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The main characters families

The main families in the Dragon Ball series.

Bardock and Son Goku's family tree

Main article: Son family

Vegeta's family tree

Main article: Brief family

Arale Norimaki's family tree

Main article: Norimaki family

Akane Kimidori's family tree

Katas and Piccolo's family tree


Kami and King Piccolo in their youth

Cold's family tree


Cold's family (Chōzenshū 1)

Dr. Gero's family tree

Main article: Red Ribbon Androids


Dr Gero, creator of the androids, and Android 19

Bibidi's family tree

Dr. Myuu's family tree

  • Tuffle Scientists created Baby, and later Dr. Myuu recreated him.
  • Genetic materials from the Tuffle King were fused with Baby, and later refused with Vegeta.
  • Baby created Dr. Myuu.
  • Dr. Myuu created Giru.
  • Dr. Myuu created Luud.
  • Dr. Myuu created Mutchi.
  • Dr. Myuu created Commander Nezi, Bizu, Ribet, and Natt.
  • Dr. Myuu created General Rilldo.
  • Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero created Hell Fighter 17.
  • Hell Fighter 17 fused with Android 17 and they became Super 17.

Shadow Dragon family tree


Black Smoke Shenron and the Shadow Dragons