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Energy of Destruction (破壊のエネルギー Hakai no enerugī) is a energy sphere variation of the Destruction technique.


A God of Destruction can grant some of their destructive energies to other beings, which is in the form of an energy orb. With it, the individual who possesses the energy can erase anything or anyone from existence. However other godly or powerful entities can destroy it.


Sidra grants to the leader of the Assassins of Universe 9 some Energy of Destruction to use it against Frieza. When Frieza is hit by the energy, he struggles to defend against it, being engulfed by the energy. However, Frieza was only pretending to be hurt by the attack, and to everyone's shock, Frieza manages to compress the energy back into a sphere, also killing the surprised leader assassin. After that, Frieza suddenly hits Goku with the Energy of Destruction, saying security is the greatest enemy. Goku tries to escape from the Energy, but it proves to be too much for him to handle in his base form, much to Frieza's entertainment. When Beerus arrives, he recognizes the Energy of Destruction, and saves Goku by blowing it away.