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Extra Age are a set of scenarios which depict the events of several Dragon Ball films in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Extra Age takes over from Another Age after the Another Age scenario "Spirit Bomb" is passed.

List of scenarios

  • "The Revenge of Cooler": Frieza's older brother Cooler attacks Earth.
  • "True Final Form": After being beaten, Cooler takes on his Final Form.
  • "The Big Gete Star": Cooler returns as a humongous mechanical version of himself, and being powered by The Big Gete Star, Cooler can regenerate a dead part of his body as many times as he pleases.
  • "Super Saiyan Broly": Broly confronts the Z fighters with an ambition to destroy them. 
  • "Hirudegarn Revives!": Hirudegarn comes to life with earth-shattering powers.

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