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The rocky area on Mount Paozu
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Dragon Rock[1] is a rocky area on Mount Paozu that is home to strong monsters. It is located between Diablo Desert and East District.[1]


Another part of the rocky area on Mount Paozu
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In a filler episode at the end of the Kid Buu Saga, Goku watches pterosaur eggs over in an area very similar to Dragon Rock. Like Dragon Rock, this unnamed area is located on Mount Paozu, and is filled with dangerous dinosaurs and other animals.[2]

Also, the Rocky Area battle stage in the arcade game Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle looks very similar to Dragon Rock, with pterosaurs seen in the background.

In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, a sign near Dragon Rock says that trespassing and treasure hunting there is highly discouraged. Five chests are found here, they contain Popo's Turban, Energy Seed, Shenron Scale, Dragon's Rage, and Fortune Belt. Enemies encountered at Dragon Rock are Dododo, Red Wolf, Dark Giras, Strong Bear, Fire Dinosaur, Firebird, Bandit King and Bandit Queen. Once the wish for a special battle is made to Shenron, using Mr. Popo's Dragon Ball set before the final battle against Vegeta, a purple portal that leads to Broly appears here.



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