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Saiyan Age - Z-Fighters Route

01. Beginning Of Battle!

Mission Details - After finishing a task for Master Roshi, Goku hurries home to where Chi-Chi and Gohan await. On the way, Goku senses an evil presence around the wasteland. ENEMIES: Saibamen

Clear Conditions - Destroy all enemies     

Difficulty -  */*****

Time Limit - 10:00

Differences from Manga/Anime - Never happened.

Trivia - Tutorial Level

02. A Mysterious Enemy

Mission Details - Hearing a rumor from Master Roshi of a creature appearing in a quaint pasture, Goku invites his best friend Krillin to a hunt for the creature. ENEMIES: Saibamen, Raditz

Clear Conditions - Destroy all enemies

Difficulty - */*****

Time Limit - 10:00

Differences from Manga/Anime - Saibamen appear early, Instead of Goku and Piccolo it is Goku and Krillin fighting Raditz, Raditz did not kidnap Gohan.

Trivia - Preset characters.