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Find The Nuisances Babidi's Retaliation Begins!! (邪魔者を探せ バビディの復讐作戦開始! Jama-sha O Sagase Babidi no Fukushū Sakusen Kaishi!) is the one hundred thirty-one episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date is October 5, 2014.


Babidi sends a message to all of humanity. He says that he is making Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks wanted criminals. As a threat, Babidi has Majin Buu turn the inhabitants of a city into candy and then eat them. Babidi's message sends people into a great panic. Meanwhile, having come to the Sacred World of the Kai, Gohan is revived by Kibito. He is asked by Supreme Kai to try and pull out the legendary Z Sword, which sticks out of a craggy mountain. Gohan challenges this sword, which a countless number of Kais have failed to pull out. Elsewhere, at The Lookout, Goten and Trunks wake up, having previously been knocked unconscious by Vegeta. The two learn of Gohan and Vegeta's deaths, and resolve to defeat Majin Buu.

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