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Arqua, an apparent Fishman

Fishmen and Zoonamites are a race of humanoid fish dwelling in various waters. In appearance, Fishmen have fins similar to that of a mermaid, and Zoonamites are smaller versions of Zoonama.



A Zoonamite

Fishmen appear in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, and similar enemies called Zoonamites appear in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. The Zoonamites in GT: Transformation include Royal Zoonamites (who wield tridents), Fire Zoonamites, and Polar Zoonamites. There are three types of fishmen in Attack of the Saiyans: Magman, Fishman, and Man-Fish; all of which are the same monster with different stats and a palette swap.

A Frieza soldier identical to Arqua, though wearing Battle Armor, appears in the Resurrection ‘F’ manga.



The red version of fishmen, dwelling in the magma of Kiwi Volcano. The scouter gives them the following stats:

  • Power Level of 84.
  • HP of 220
  • EXP given is 270
  • AP given is 30
  • 90 Zeni given



Those teal creatures dwell in the Hermit Spring. The scouter gives them the following stats:

  • Power Level of 257.
  • HP of 600
  • EXP given is 660
  • AP given is 54
  • 210 Zeni given



The purple version of fishmen that lives in the Pirate Cave. The scouter gives them the following stats:

  • Power Level of 449.
  • HP of 680
  • EXP given is 720
  • AP given is 54
  • 420 Zeni given


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