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The main characters families

The main families in the Dragon Ball series.

Bardock & Son Goku's Family Tree

Main article: Son family

Vegeta's Family Tree

Main article: Brief family

Arale Norimaki's Family Tree

Main article: Norimaki Family

Akane Kimidori's Family Tree

Katas & Piccolo's Family Tree


Kami and King Piccolo in their youth

Cold's Family Tree


Frieza's family (Chōzenshū 1)

Dr. Gero/Android 20's Family Tree

Main article: Red Ribbon Androids


Dr Gero, creator of the androids, and Android 19

Bibidi's Family Tree

Dr. Myuu's Family Tree

  • Tuffle Scientists created Baby, and later Dr. Myuu recreated him.
  • Genetic materials from the Tuffle King were fused with Baby, and later refused with Vegeta.
  • Baby created Dr. Myuu.
  • Dr. Myuu created Giru.
  • Dr. Myuu created Luud.
  • Dr. Myuu created Mutchi.
  • Dr. Myuu created Commander Nezi, Bizu, Ribet, and Natt.
  • Dr. Myuu created General Rilldo.
  • Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero created Hell Fighter 17.
  • Hell Fighter 17 fused with Android 17 and they became Super 17.

Shadow Dragon's Family Tree


Black Smoke Shenron and the Shadow Dragons

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