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Sofubi Semi-Perfect Cell figure

Dragon Ball Z Sofubi (SofVi) are soft vinyl-based figurines released by Bandai in the early 1990s.


After the big surge of Keshi additions unveiled by Bandai, a series of SofVi figures was released in the early 1990s incorporating some characters from the Perfect Cell Saga. These pieces were unique due to their soft texture yet snap-together ability.

Sofubi series

This additional Sofubi series has incorporated a few pieces from the Perfect Cell Saga. The miniatures are rubberized and soft in terms of texture and remain rather nice even for the initial design as vintage figures. These Sofubi pieces are greatly different from forthcoming releases by Bandai many years later, but this series was ultimately the very first in terms of its texture and sculpt and remain rather difficult to come by.


The following is a breakdown of all the characters included in the Sofubi miniature set in accordance.


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