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Evacuation of Earth is an event in Dragon Ball GT. It comprises two episodes: the latter half of "Baby Put to Rest" and the entire episode of "Piccolo's Decision".


With Baby finally defeated, the Z Fighters are faced with a new crisis: because Baby made another wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls, the one-year time limit was reset; thus, in two weeks, the Earth would explode. The Z Fighters knew that they could never obtain all seven Black Star Dragon Balls in two weeks (if they were lucky, they could do it in six months, but they would be lucky to get one in two weeks).

The only other option was to migrate to the Tuffle Planet. Goku (as a Super Saiyan 4) and Kibito Kai would assist in instantaneously transporting hundreds of people at a time to the Tuffle Planet using Instant Transmission and Instantaneous Movement respectively, while the rest of the Z Fighters assisted in handling the spaceships.

They used Mr. Satan to convince the people of Earth to evacuate to the Tuffle Planet, and gave the Z Fighters badges to identify them as his "helpers," so that the people would obey them. Vegeta took on the unique role of physically forcing non-believers to cooperate by knocking them unconscious and throwing them in with the luggage.

At first, the plan was going well. However, when one boy, Danny, got separated from his family, looking for his pet dog, Goku attempted to rescue him. However, as he was about to teleport to the ship his parents were on, he ran out of power and reverted to his child state. It seemed hopeless, but Piccolo showed up out of nowhere and channeled enough of his energy into Goku to allow him to rescue the boy. Piccolo then talked, telepathically, with Gohan, claiming that he could call Kibito Kai to help him, but he decided that, since the Black Star Dragon Balls were too dangerous to allow to exist, he would stay on Earth as it blew up, killing himself and destroying the Black Star Dragon Balls in the process.

Later, the Z Fighters asked Moori on New Namek to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive the Earth.