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Narrator: Planet Vegeta. Many years ago, a small child was born.

[Baby crying]

Narrator: [continues] Unheralded and unattended by its father or mother, the baby cried out, making its lonely plea to the universe. The Saiyans were a people of war, and like all Saiyan babies, the child was destined to fight.

Planthorr: My goodness, that's one loud kid. Yes, he'll be great, watch.

Malaka: That's a bold prediction for the son of a low-class soldier. Let's see ... Bardock's son, huh? Planthorr, I wouldn't stake my reputation on that prediction if I were you.

Planthorr: Hmm ... you just wait.

[Opens chamber baby is in]

Planthorr: Come here, Malaka. Do you hear that?

Malaka: Hmm?

Planthorr: That's the cry of a great warrior. Let's see ... Kakarot. Remember that name.

[On planet Kanassa]

Demetrious: Sir, it's the full moon, just like in the vision.

Kanassan Commander: Yes, Demetrious indeed, it is about to begin. This is the hour for which we have prepared.

Demetrious: Yes, commander.

[Four Great Ape's appear]

[Four Kanassan's attack, to no avail]

[Great Ape Tora disintegrates them with a blast from his mouth]

Kanassan: Don't lose heart, my faithful Kanass. This is our duty. We must see it through until the end.

[Demetrious fires a beam and draws blood from Great Ape Shugesh]

Demetrious: Commander, I have drawn blood. Now the foot must rise and fall.

Kanassan Commander: You have done well, my friend. I will meet you at the door.

[Demetrious then gets stepped on]

[The next day]

Tora: That was a heck of a party, wasn't it?

Fasha: If you say so. I don't remember any of it.

Tora: You're a typical ape, Fasha.

Fasha: Aw, shut up. I don't see how you guys remember anyway. It's elephants that aren't supposed to forget, not apes.

Borgos: I'm with you Fasha. For me it's like waking up from a dream. You kind of remember it all, but then it just slips away.

Shugesh: I don't remember much either, but I remember the crusty little devil that gave me this. [Shugesh rubs scar]

Fasha: Bardock says he remembers everything.

Tora: [Chuckles] Right, don't make me laugh Fasha. Bardock might remember every second of every battle, but he remembers nothing of his personal life. Allow me to demonstrate. Bardock, do you remember what day your son was born?

Bardock: No. But that was a long time ago.

Fasha: It was not you lazy bum. Yesterday? Come on, you need to go see the little tike. You have enough time to stop in before our next assignment.

Bardock: Visit him, huh? How nice. Father-son bonding. Why should I? They'll just send him away.

Fasha: Hm. Bardock. You're a jerk.

Shugesh: Hey guys, why did we fight for this dump anyway, huh? Is Frieza out of his tiny little mind or something?

Bardock: Yeah, but not in this case. I think this planet has special energy or so I've heard.

Tora: Yeah, I heard the same thing. You're supposed to be able to develop physicic powers if you live here. Like being able to read minds, see the future and stuff like that.

Bardock: Frieza's such a paranoid freak. He'd jump at the chance to be able to read minds.

Borgos: That's a scary thought. Frieza really bought his-

[A Kanassan (Toolo) emerges from pile of rubble]

Toolo: I wish you baboons could read minds so you could have heard the thoughts of my troops as you slaughtered them!

[Toolo charges at Bardock, teleports behind him and strikes him on the back of his neck]

[Shugesh strikes Toolo with his knee, and Tora blasts him]

Bardock: What the heck is going on?

Toolo: I have transmuted your destructive force into a more tolerable energy. So you will all die.

Bardock: Yeah? We'll see about that. Goodbye.

Toolo: Wait! You have come here seeking psychic power. Well, I have given it to you, Bardock.

Bardock: He reads minds.

Toolo: You can too now. Bardock, you have the power now too.

Bardock: Me? What are you talking about?

Toolo: The one who seeks the power of Frieza will never have it. But I have given it to you as a gift, Bardock, so that you could see ...

Bardock: See what?

