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Electric Shock (電撃) is a technique used by Kishime in the film Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest. It was installed by Dr. Kochin as a secret weapon.


A Giant Electric Eel utilized this attack on General Blue, but he was completely unaffected by the attack, thus resulting in him killing it in turn by snapping its neck.


Gohan about to be shocked by Kishime

Kishime sprouts Electric Whips from his arms and chest. Then, he wraps the opponent in the wires, and electrocutes them.

This technique is used against Krillin and Gohan when they arrive in Wheelo's fortress on the floor where Goku was fighting Ebifurya and Kishime.

Later on, Kami's predecessor uses the attack to blast Kami, but Mr. Popo steps in front of it. This attack was named in Daizenshuu 7.

Kid Buu uses the attack in combination with his Mystic Attack in order to torture Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Heroes is the special attack of Kishime and was named Lightning Flash (雷光閃).



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