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Eternal Dragons are a species of wish-granting dragons who are a prominent part of the Dragon Ball franchise.


Each of the Eternal Dragon's are connected to their own set of Dragon Balls, and appear when all seven are collected. After they have granted their wishes, the Dragon disappears until the Dragon Balls are gathered once more.


In Year 41, Zalama created his Super Dragon Balls, resulting in the birth of the first Eternal Dragon: Super Shenron. Many years later, the Namekians shaved off pieces of the Super Dragon Balls in order to create their own Dragon Balls, resulting in the creation of several more Eternal Dragons.

List of Eternal Dragons

  • Super Shenron - The Eternal Dragon of the Super Dragon Balls, and the original from which all others are derived, created by the dragon god, Zalama.
  • Porunga - The Eternal Dragon of the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Shenron - The Eternal Dragon of the Earth's Dragon Balls.
    • Shenrons - The many Shenrons who exist in Dragon Ball Online thanks to Dende splitting the Dragon Balls into many.
  • Ultimate Shenron - The Eternal Dragon of the Black Star Dragon Balls.
  • Black Smoke Shenron - The Eternal Dragon of the Earth's cracked Dragon Balls - charged with negative energy.
    • Shadow Dragons - The entities who are created from Black Smoke Shenron.
  • Unknown evil dragon - The Eternal Dragon of Eros, who destroyed the planet and the rest of its galaxy.
  • Dragon (Conton City) - A large dragon who inhabits the area around Conton City. Was accidentally created by Chronoa when she animated the Dragon Statue that adorn Toki Toki City's Dragon Ball Pedestal while showing off her divine powers to dispel rumors doubting the power of divine beings such as herself. However the Dragon began growing out of control and ended up destroying most of Toki Toki City, forcing Chronoa and the Time Patrol to build Conton City over the ruins, leaving the Dragon to float harmlessly north of the city. Unlike other Eternal Dragons it is unclear if the Dragon is alive (which is possible as Chronoa is a God of Creation) or just a statue animated and enlarged by Chronoa's divine powers.