Toolo: See the horror of your end, just like we had to. [Starts laughing]

Bardock: Shut up! [Fires blast at Toolo]

Toolo: Ahhhhhh! [Toolo is disintegrated]

Shugesh: It's dead barbecue. Heh, you never know what you're going to find under a rock these days. Pretty freaky creature eh? Hey. Yo. Hello?

Tora: Stop fooling around Bardock.

[Bardock falls to the ground]

Tora: Hey!

Fasha: Bardock!

Tora: What the heck's going on?

Shugesh: Bardock!

Borgos: He's out cold.

Shugesh: I know that freaky thing had something up his sleeve.

Fasha: Don't you dare die, Bardock.

[On another planet]

[Prince Vegeta is in a room, surrounded by five Saibamen. They try to attack, but he dodges every attack]

Soldier: Did you see that?!

Soldier 2: Yes, I see it all the time. That's Prince Vegeta. He's the best.

Soldier: There's no way!

Soldier 2: Not for any kid you've ever known.

[The Saibamen pounce at Vegeta, who uses an Explosive Wave to scatter them. He then kills them all with Finger Beams.]

Soldier: Unbelievable!

Soldier 2: I told you.

Soldier: My gosh! What's he going to be like when he's full grown?!

Nappa: Nobody really knows that. Yet. But take my advice and stay on his good side.

Soldier: Sure yeah! Gah.

Vegeta: Open up before I-

Soldier: Ah yikes! Sorry sir!

Nappa: [Chuckles] You're the best, Prince.

Vegeta: Stop kissing up, Nappa!

[Traveling on a sort of escalator]

Vegeta: This place bores me! I want another combat assignment!  No more drills!  Man, Frieza!  The day will soon be here that we won't take any more orders from him!  You watch!

Nappa:  Huh?  You think so?

Vegeta:  I know so!

Nappa:  I'd love that!

Zarbon:  Pardon me, Lord Frieza, Sir!  Interesting news!  Planet Kanassa has been occupied as of last night, Sire!

Frieza:  Oh?

Zarbon:  Yes, Sire!  The Kanass have been eradicated. The planet is yours!

Dodoria:  Kanassa!  That job has been in the pool for months!  I thought we'd have to handle that one ourselves!

Zarbon:  No, a band of Saiyans took it!

Frieza:  Saiyans...

Dodoria:  Wow!  Their elite teams are becoming comparable to our own!

Zarbon:  Actually, it was a band of their low-level soldiers!

Dodoria:  No low-levels could take Kanassa!  No!  These are standouts!  The Saiyans are quickly becoming our best fighters!  Am I right?

Zarbon:  Yes, Dodoria!  Without a doubt!  They're much stronger now!  It's amazing!  In a small group on a full moon, they're hard to beat!

Dodoria:  What?  Are you scared of them, Zarbon?

Zarbon:  No, certainly not!  I'm just saying that we need to keep an eye on them, that's all!  Like this Bardock who led the assault on the Kanassans!  What if he and his group teamed up with young Vegeta and a handful of other great fighters!  How would you like to tangle with that bunch on a full moon, Dodoria?

Frieza:  Only a fool would welcome that scenario!

Zarbon: Yes, sire!  Prince Vegeta?  What do you think you're doing?

Dodoria:  Frieza didn't send for you, kid!  You know that no one sees Lord Frieza unless he calls them first!

Vegeta:  Look,  I'm bored!  This is lame!  I need an assignment!

Zarbon:  Hm!  Who do you think you are?  I oughta teach you a lesson in etiquette, Prince!

Frieza:  Give him an assignment Zarbon, immediately!

Zarbon:  Lord Freiza!

Frieza:  The boy doesn't mean any harm, Zarbon!  He just hasn't learned how to control his passion!  Give him the hardest assignment that you have, and Vegeta... do come back alive!

Vegeta:  I will, Sire!  Thank you very much!

Frieza: You don't have to thank me, Vegeta!  You certainly earn your keep around here!  You might want to mind your manners a little better though!

Vegeta:  Sire!

(cut back to Bardock)

Melakka:  If he keeps this up, he's going to be become stronger than King Vegeta!

