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"It's flattering to see the kind of show you put on for your most dangerous enemies. But ultimately it's meaningless, let me show you what I mean. "

— Super 17 ("17 Times 2")

Flash Bomber (フラッシュボンバー) is an energy wave barrage used by Super 17.


17's Flash Bomber On Z-Fighters

Super 17's Flash Bomber

Super 17 places both of his hands forward with his fingers stretching out, concentrating energy into his fingertips. He then fires several hundred small yellow energy waves that act as a machine gun type blast. He also seems to be able to fire the attack in a cone shape, causing a shotgun effect.

Super 17 uses this attack a few times during his battle against Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Majuub.

Appearances in games


Super 17 uses his Flash Bomber in Xenoverse

Flash Bomber is one of Super 17's attacks in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World. In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, it appears as one of Super 17's Super Skills and can be obtained by the Future Warrior via making a wish to Shenron for more Super Skills.


  • Super Flash Bomber – An enhanced and more powerful version of the Flash Bomber that can span across the Earth, and is white in color. Used against Goku in his Super Saiyan form.