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Enma[1] is an old woman who is in charge of the deepest and darkest region of Hell. She runs a torture system to punish all those who make trouble in the upper part of Hell.


Dragon Ball GTEdit

Super 17 SagaEdit

Main article: Super 17 Saga During the Super 17 Saga, Goku is sent to Enma's territory by Frieza and Cell via their newly developed technique, the Hell's Buster. There, he meets Enma, who first disguises herself as a little girl in order to trick him and then inflicts her torture system on him.


Enma revealing her true appearance to Goku

After being a victim of the four kinds of torture, Goku is finally imprisoned on ice by Enma's freezing machine, but the ice soon melts because it only works with someone who is already dead and, since Goku is alive, he escapes from the icy prison, leaving Enma very surprised. Goku then uses the freezing machine against Frieza and Cell, successfully freezing them both before accidentally breaking them into pieces.

Enma's torture systemEdit

Enma's Terrible Torture Tour is divided in four stages: a spa that turns out to be a boiling cauldron, tickling torture, scalding sauna, and freezing machine.

Voice actressesEdit


  • Although King Yemma's original Japanese name is Enma Daiō, he and Enma are actually two different entities of the Other World.
  • Enma bears a physical resemblance to both Fortuneteller Baba and Grandma Hakkake: they all are very short and old women wearing hats. Her clothes also resemble those of the deity Annin.