Planthor:  No kidding!  Bardock, he comes back from every mission half dead!  My gosh!

Melakka:  He's crazy!  What kind of low-level soldier would go to a planet like Kanassa with only a handful of men?

Planthor:  I think he needs to be retested, his case is unusual!

Melakka:  I agree, Planthor!

Torah:  How is he, Melakka?

Melakka:  Let's see here... yes, physically, sure... he's ready!  Mentally, I'm not so sure!  There's a slight change in his brainwave patterns!

Torah:  Brainwaves?

Shugesh:  That doesn't sound to good, Torah!  We'd better handle this one on our own!

Torah:  Right!  We should be okay on Meet!  Well, goodbye, old friend!

Melakka:  Hmmm?  Whoa!

Bardock:  A planet being destroyed!  Was it Vegeta?  No!  It couldn't be!  But wait, the baby, my son... he sees it, too!  It's him... being sent out!  So lonely!  Torah!  I don't understand!  What does my young son have to do with you?  Why am I seeing these things?  It doesn't make sense!  My son, he's become a warrior... but he's different from us!  What happened?  What's wrong with him?  Why am I seeing this!  No... no!

Melakka:  Planthor!  Get him out of there!  Something serious is going on!

Planthor:  Open the hatch, Melakka!  Thank goodness you're alright, you gave us a scare!  Bardock, what happened?

Bardock:  I don't know ... wow!  It was like I was having a nightmare but I wasn't asleep!  At least I don't think I was asleep!

Planthor:  I think it would be wise to take it easy for a while, Bardock!

Bardock:  Oh, yeah?  Well, I wouldn't know, I'm not wise!

Planthor:  You're not?

Bardock:  No!

Planthor:  Oh, I think you're wise!  How else could you take on the assignments that you do and still be alive?

Bardock:  I know how to fight!  That's all!  It doesn't take a whole lot of brains to be a great fighter!  Which reminds me, where's Torah?  I thought I heard him in here earlier!

Planthor:  You and your team were ordered to go to Planet Meet by Frieza himself!

Bardock:  What?  Frieza! So we're finally getting the recognition we deserve!  And those bums take of without me, huh?

Planthor: No!  Wait!  Bardock!  You need to rest!

(Bardock pauses for a brief moment and then cuts to him standing in front of a nursery with Kakarrot crying inside.)

Bardock:  Huh?  Not again!  Oh, thank goodness!  You're real this time!  Man, you sure have some powerful lungs!  Well, look kid, I'll catch you later!

Commander:  Wait!

Bardock:  Huh?

Commander:  You have come here seeking psychic power!!  Well, I have given it to you, Bardock!

Bardock: (sees Kakarrot's plaque) Kakarot, huh?  You see it, too, somehow!  Don't you? (scouter starts beeping) Only an average power level!  I thought you were special! (runs off)

(cut to another planet with Borgos getting killed)

Torah:  Borgos!  No!  Darn you, brutes!  Why?  Tell me!  Why are you doing this?  I don't understand!

Frieza Henchman:  Poor baby!

Dodoria:  What don't you understand, Torah?  That you are weak?  What a mess you are!  Ahh, Torah...  You shouldn't have forgotten that you are weak! (picks him up)

Torah:  What do you mean?  We serve Frieza!  You know that!

Dodoria:  Yes, I know!  Frieza's very impressed with your service record!  Yes, too impressed!  It seems he wants you dead!

Torah:  What?  Why?

Dodoria:  I don't want to flatter you but Frieza thought that you were getting too strong!

Frieza Henchman2:  Cool, huh?  You should consider this a promotion!

Torah:  No!  Look!  It's not fair!  Everything that we've done was for him!  How can he do this?

Dodoria:  You fool!  It's not what you've done!  It's what you might have done in the future!

Torah:  Then no one's safe from Frieza!  Not even you!

Dodoria:  Is that so?

(Dodoria throws Toma in the air and punches him in the jaw before cutting to Bardock arriving at the planet)

Bardock: (sees multiple corpses of the planet's inhabitants)  It looks like they plowed right through this one.  I guess I taught those knuckleheads something about fighting after all!  Yep, still here!  Lousy bums, probably still celebrating! (sees the corpses of his crew) Shugesh, Fasha, Borgos!  What happened?

