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Find the Dragon Balls (ビーデルたちの奮闘!探せ神龍球, Bideru-tachi no Funto! Sagase Doragon Boru) is the eighth episode of the Majin Buu Saga and the two hundred thirty-ninth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on September 7, 1994. Its original American air date was September 17, 2002.



The Dragon Ball hits Roshi on the head

The episode begins with the search for the Dragon Balls, with Yamcha piloting a Capsule Corporation airplane also containing Bulma with the Dragon Radar, Chi-Chi, Videl, Android 18, Marron and Master Roshi. After a brief discussion regarding the Dragon Balls, Yamcha accidentally crashes the jet onto the barren ground. Thankfully, the jet and everyone in it are okay (with the exception of Master Roshi, who used the crash as a chance to sexually harass the beautiful Android 18, nearly resulting in his death).


Goku arrives at Kami's Lookout after his fight with Vegeta

The group eventually find all the Dragon Balls after a few adventures (one involving the Four-Star Dragon Ball being swallowed by a dinosaur, only to cough it up again because Master Roshi farts in its face) and summon Shenron.

Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and regains consciousness alone in the barren wastelands with an empty sack of Senzu Beans that Majin Vegeta took before his fight with Majin Buu. Realizing what Vegeta must have done and chose to fight Buu alone, Goku uses the Instant Transmission to travel to Kami's Lookout, where Piccolo, Mr. Popo, Dende and Krillin are waiting after realizing that Krillin and Piccolo are restored to normal. Dende helpfully heals Goku of his wounds before Piccolo, Krillin, Dende and Mr. Popo tell Goku of what happened.

Bruce Falconer tracks

  • "The Dragon Theme" - When Goku remembers being knocked out by Majin Vegeta after regaining consciousness.


  • Piccolo's statement that he never gives up hope after he witnessed Goku become a Super Saiyan is ironic, as Piccolo was comatose at the time. However, it is possible that Piccolo was drifting in and out of consciousness and saw Goku's transformation. This dialogue only appears in the FUNimation dub.
  • There is a color mistake at the very end of this episode. Goku's right shoulder is purple, instead of orange.
  • During a scene when it shows a closeup of Marron sleeping on Android 18's lap, Android 18 is seen having six fingers on her right hand.
  • This episode picked up where "Evil Lives On" had left off.