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[The music Reminded by Drowning Pool plays]

Bardock: Frieza! I'm coming for you, you murderous self-serving traitor! It's over!

Frieza's soldiers: All hail, Lord Frieza!

Bardock: [Chuckling] No way, Frieza. You lived long enough! Actually it's been too long far for my taste. Frieza, listen up! We quit! All of us! Got it!? We don't work for you anymore! We're free! You can find someone else to do your dirty work! Oh yeah! [Chuckling] There's one last thing... [Charges a Final Spirit Cannon]

Narrator: Deployed on a routine military operation, the Saiyan baby Kakarot flies toward Earth, missing the deadly surprise attack on his home planet. His father Bardock confronts the assailants, Frieza and his entire army, alone.

Bardock: This is for all the people we killed in your name! Here, have it! [launches a Final Spirit Cannon]

Frieza: [Evil Laughter]

[uses his Death Ball, as the Final Spirit Cannon has no effect on the Death Ball]

Bardock: No way!

[Everyone screams, as Bardock gets hit by the Death Ball, causing his armor to disintegrate; inside a nearby spaceship, Cooler and his henchmen watch Bardock's death]

Dore: That's the guy right there, Bardock.

Salza: He doesn't look so frightening to me. Anyway, he's space dust now. And there goes the whole monkey farm. Now, this is light entertainment. [Salza notices Goku in his space pod.]

Hm? What's this? Someone's getting away! Magnify the image!

Neiz: Right, I'm on it Salza!

Salza: I want an interior view as well!

Neiz: That's it, got it.

Salza: Where does he think he's going?!

Neiz: It looks like he's heading towards a planet called Earth! Intercept course?

Salza: Yes.

Cooler: Belay that order.

Doore: Sire!

Neiz: Yes sir!

Salza: But.. someone is escaping!

Cooler: Frieza is the one in charge of this quadrant, let him clean up his own mess. I've got seven planets to destroy by the end of the day. Why should I allow myself to get behind schedule just to cover his mistake?

Besides, he's just a Saiyan child. He's no threat to us. [Cooler stares at Frieza laughing on the monitor.]

Ah, look at him! What foolishness! He's so pleased with that himself he's blinded by his arrogant pride! That could be King Vegeta on that space pod for all he knows!

You've got a lot to learn, brother. Let's get out of here!


[at Roshi's Island, Goku trains and launches Kamehameha on the water]

Master Roshi: Look at that! I can see clear to the main land, Goku! That's amazing!

Goku: Awesome huh? Watch this. I can make the walls go higher!

Master Roshi (thinking to himself): Remarkable. He's never trained harder, but he's so relaxed and talkative about it. Beating Frieza changed him.

[[[Goku's House]]]

Gohan: [Doing work] There... divide that by 10...

Chi-Chi: Hi! I thought my little scholar might be thirsty. Here's some tea. [Notices Icarus in window] Hm? Hey! What do think you're doing? I know what you're up to. Now you get out of here.

Goku: Icarus, leave Gohan alone, he's trying to finish his homework.

Chi-Chi: What? Did you hear what your father just said? He told Icarus to leave you alone because you were doing your... homework. Goku? Are you feeling ok, honey?

Goku: Oh yeah, I'm feeling just fine.

Chi-Chi: Are you sure you don't have a fever, Goku? You sound a little strange.

Goku: No, I feel great. I just want Gohan to finish his homework.

Chi-Chi: Yep, I knew it, I knew it. Goku has never cared if you finish your homework. Gohan, I'm afraid there's something seriously wrong with your father. I wonder if all this fighting has finally knocked a few screws loose in Goku's head. That's it! He must have bruised his brain...

Gohan: Betcha never thought you could fly this fast. Did ya? [Giggling, as Salza, Neiz and Dore pop out]

Salza: So, going somewhere, monkey boy?

Gohan: Uh oh! Icarus, let's get out of here, quick!

Dore: Let em have it, Salza!

Neiz: [Laughing]

[Salza launches his Finger Beam attack on Icarus' wings as Gohan loses control, and the music Falling Down by Breaking Point plays]

Gohan: It's okay I gotcha. [Dore kicks Gohan causing Icarus to fall in the woods] Icarus! [The Armored Squadron hit Gohan causing Dore to grab Gohan}

Dore: [chuckling] Huh? Hey, whatcha got in the bag there, monkey boy. [uses his hands to get the bad] Give it here. Give it. Alright! That's it! You're going bye-bye, kid! [Gohan growls in frustration] I call this mine can-opener with your attack. [he gets blasted in the back by an energy blast]

Neiz: Dore!

Dore: Who did that!?

Piccolo: That would be me!

Salza: A Namek? Out here?

Dore: [about Planet Namek] Why isn't that toad on his own world where he belongs?

Neiz: Frieza blew it up.

Dore: Oh, oh yeah. Yeah.

Gohan: Yeah. Piccolo.

Dore: [to Piccolo] It's all over for you, Namek! You're going to die!

Piccolo: Not likely. [takes off his turban] I've seen you fight.

Dore: I'M GOING RIP YOU APART!!! [Launches up and punches Piccolo's cape] Where'd he go!

[Piccolo appears and hits Dore in the helmet causing him to fall to the ground]

Dore: DARN IT!! I...CAN'T... [blasts Doore, he screams and dies and explodes]

Neiz: Dore. [to Piccolo] You're dead! [growls in frustration, when using a pink shock wave with Piccolo fighting with Salza] Have it! [blasts Piccolo]

Salza: [Evil laughter] You look like a buch of dear caught in the headlights! [Laughs evilly] You lose suckers! Now die! [Piccolo launches a Special Beam Cannon and shot Salza in the back, as he starts gasping, and falls over]

Goku and Krillin: Huh?

Gohan: I don't see him. [giggles] Piccolo! I know you're there! Come out! Piccolo!

[later, Piccolo drinks water, and regenerates as the song Phoneix by Breaking Point plays]