Torah: (weakly and coughs a few times) B- Bardock!

Bardock:  Torah!  Oh my gosh!  Torah!  Don't tell me you let those Meet-heads do this to you guys!

Torah:  No!  No way, come on!  You should know us better than that, Bardock!

Bardock:  I didn't think so!  Well, what happened then?

Torah:  We... we were ambushed by Dodoria and his men!

Bardock:  Frieza's the one that ordered us here!

Torah:  Yes, it was a set-up.  Frieza, he wants us all dead!

Bardock:  But why?  I mean, after all we've done?  It doesn't make sense!  We took the jobs that even his elites wouldn't mess with and we still won!

Torah:  It's true!  Isn't it!  We were getting to be the best, Frieza's scared!

Bardock:  Scared of what?

Torah:  Of you, Bardock!  Frieza's scared of you!  Don't you see!  He's scared of what you might become!  You're getting too strong!  Good luck, old friend!  I'm sorry that I can't...(closes his eyes and dies)

Bardock:  Goodbye, Torah!  You were my best friend!  So this is what it's come to.  This is how we're rewarded for our hard work!  We tried so hard to please Freeza.  My crew, Borgos, Fasha!  Those pigs!  So they thought we were getting too strong! (removes Toma's handkerchief and his face) Shugesh!  I promise somehow I'll get them for this Shugesh! (starts tying the bloody handkerchief on his forehead) I'll die trying!  Frieza's taken our loyalty, and paid us back in our own blood! (scouter beeps and Bardock turns around) I thought there was a foul smell in the air!  So you're the ones!

Frieza henchman1:  Bardock!  You crack me up!  We had some good laughs with your crew earlier, too!  You should have been there!

Bardock:  You're right!  I should have been there!

Frieza henchman1:  Do you really think that it would have made a difference, Bardock?  I mean really!

Frieza henchman2: (Frieza henchman2 fires a bunch of ki blasts at Bardock)There, that should do it! (scouter beeps as Bardock appears above him) Hm? (Bardock hits him hard on the skull)  Ahhh!! (starts falling to the ground)

Frieza henchman1:  Ahh!  What the? (he and his comrades fire a ki blast at Bardock, who vanishes before all three blasts connects)  Where the heck did he go?

Frieza henchman3:  He can't hide forever!  Huh?

Frieza henchman1:  Huh, Bardock?  Huh?  What?  Ahh!  There you are!  Die you fool! (fires a ki blast through the smoke, accidentally shooting down his teammate)  Huh?  Oh, no!  What have I done?  Darn it!

Frieza henchman4:  Ingenious move, he's no slouch!  Better watch out!

Frieza henchman5:  Me watch out!  He's just a low level, we're the low-level, we're the elites!  Now let's go (both of them starts charging at Bardock)

(Bardock starts having another vision)

Goku: (through vision) Kaio-Ken Attack!  Aaahh!

(Barock gets kneed in the face)

(Frieza henchman4 grabs Bardock from behind as Frieza henchman5 proceeds to punch him in the stomach. Bardock starts having another vision.)

Vegeta: Not bad, Kakarot!  For a low level! (pounds him to fall to the ground)

(Bardock thinking as he's getting pummeled in reality)

(Bardock manages to flip over, causing Frieza henchman4 to get in the way of the attack)

(Frieza henchman4 gets punched in the back by Mango, coughing up blood)

(Badrock breaks free and fires a ki blast) 

(both he and Frieza henchman4 scream as they get disintegrated by the blast)

Bardock:  That was from my crew to you!  So those were some of Frieza's elites!  I can see why he might be worried! Now what? (scouter starts beeping) (turns to see Dodoria)

Dodoria:  Mmm!  Unfortunate business isn't it, Bardock?

Bardock:  Darn right!  Unfortunate for you, Dodoria!  Torah told me that you're behind this!

Dodoria:  That blew him away!  Bardock, you should have remembered your place!

