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"A move where you feint your attack with your Ki Blast. Hold the button to fire a Ki Blast on the first move. Release to attack instead on the second move."
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse in-game description

Feint Shot is a Ki Blast feint attack used by Pan in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.



Pan firing a Ki Blast in a manner almost identical to how she fires the Feint Shot

Feint Shot is technique that uses Rapid Movement as a feint (a maneuver designed to distract or mislead the opponent to think another action is about to occur) in order to catch the opponent off guard, then suddenly reappear to fire a pinkish Ki Blast as a surprise attack. In Xenoverse, the user can preform up to 1-to-2 Vanishs before firing the ki blast depending on the button inputs.

Interestingly the Ki Blast is fired in a manner almost identical to the Ki Blast Pan fired at Baby in the GT episode The Baby Secret, though the blast in that episode lacked the Rapid Movement feint and was standard yellow colored Ki Blast.

Appearances in Games

Feint Shot was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse as one of Pan's Super Skills which is part of the GT Pack 1 DLC.[1] The Future Warrior can also learn the technique while training under Pan as the Warrior's Master which is part of the GT Pack 2 DLC.[2]


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