Gohan cannot see or sense, this is the perfect training for him to regain his fighting sense.

Maxresdefault (4)

Gohan overwhelms Lavender

Ignoring Lavender's boasting, Gohan quietly concentrates to hear and feel Lavender's movements. When Lavender tries to attack from behind, Gohan blocks his attack the instant he feels Lavender's leg connecting on his head. Meanwhile, the two Zenos are impressed and gleefully watch. Thinking it was a fluke, Lavender tries attacking again, Gohan blocks every single hit and counterattacks. Bergamo points out to a surprised Roh that since Gohan lost his sense of vision, his other senses have been heightened, also commenting that Gohan is a worthy opponent. After more trial-and-error, as Lavender flies into the air, Gohan can no longer hear his footsteps, he said. Lavender then fires poisonous Ki blasts at Gohan, whom he has trouble defending himself. Goku exclaims that this could be bad for Gohan, nonetheless, is confident that his son will be able to overcome things the harder they get. When Lavender prepares to finish Gohan off, Gohan laments about not able to handle this match on his own, transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Lavendersuper (7)

Gohan driving Lavender into the ground

The two Zenos are amazed at Gohan's shining golden form, and Grand Minister informs them that he is a Super Saiyan. Toppo realizes that Universe 7 has fighters that can willfully alter their power level. Lavender arrogantly claims that despite Gohan's power increase, he should still be helpless in sensing his attacks, and again, Gohan shrugs the claim off. Lavender attacks, Gohan deflects a ki barrage from him, and flies straight towards Lavender and relentlessly assaults him, much to his confusion. Whis and Shin praise Gohan for wisely using his Super Saiyan powers like an active radar, however, the form could be a double-edged sword, according to Whis. As Gohan tries to finish off Lavender, he collapses and reverts to his base form. Whis and Beerus comment that due to becoming a Super Saiyan, the poison spreading in Gohan's body is accelerating. Lavender takes this opportunity to assault a helpless Gohan and spraying even more poison on him. Despite his disadvantage, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan again and the two fight a heated battle, also entering a beam struggle with Lavender's poisonous energy wave and Gohan's Kamehameha. However, Gohan is overwhelmed due to gradually getting weaker from the poison, which has begun spreading throughout his entire body. Lavender sprays more poison gases, but Gohan simply penetrates, attacking Lavender and grabbing him with a Full-Nelson. Gohan then slams himself and Lavender to the ring below, causing an explosion.

When Lavender is knocked out, Gohan momentarily stands up, stating his victory, and falls down himself unconscious. Grand Minister exclaims that the match is a tie due to both fighters being unable to continue. Goku feeds his son a Senzu Bean, proud of the performance that also got him excited, while Gohan tells his father about himself being still weak. Grand Minister announces to all of the spectators his rankings of the universes, giving Universe 7 an average of 3.18, which is second from the bottom. Whis then asked which universe ranked below them, and it turned out to be Universe 9 with an average of 1.86. Grand Minister reveals the stipulation of the losing universes to be destroyed in front of publicity. While each universe discusses this, Shin asks Grand Minister if every universe which enters will be destroyed if they lose which the Grand Minister confirms. Grand Minister nonchalantly informs him that Universes 1 & 12, along with 5 & 8, are exempt from entering as their average is over 7. Whis simplifies his words, also nonchalantly explaining that every other universe would have been erased because of their low development, but will be spared if they win in the Tournament of Power. Mr. Satan falls into despair and faints when he realizes their fate if they lose in the tournament.

Beerus and Shin argue about their own problems. As Old Kai asks what will happen to the gods, the Grand Minister answers that they will also be erased with their universe, except for the angels, much to the gods' flustering. Preparing to announce the third match, Grand Minister repairs the ring. The final fight between Goku and Bergamo is about to begin.


Grand Minister announces the next match up

The third match of the Zen Exhibition Match between Goku and Bergamo is about to begin. The gods of each universe all discuss their potential fates if they are defeated in the Tournament of Power. Goku suggests that he and Bergamo go all-out since their fight will not have any universes destroyed. Bergamo shuts Goku up while ridiculing him to the universe gods. Bergamo points out that Zeno gave his Universe 9 the lowest mortal level, but he points to Goku, accusing the Saiyan of having a much lower mortal level because he (although Zeno suggested it before created it back at the previous tournament) created the idea of the Tournament of Power, and if was not, then every universe could have lived in peace. Bergamo takes it upon himself to crush Goku, calling him the enemy of every universe. Bergamo then bows down to Zeno, politely asking him to rescind his rule of erasing the defeated universes once he has defeated Goku, impressing the Universe 9 gods of his smooth talking, and an outraged Beerus and Whis realize that Bergamo was trying to name Goku the villain so that every universe would consider him an enemy; Whis also points out the animosity towards Goku is increasing. While the gods agree with Bergamo, Goku points out that he does not care about being the villain to every universe, saying that as long as he is on the edge, he can fight to the fullest, being his typical Saiyan trait, because the other universes (except Universe 6) do not know anything of Saiyans and their traits.

