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"Yeah, lots of people never went to school."
— Ena in "Plight of the Children"

Ena is one of the orphans Gohan meets after Rom and Chico bring him to their home in the filler episode "Plight of the Children". She is one of the children in the clan led by Pigero and lives alongside many other orphans such as Jinku, Hacchi, and Yordon.



Ena running away with Gohan and Jinku

Ena lost her parents in a tsunami. During her appearance in the series, she is captured by the adults who were putting her in the black van they came in when Pigero takes her from their grasp. After Pigero proceeds to fight with the adults and defeats them one by one as they rush at him, he takes Ena and they run as the rest of the children throw rocks and debris at the last adult standing. Later in the episode, she is taken to an orphanage when the police and orphanage people capture the kids.

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