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Drunken Fist (酔拳) is a technique used by Jackie Chun. It is unique among all the techniques and attacks used in the metaseries in that it has an actual real-life counterpart.


Drunken Fist!

Jackie Chun using the Drunken Fist

Jackie Chun uses it against Goku in the final of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. Using this style, he is able to emulate a set of unpredictable movements. Goku responds by using his own "Crazy Monkey/Angry Dog" Attacks. When Yamcha reveals the name of the technique, Goku says that the Drunken Fist is one of his grandfather's special techniques.

Appearances in gamesEdit

Roshi uses this technique in the Butōden video game series, named Drunken Turtle Dance. It is his grapple throw in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.


  • On the Toonami Broadcast the name of this technique was changed to "Happy Cow Technique".
  • The name and actions of the technique mimic that of Drunken Boxing, a real-life style of fighting that was made famous by Jackie Chan (in the film Drunken Master), who is in turn the real-life counterpart of Jackie Chun and the reference behind his name.


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