Zeno agrees with Bergamo's proposal, and the rule is set: if Universe 9 wins, the rule of erasing every defeated universe will be scrapped altogether. However, Grand Minister warns Goku that if he holds back because refuses to be erased, Zeno will immediately destroy every universe. Goku agrees and planned to go full force, he said. Later, While Champa boos Goku, the Supreme Kais of different universes ask him who Goku is, wondering why he acts so casually in front of Zeno. Champa answers that Goku's limit seemed unfathomable, also pointing out Universes 1, 5, 8 and 12's nonchalant attitudes due to being exempt from the Tournament because of their high mortal levels.

Giant Bergamo 3

Goku vs. Bergamo

The match finally begins. Goku and Bergamo start exchanging blows, feeling each other out. Bergamo then purposefully leaves himself defenseless, taunting Goku to hit him so he can show him why they call him "Bergamo the Crusher". Goku obliges and lands a number of blows on him. Bergamo then suddenly glows and grows larger and stronger, knocking Goku back with a punch. Goku keeps attacking him, and Bergamo keeps growing, taunting him to keep attacking some more. Gohan advises Goku to be careful, pointing out that Bergamo is using his power against him. Roh of Universe 9 loudly and boastfully exclaims Bergamo's ability: the more he is hit, the more he grows and the stronger he becomes, claiming his strength as "truly limitless".Goku then becomes a Super Saiyan. Goku comes up with a strategy, as Bergamo grows bigger and bigger the more power he absorbs, he is left wide open, allowing Goku to continuously land combos on him, not to mention that Goku is too small and fast for him to catch, as Bergamo steals more of his power. Bergamo eventually becomes gigantic in size, and Goku once again uses his speed to constantly land hits on him. While Bergamo grows bigger and bigger, Goku solemnly smiles.

Zen Exhibition Match (3)

Goku and Bergamo's final attack

Goku taunts Bergamo, exclaiming that the bigger he grows, the more blind spots he gains. Bergamo soon grows so large that the ring under him is beginning to crack from his steps. Goku taunts if he can still get stronger, Bergamo tries to hit him, to no avail, Goku backflips into midair, then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. The gods (except the present Zeno and the Grand Minister) are stricken with awe about this display of power, feeling the form's pressure, Zeno informs Future Zeno (who was impressed at Goku's display) of the Super Saiyan Blue form. Goku "offers" Bergamo more power, using the Kaio-ken. Bergamo also charges his absorbed energy up while Goku charges a God Kamehameha. Bergamo uses his special attack, Wolfgang Penetrator, clashing with Goku's Kamehameha. Goku uses his full power to push the attack back and hit Bergamo, defeating him instead of powering him up further. Grand Minister announces Universe 7 as the victors of the Zen Exhibition Match.

Goku informs Zeno about him not holding back, much to their happiness and impression with his match. While Basil and Lavender help their brother up, Bergamo promises Goku that every universe will come after him. Goku fearlessly taunts to every god of universes to come at him with all their strongest warriors, exclaiming that he will beat them all, much to all their chagrin and annoyance. While Grand Minister confirms the Zen Exhibition Match a success, he announces the rules for the Tournament of Power: it will be a survival match and victory is gained by knocking opponents off of the ring. The use of weapons and killing opponents are prohibited in the tournament and using Flight outside the ring is nullified. Also, the time limit for the match will be 100 Taks, which is about 48 minutes on Earth, the Grand Minister further announces that since the ring will also be huge, the tournament will have all 80 participants from the 8 universes participating all in the ring at once, and the universe with the most survivors will win; also if there is a single survivor, that universe will win. The Universe 7 group discuss that power alone cannot be enough and tactics and teamwork will be important; teamwork not being Goku's forte. Goku confidently comments that he should be fine since he has Gohan at his side.


Toppo of Universe 11 challenges Goku

Toppo suddenly jumps to the ring and confronts Goku, wanting to talk to him. He then introduces himself as the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11, taking off his cloak and challenges Goku to a fight, an excited Goku claimed that he was never satisfied with Bergamo. Toppo claims Goku as evil (which is ironic to the fact that Goku's race, the Saiyans, are downright evil), declaring that his fists will bring ruin upon all evil. After obtaining Zeno blessing to proceed, Goku and Toppo begin their battle. Toppo quickly gains the upper hand and dislocates Goku's shoulder. Goku responds by attacking with a flurry of blows, but Toppo manages to grab Goku in a powerful bear hug. He begins squeezing the life out of Goku, which forces Goku to turn Super Saiyan Blue to escape. He and the Pride Trooper undergo an extreme battle, and damages Toppo's suit with a point-blank God Kamehameha, much to his anger, later, Goku (who used the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken, also claiming what he would look like if his limit had passed) and Toppo begin to power up to extreme heights. However, the Grand Minister brings an end to the match on the grounds that one of them will likely end up dead at the rate they are going. As Toppo leaves, he reveals to Goku that Universe 11 has a warrior even stronger than him named Jiren. The Grand Minister explains that he will begin creating the arena for the Tournament of Power, which will be completed in 40 Earth hours. Back at the Sacred World of the Kai, Beerus, and Goku get into an argument over Goku's laid-back attitude, which Whis breaks up. The group agrees to convene at the Capsule Corporation to discuss their strategy.


The Zen Exhibition Match is a battle royale between all twelve Gods of Destruction. Beerus and Quitela are the last two standing, but before they can deal the final blows to each other the Grand Minister halts their battle. It is decided that Goku and Toppo will battle to show what a fight between mortals is like - as the God of Destruction battle royale was too intense for the two Zeno to enjoy. Toppo is the winner of the battle.