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Face-off on Namek

English titleFace-off on Namek
Z Ball
SagaNamek Saga
Edited episode number (position in saga)33 (7)
Corresponding uncut episode(s)
English airdateOctober 4, 1997
Previous episodeTouchdown on Namek
Next episodeThe Ruthless Frieza

Face-off on Namek is the seventh episode of the Namek Saga in the original Saban dub of the Dragon Ball Z series.


One of Frieza's assistants, Zarbon senses the power of Gohan and Krillin, and sends a reconnaissance party to investigate. The scouts break into the space ship, but Gohan and Krillin beat them easily. Meanwhile, Vegeta is challenged by another of Frieza's soldiers, Cui. But Cui proves no match for the Saiyan Prince.

Vegeta has just arrived on Namek, followed by another space pod that is revealed to be occupied by Cui, who is now under Frieza's orders to kill his rival Vegeta. Frieza has also just found his fourth Dragon Ball. Zarbon sends two men, Banan and Sūi, to investigate the new power level that appeared (Krillin and Gohan). Sūi breaks their Namekian spaceship. Krillin and Gohan power up and kill Banan and Sūi, respectively, sending them to watery grave. Unfortunately, the ship is still broken, leaving Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma trapped on Namek. Cui, meanwhile, finds Vegeta, who is waiting patiently for him. Having recovered from his injuries on Earth, Vegeta's power level has gone from 18,000 to 24,000! Zarbon's scouter is broken by Vegeta's power. Cui is no match for Vegeta, who destroys him. Frieza and his men discover another Namek village on their scouters and head over to it.


  • Krillin and Gohan vs. Banan and Sūi
  • Vegeta vs. Cui


"There are three things I refuse to tolerate: Cowardice, bad haircuts, and military insurrection. And it is unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these."
— Frieza


  • Zarbon says Cui's power level is much higher than Vegeta's. But when Vegeta powers up, Zarbon says that Vegeta is even stronger than him and Dodoria. Logically, Cui, Zarbon, and Dodoria's power levels must be between 18 thousand and 24 thousand. Zarbon's is often said to be 23 thousand, and Dodoria's 21 thousand or 22 thousand, and Cui's around 18 thousand or 19 thousand, both of which are only a little bit higher than Vegeta's.
  • Krillin says "It's Vegeta! It's gotta be!" when he sees Cui's space pod, the second one that arrived.
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