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Eighteen Unmasks (強いぜチビッコ!!18号大苦戦!?, Tsuyoi ze Chibikko!! Juhachigo Daikusen!?) is the sixth episode of the Babidi Saga and the two hundred twenty-fifth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on April 27, 1994. Its original American air date was October 23, 2001.


The episode begins with Dabura preparing for a fight on Stage 3 of Babidi's spaceship, and Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan complaining about the wait. Supreme Kai is surprised at the three Saiyans for taking Dabura so lightly.

Super Saiyan Mighty Mask

Trunks and Goten become Super Saiyans as Mighty Mask, exposing their true identities to 18

Meanwhile, at the World Martial Arts Tournament, Mr. Satan is watching in fear of the power of Android 18, and Goten and Trunks (in disguise as Mighty Mask). Neither Android 18 or Mighty Mask seem to be putting their full effort into the fight. They fight with basic punches and kicks, though at one point a missed energy attack by Mighty Mask almost sends Mr. Satan flying out the ring. At first it appears Mighty Mask is winning, but Android 18, encouraged by her daughter Marron, bashes Mighty Mask into the cement ring twice. To the amazement of the crowd, Mighty Mask gets up both times. Inside their costume, Trunks and Goten decide to go Super Saiyan. Seeing their transformation, Android 18 realizes who she is actually fighting. Goten and Trunks then fire a Big Tree Cannon that blows up a large piece of land. Android 18 realizes how serious they are about winning and thinks that Trunks and Goten could hurt a lot of people if they keep on going, so she decides to end the match. She fires a Destructo Disc at Mighty Mask, whose costume splits in two to reveal Goten and Trunks. They are disqualified as teams are forbidden in the tournament, and fly away declaring "Your tournament was stupid!" and Chi-Chi and Bulma tell Goten and Trunks to get back here, but Goten and Trunks were too busy to listen while fleeing.


Dabura when he fell under Babidi's control

Back at the spaceship, Dabura steps out of the meditation room and declares that he is ready to fight. Babidi says that the more evil Dabura gets, the more he will be under Babidi's control, proving that Dabura is essentially just as much a henchman as Pui Pui or Yamu were.


  • Mighty Mask (Goten & Trunks) vs. Android 18

Bruce Faulconer tracks


There is a minor discontinuity in this episode. After their identity had been revealed, Goten and Trunks dropped their Mighty Mask costume and fought for a little while with Android 18 before flying off. But in the next episode, Goten and Trunks were seen again getting out of their Mighty Mask costume after they have escaped from the World Martial Arts Tournament. This inconsistency didn't exist in the manga, where they flew off from the tournament with pieces of their costume still intact.