Someone who didn't even show up on the captions:  Commander Dodoria!  A message from Lord Frieza, sir!

Dodoria:  Oh?(charging up a Mouth Energy Wave)

(Bardock screams as he gets engulfed by the blast)

Someone who didn't even show up on the captions:  Lord Frieza has requested that you rendez-vous with his ship before it reaches Vegeta, sir!

Dodoria:  Frieza... planning something delicious no doubt!

Bardock: (muffled while under his teammates' bodies) (frees himself from under the pile and starts coughing) I'll get them... somehow, someway!  For you guys.  You weren't low-level soldiers!  You were stronger than most of their elites!  We'll meet again, my friends!  Sooner or later, we'll meet again!

(cut to Kakarrot inside a space pod)

Man3:  Hey, we've got one to go here!  Coordinate FX-50, his name is Kakarot!

Man4:  Kakarot, huh?  And which planet are they sending you to, little guy!  Let's see, Eeee Arth!

Man3:  Eeee Arth?

Man4:  Look Kakarot, we don't name 'em, we just send you there, little buddy!

Man3:  This pod is a go, let's move him out!

(cut to Freeza's ship)

Dodoria:  Mission accomplished, Sire!

Frieza:  Oh, really?  You sound so sure of yourself, Dodoria!

Zarbon:  Once again, you botched it up!

Dodoria:  I did not!

Zarbon:  You missed one, the leader.  Bardock!  He's still alive!

Dodoria:  You're wrong, I saw him die!

Zarbon:  Oh?  Then what's that there?

(Bardock's space pod is seen flying by Freeza's ship)

Dodoria:  Huh?  A Saiyan space-pod!  I don't believe it!  How could he have survived that?

Frieza:  Dodoria!  Perhaps this will teach you not to take things for granted!  To be more thorough with your work!

Dodoria: (stammers a few times before speaking) Lord Frieza, forgive me.  Please, Sire!  Let me go now!  Bardock, he's dead!  I'll be...

Frieza:  You'll be quite, Dodoria!  You're not going anywhere!  There's no need to chase after the bee anymore, I've decided to go straight for the hive!

Dodoria:  Sire?

Zarbon:  Yes, I see!  You've decided to extinguish the whole lot of them, Sire!

Frieza:  That's right!  You guessed it Zarbon!  If you want to get rid of weeds for good, you have to get them by the root!

Bardock:  Great, Frieza!  Aw, man... not good! (thinking) He's coming to Vegeta, I know he is!  I can feel it!  How bizarre!  It's as clear as day!  I can go inside of his mind!

(cut to Frieza)

Frieza:  Ah, yes!  Ease up!  There she is!  Beautiful, isn't she?  A rare gem indeed, as red as a blood ruby!

(cut to Kakarot's space pod closing on the launching platform)

Man5:  Stand clear of door seven!  Launching sequence has been initiated!

(Kakarot's space pod is seen flying by Bardock's space pod)

Bardock:   It's happening again!  Kakarot! (through vision sees Goku switching to child mode, switching to teen mode, and switching to adult form]

(cut to Kakarot's space pod rocketing into space)

(cut to Bardock's spacepod landing on the landing deck)

Man6:  Please clear the landing deck!  Pod landing in four seconds!  Three... two.. one...

(cut to Bardock coming out from his space pod laying on it)

Man7:  Bardock?  Hey, are you alright!

Bardock:  Yeah!  Please!  I need to go!  Move!

Man8:  You need to go straight to recovery, oh and hey!  You missed your son!  He just left!

Bardock:  Huh?  Just now?

Man8:  Yep!  He left just before you arrived, Sir!  Darn shame!  Yeah!  You only missed him by a matter of seconds!  I wish I would have known that it was you coming in, I could have delayed his departure!

Bardock:  Then it's true, all true!  I wasn't hallucinating!  My son, that planet!

Man8:  Are you okay, Sir!  Please!  You're injured!  Allow us to escort you to the recovery chambers!

Bardock:  That means that the other part of the vision must be true as well!  Vegeta!

Man8:  I'd be happy to accompany you sir!

