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Fight with Piccolo (ピッコロと直接対決!! 天界に怒りの魔せん光 Pikkoro to Cyokusetsu Taiketsu!! Tenkai ni Ikari no Masenkou) is the fourth episode of the Garlic Jr. Saga and the one hundred eleventh overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on October 9, 1991. Its original American air date was April 29, 2000.


GohanAndKrillinVs.GarlicJr. 2

Gohan and Krillin face to face with Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr. emerges from The Lookout and demands that Gohan tell him where Goku is but Gohan refuses and powering up, attacks Garlic Jr. who narrowly dodges the blow. Gohan attempts to finish Garlic Jr. off with a Masenko but before he fires the blast, Garlic Jr. holds up the contained miniature Kami which causes Gohan to back down.

Salt jumps into battle and knocks Gohan to the ground. As Krillin goes to help, he is blocked off by Mustard. Garlic Jr. uses his powers to create a Throne for himself inside the Palace and tells Salt and Mustard that they can play with their opponents until Goku arrives but says that he will land the finishing blow. Gohan and Krillin quickly find themselves outmatched and Krillin ultimately takes Salt's attack in an attempt to save Gohan.


Maron works out

Meanwhile, further down, Maron performs a work out and afterward demands that Korin and Yajirobe prepare a meal for her. In the kitchen, the two cook up a meal while arguing over who Maron will end up liking more.

Elsewhere in Space, Vegeta continues training in order to become a Super Saiyan, but becomes angry upon failing. He suddenly feels a presence on another nearby planet and believing it to be Goku flies to the planet. However, before reaching Goku, an asteroid gets in his way, upon destroying it he see's that the man from earlier has disappeared. Vegeta vows to get stronger before taking off.


Gohan powers up and confronts Garlic Jr.

Back on The Lookout, Gohan angered by Krillin being injured released even more power. Salt and Mustard attack Gohan together but Gohan emerges unscathed and finishes the two of them off with a Masenko. He goes to confront Garlic Jr. again but Spice releases his hold on Piccolo who attacks the stunned Gohan.

Major Events

  • Salt and Mustard are killed by Gohan.
  • Vegeta see's Goku on a distant planet.


  • Gohan vs. Garlic Jr.
  • Gohan vs. Salt
  • Krillin vs. Mustard
  • Gohan vs Salt and Mustard
  • Gohan vs Piccolo





Bruce Falconer tracks


  • In the Japanese version, Yajirobe and Korin discuss in the kitchen how Maron makes them act like idiots and that they can not get her to respect them. In the English version, Yajirobe and Korin argue over who Maron likes more.
  • This episode is named "Fight with Piccolo" yet, Piccolo does not even fight in this episode until the very end.
  • In the previous episode, Garlic Jr. is already outside the lookout and talking to Gohan and Krillin before Piccolo attacks, but in this episode Garlic Jr. comes out after the attack.
  • Flashbacks in this episode feature animated footage from the 1990 film Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone.
  • Maron is seen to have changed into regular clothes in this episode, despite not having any actual clothes with her besides her bathing suit when she went to Korin Tower.


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