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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

Energy Cannon (気砲) is an energy wave technique used by members of the Dragon Clan. It is a white blast of energy shot from the palm.



An Appule-esque soldier killed by the Energy Cannon of a Dragon Clan member

This technique is used against Zarbon by an old Namekian in Moori's village. After the Namekian witnessed the death of one of his comrades, he fires the Energy Cannon at the murderer, Zarbon, who dodges it. The blast kills an Appule's race soldier instead and destroys his Scouter. Zarbon then kills the Namekian with his Shooting Star Arrow as a conter-attack.

Kami also uses the technique, during Garlic Jr. Saga.

Appearances in gamesEdit

Energy Cannon was named in the computer game Dragon Ball Online, where it is a technique exclusive to the Dragon Clan skill tree.


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