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Far-Seeing Arts[1] is a form of Telepathy used by a few people in the higher realms. Using this art, they constantly observe the situation in the lower realm.


Kami watching moovys

Kami watching the Earth below

Korin uses this ability several times during Dragon Ball to watch what happens on the Earth without leaving the Korin Tower.

Kami usually stands on the border of Kami's Lookout to watch what happens on the Earth. Upon becoming the Guardian of Earth, Dende also displays this habit. Piccolo also gains the ability after fusing with Kami.

Dbz235 - (by 20120324-21202653

Old Kai trying to see girls playing beach volleyball

King Kai can learn everything that happens inside his quadrant of the Universe.

Old Kai claims to have an "omniscient vision" and he usually uses it to see girls playing beach volleyball. He also uses it with a Crystal Ball to watch the fight against Majin Buu.


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