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Narrator: Planet Vegeta. Many years ago, a small child was born.

[Baby crying]

Narrator: [continues] Unheralded and unattended by its father or mother, the baby cried out, making its lonely plea to the universe. The Saiyans were a people of war, and like all Saiyan babies, the child was destined to fight.

Planthorr: My goodness, that's one loud kid. Yes, he'll be great, watch.

Malaka: That's a bold prediction for the son of a low-class soldier. Let's see ... Bardock's son, huh? Planthorr, I wouldn't stake my reputation on that prediction if I were you.

Planthorr: Hmm ... you just wait.

[Opens chamber baby is in]

Planthorr: Come here, Malaka. Do you hear that?

Malaka: Hmm?

Planthorr: That's the cry of a great warrior. Let's see ... Kakarot. Remember that name.

[On planet Kanassa]

Demetrious: Sir, it's the full moon, just like in the vision.

Kanassan Commander: Yes, Demetrious indeed, it is about to begin. This is the hour for which we have prepared.

Demetrious: Yes, commander.

[Four Great Ape's appear]

[Four Kanassan's attack, to no avail]

[Great Ape Tora disintegrates them with a blast from his mouth]

Kanassan: Don't lose heart, my faithful Kanass. This is our duty. We must see it through until the end.

[Demetrious fires a beam and draws blood from Great Ape Shugesh]

Demetrious: Commander, I have drawn blood. Now the foot must rise and fall.

Kanassan Commander: You have done well, my friend. I will meet you at the door.

[Demetrious then gets stepped on]

[The next day]

Tora: That was a heck of a party, wasn't it?

Fasha: If you say so. I don't remember any of it.

Tora: You're a typical ape, Fasha.

Fasha: Aw, shut up. I don't see how you guys remember anyway. It's elephants that aren't supposed to forget, not apes.

Borgos: I'm with you Fasha. For me it's like waking up from a dream. You kind of remember it all, but then it just slips away.

Shugesh: I don't remember much either, but I remember the crusty little devil that gave me this. [Shugesh rubs scar]

Fasha: Bardock says he remembers everything.

Tora: [Chuckles] Right, don't make me laugh Fasha. Bardock might remember every second of every battle, but he remembers nothing of his personal life. Allow me to demonstrate. Bardock, do you remember what day your son was born?

Bardock: No. But that was a long time ago.

Fasha: It was not you lazy bum. Yesterday? Come on, you need to go see the little tike. You have enough time to stop in before our next assignment.

Bardock: Visit him, huh? How nice. Father-son bonding. Why should I? They'll just send him away.

Fasha: Hm. Bardock. You're a jerk.

Shugesh: Hey guys, why did we fight for this dump anyway, huh? Is Frieza out of his tiny little mind or something?

Bardock: Yeah, but not in this case. I think this planet has special energy or so I've heard.

Tora: Yeah, I heard the same thing. You're supposed to be able to develop physicic powers if you live here. Like being able to read minds, see the future and stuff like that.

Bardock: Frieza's such a paranoid freak. He'd jump at the chance to be able to read minds.

Borgos: That's a scary thought. Frieza really bought his-

[A Kanassan (Toolo) emerges from pile of rubble]

Toolo: I wish you baboons could read minds so you could have heard the thoughts of my troops as you slaughtered them!

[Toolo charges at Bardock, teleports behind him and strikes him on the back of his neck]

[Shugesh strikes Toolo with his knee, and Tora blasts him]

Bardock: What the heck is going on?

Toolo: I have transmuted your destructive force into a more tolerable energy. So you will all die.

Bardock: Yeah? We'll see about that. Goodbye.

Toolo: Wait! You have come here seeking psychic power. Well, I have given it to you, Bardock.

Bardock: He reads minds.

Toolo: You can too now. Bardock, you have the power now too.

Bardock: Me? What are you talking about?

Toolo: The one who seeks the power of Frieza will never have it. But I have given it to you as a gift, Bardock, so that you could see ...

Bardock: See what?

Toolo: See the horror of your end, just like we had to. [Starts laughing]

Bardock: Shut up! [Fires blast at Toolo]

Toolo: Ahhhhhh! [Toolo is disintegrated]

Shugesh: It's dead barbecue. Heh, you never know what you're going to find under a rock these days. Pretty freaky creature eh? Hey. Yo. Hello?

Tora: Stop fooling around Bardock.

[Bardock falls to the ground]

Tora: Hey!

Fasha: Bardock!

Tora: What the heck's going on?

Shugesh: Bardock!

Borgos: He's out cold.

Shugesh: I know that freaky thing had something up his sleeve.

Fasha: Don't you dare die, Bardock.

[On another planet]

[Prince Vegeta is in a room, surrounded by five Saibamen. They try to attack, but he dodges every attack]

Soldier: Did you see that?!

Soldier 2: Yes, I see it all the time. That's Prince Vegeta. He's the best.

Soldier: There's no way!

Soldier 2: Not for any kid you've ever known.

[The Saibamen pounce at Vegeta, who uses an Explosive Wave to scatter them. He then kills them all with Finger Beams.]

Soldier: Unbelievable!

Soldier 2: I told you.

Soldier: My gosh! What's he going to be like when he's full grown?!

Nappa: Nobody really knows that. Yet. But take my advice and stay on his good side.

Soldier: Sure yeah! Gah.

Vegeta: Open up before I-

Soldier: Ah yikes! Sorry sir!

Nappa: [Chuckles] You're the best, Prince.

Vegeta: Stop kissing up, Nappa!

[Traveling on a sort of escalator]

Vegeta: This place bores me!