Man7:  Oh my gosh, take a look at this would ya!  They really messed him up good this time!

Bardock:  That monster!  He's going to blow up the whole planet!  I've got to warn the others!  I've got to stop him somehow!

Commander:  The one who seeks the power, Frieza, will never have it!  But I have given it to you as a gift, Bardock!  So that you could see!  See the horror of your end, just like we had to!

Bardock:  Where am I?

Commander:  This is the future, Bardock!  This is what you killed my people for, isn't it?

Bardock:  My son?

Commander:  Yes, your son!  He's growing up to be a powerful warrior just like his father was!

Bardock:  Was?

Commander:  At this time you are long since dead!  You blow up with your planet!

Bardock:  No, Frieza!!

Commander:  Take heart, Bardock!  A savior has been born!  One who has the power to save the innocent from people like Frieza... and you!

Bardock:  NO!  I'm not going crazy!  It is the future!  I've got to let the others know!  If I'm able to see the future, there might be a chance to change it!

[a little note about "BarGuy" characters in the next scene.  Although I have at least thirteen "BarGuy"s, I know that some of those lines belong to the same characters.  However, I could not successfully match up the voices, so each line gets a new speaker, unless I actually see the speaker (6,7 only).  I will correct this little problem soon!]

(cut to a bar with many Saiyans socializing as Steppenwolf's "Bad to the Bone" plays in a radio)

BarGuy1:  So, whatd'ya say?

BarGal1:  You dog!

BarGuy2:  Whoa!

(cut to Bardock entering inside from a door then falling on a table on the right side of him)

BarGuy3:  Bardock!  What's wrong?

BarGuy4:  He got his butt kicked, that's what's wrong!

BarGuy5:  It's about time!

Bardock:  Listen, everybody!  It's Frieza!  He's coming for us!

BarGuy6:  Us?

BarGuy7:  You mean you, right?

Bardock:  No us!  You, me, everyone here!  It's true!  He's scared of us!  He wants us all dead!  My whole crew is dead thanks to that freak!

BarGuy8:  Bardock gets his tail whipped and it's the end of the world, right?  Maybe you goons should stop pretending to be elites! (Saiyan crowd starts laughing)

BarGuy6:  No kidding, Bardock!  Welcome to the real world, buddy-boy!

BarGuy7:  It hurts!  Don't it?

BarGuy9:  Let's tell him that we'll leave him alone if he bows down whenever he's in the presence of a Saiyan!

BarGuy10:  No, forget it!  That little worm is going to have to kiss my stinky feet!

Bardock:  Fools, you're dead!

BarGuy6:  Bow down in front of me Frieza, and while you're down there, kiss my stinking feet!

Bardock:  Fools!  You're all dead!  He's on his way!!

BarGuy11:  C'mon Bardock!

Bardock:  Fine!  Believe what you want to believe!  But I'm going to try and stop him!

BarGuy12:  Man, what's up with Bardock!

BarGal2:  He lost his crew, that's what!

BarGuy13:  He needs to get to recovery!

Goku:  Bardock!

Bardock:  Who is it?  Show yourself!  Who's calling me?  Come out!  I know you're here!

Goku:  Bardock!

Bardock:  Huh?

Goku:  You know who I am!  Don't you?  Bardock!

Bardock:  Yes, you're my son!  

Goku:  It's not too late, Father!  To be different... than him!

Bardock:  Where am I?  This is madness!  Where I was seemed just as real as this!  Frieza!  I've got to stop him!!  It's him!  I can feel it!  I'm the only one who knows!

Commander:  I have given it to you as a gift, Bardock!  So that you could see!  See the horror of your end!  Now you'll know how we felt!

Bardock:  Well, I'm not going to sit around and wait for the show!  I'll stop him, even if I have to do it with my own two hands! (Bardock flies off towards Freeza's ship) Frieza, I'm coming for you, you murderous, self-serving traitor!  It's over!  Torah, Fasha!  This is for you!

Frieza:  What a stunning site!  Sometimes I amaze myself at how callous I can be!

Zarbon:  Sire!

FriezaWorker1:  Lord Frieza!  An intruder is approaching!

