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The Dragon Kamehameha is the ultimate attack of Naturon Shenron (Pan absorbed).


Naturon Shenron prepares a Kamehameha, but due to his giant size it is much larger than a regular one. Interestingly, such as Goten, Naturon Shenron incorrectly pronounces the attack name ("Kamekameha") when using it for the first time, however the Shadow Dragon (thanks to the powers of Pan united with their) demonstrates have greater control than the Saiyan over the energy wave.

After absorbing Pan, Naturon Shenron uses the Dragon Kamehameha several times against Goku.

Game appearances

The Dragon Kamehameha is Naturon Shenron (Pan absorbed)'s super move in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is named.

The attack also appears in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game under the name Copycat Kamehameha.


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