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Earth-Splitter (地球割り) is an ability used by Arale Norimaki. Arale punches the ground beneath her, causing the entire planet to split in half.


Arale first uses this technique in Dr. Slump, to impress Sourman after the latter smashed clay tiles with his fist. The Earth-Splitter is used in Dr. Slump for comic relief rather than as an offensive technique. Arale usually uses a weaker version of the Earth-Splitter to make fissures to create small openings in the ground, or as an attempt to stop someone.

Appearances in games


Arale punches the ground in W Bakuretsu Impact

Earth-Splitter is Arale's Ultimate Attack in Dragon Ball: Origins 2 and J-Stars Victory Vs. She also uses it in Dragon Ball Z: W Bakuretsu Impact.

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