(multiple Freeza soldiers start flying down from the ship)

(soldiers simultaneously fire a ki blast at Bardock)

(Bardock flies through the multiple soldiers, killing a few of them in the process)

Bardock:  Come on, you cowards!!

(Bardock launches a blast to free himself and continues flying forward, ramming through multiple soldiers. It then shows the onslaught through a monitor at Freeza's ship.)

Frieza:  It's me he wants, isn't it?  So be it!

Zarbon:  Sire?

Frieza:  Yes, prepare my transport, Zarbon!

Dodoria:  Huh?

Zarbon:  Sire, you wish to leave the ship?

Frieza:  Are you questioning my orders?

Zarbon:  Huh?  No, Lord Frieza!  Right away, Sire!

(a soldier grabs Bardock and the others grabbed him as well)

FriezaFighter1:  Got ya!!

Bardock:  Frieza!  Frieza, come out and fight me!  You coward!  Come out!

(the hatch started to open and Freeza emerges from inside his ship on his bubble car)

FreizaFighter2: It's him!

FriezaFighter3:  Lord Frieza!

FriezaFighter4:  We salute you, Sire!!

FriezaFighter5:  Yeah!  Long live, Lord Frieza!

Bardock:  No way!  You've lived long enough!  Actually, it's been too long for my taste! (Frieza starts charging a Supernova) Frieza, listen up... we quit!  All of us!  Got it!  We don't work for you!  We're free!  You can find someone else to do your dirty work!  Oh, yeah!  There is one last thing! (starts charging up a ki blast) This is for all the people that we killed in your name!  I wish we were never foolish enough to obey you!  Here... have it!  Huh? (hurls his blast at Freeza)

Bardock: (Bardock's blast is seen flying towards Freeza and his growing Supernova and gets swallowed by the tyrant's blast. Freeza starts laughing madly and fires his now massive Supernova directly at Planet Vegeta.) No way!!

FriezaFighter6:  Frieza!  Please don't!

(Bardock gets engulfed by Freeza's Supernova, with many pieces of his armor falling off)

Bardock:  Yes, I... see... now! (thinking) It's you my son!  You are the one who will defeat Frieza!!  Kakarot!!!

(Supernova falls and collides with Planet Vegeta)

(cut to Planet Vegeta getting destroyed)

Frieza:  Oh, my!  This is, stupendous!  Wow!  What a great show!  Unbelievable!!  Look at that!!

(cut to Kakarot inside his space pod)

Bardock:  Kakarot!  My son!  Thank you for helping me!  You were right!  It wasn't too late!  I only wish I would have held you in my arms when I had the chance!  Goodbye, my Son!

(cut to Kakarot rocketing into space)

(cut to kid Vegeta)

Man9:  Prince Vegeta! Do you copy, Sir!

Vegeta:  I'm here!

Man9:  Sir, unfortunate news from Lord Freeza!  Planet Vegeta was struck by a large asteroid today and destroyed!

Vegeta:  And, you're sure?

Man9:  Affirmative, Sir!  Lord Frieza sends his sympathies and regrets!  As of now, you are the only known survivor!

Vegeta:  Oh, really?

Man9:  Would you like to send a reply sir?

Vegeta:  No, no reply.

Man9:  Very well sir, over and out.

(cut to planet Earth with Kakarrot being heard crying...again)

Son Gohan:  Huh?  Oh my goodness, a little boy.  What are you doing way out here little fellow?  Huh?  Whatd'ya know, a tail!  Strange fellow!  Don't worry, I'm a little odd myself!  Believe it or not!  Oh, my!  You are a little stinker, aren't you?  Goodness!  You should take it easy on me!  I'm old enough to be your Grandpa, you know!  Now let's see! (thinking and speaking out) Hmm... hm!  Aahh!  Yes!  I think I know what to call you until I find out where you belong, little fella!  Look, how 'bout I call you Goku! (Kakarot starts laughing) Oh!  You like that, huh?  Alright, then, Goku it is!  Woo hoo!  Goku!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Weee!  What a good little boy!

(credits roll)