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"She's so mature that she never sweats the small stuff... Not even small attacks, since she's got a lot of stamina."
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Eclain is a female Earthling who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Eclain is a dark-skinned female Earthling with green hair and blue eyes. She wears a top and gloves similar to those worn by Bulla but with a skirt, leggings, and boots similar to those worn by Android 18.


Eclain has a mature personality and doesn't sweat the small stuff, not even small attacks due to her high stamina.


Listed as a B-Rank fighter in Dragon Ball Fusions, Eclain is a very powerful fighter who is likely more powerful than the members of the Ginyu Force.



Eclon is the EX-Fusion of Eclain and Kallon introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions.

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