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After Krillin Tien Yamcha Master Roshi. And tao doesnt count because he is a cyborg now 02:50, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

Forum 5th strongest human?

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I would say videl because she is the only other one to my knowledge that has even relatevely close power to the z fighters


The fifth strongest human is chiaotzu. behind Uub, Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha.

I reckon it goes Majuub, tien, krillin, yamcha, chiaotzu so chiaotzu is the 5th trongest

Followed by yajirobe, master roshi, handful of fighters from dragonball, and videl, but she might be just under roshi and no one else

Oh ya i forgot about Chiaotzu, but I just wantd to know, does he really count as a human? just wanted to know.

But i do believe that the only two humans above videl are Roshi and Chiaotzu, alone with the other z fighters, but I dont think yajirobe would be stronger because he can't even fly and all I think he's got is his sword, unless he did something else im forgetting?

Chiaotzu is a human. According to the wiki page, his appearance and mannerisms are based off of mythical Chinese vampires called Jiang Shi, but he is a human.

Where is Hercule Satan in your lists? he is the human champ you know.

piccolo is like a green human so i think he's in the list to.

Hey you guys, aren't you forgetting Goku, the strongest person in the series...?

-Goku isn't human, he's a Saiyan, just Saiyan. xD

Uub, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, chaotzu

What if.....

What if.......... What if vegito was never seperated back into goku and vegeta . so im asked how would things have changed if goku and vegeta were replaced by vegito?

Vegito, Bulma and Chi Chi would have a threesome

All Humans Associated with the Z Fighters

I'm listing them from strongest to weakest using their highest hypothetical power levels at any given point in the series. Obviously, I'm not going to list characters that haven't been known to fight, such as Bulma or Fortuneteller Baba.

1. Uub/Majuub (Of course)

2. Tien (Didn't stop training)

3. Krillin (No way he's weaker than Yamcha)

4. Yamcha (No way he's weaker than Chiaotzu)

5. Chiaotzu (Also didn't stop training, but Tien states that he couldn't keep up with the rest)

6. Yajirobe (Actually pretty strong, took down Cymbal and trained with Kami)

7. Master Roshi (Stated power level of 139. When he transforms to Max Power, could take down Yajirobe and possibly Chiaotzu)

8. Chi Chi (Stated power level of 137)

9. Ox King (Feared and respected, trained with Master Roshi)

10. Videl (Could have been much better, but stopped training after Buu Sagas)

11. Hercule (Stronger than your average human)

12. Launch (Just uses guns and brute force, probably couldn't beat Hercule without weapons)

Notes: Yajirobe could definitely take down Chiaotzu in a pure martial arts fight, but Chiaotzu would easily incapacitate him with his psychic abilites. As far as Max Power Master Roshi possibly overtaking Chiaotzu, I think he would also have much better martial arts skill, and his knowledge could possibly help him overcome Chiaotzu's psychic abilities. If you want to be technical about it, Pan, Goku, Jr. and Vegeta, Jr. are all primarily human, so I would tie Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. at #3 after Tien when they're super saiyans and Pan at #6 after Krillin.

/\ Your list is indeed good, but I would put Krillin above Tien, because he was able to put a decent fight with first form Frieza, due to Guru unlocking his potential. Tien, however, has greater techniques. Tien was never able to fight Cell, but his Tri-Beam could stop him for a while. In techniques, Tien wins, but in a matter of brute strength, Krillin wins.

Sandubadear (talk) 01:40, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

I would put several character above Videl

  • Tao Pai Pai (if you don't mind a cyborg... at least even in his human form he's a godlike compared to other average human)
  • Bora (tanking a bullet and throwing Yajirobe and Goku halfway through Korin's Tower)
  • King Chappa (acknowledged by Roshi, and Roshi even said that 22nd tournament Goku won't be able to beat him)
  • Panput (destroying a brick wall easily with his elbow

Otherwise, a very good list Hiruman (talk) 03:12, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

I disagree with the guy above, Krillin is well behind Tien in terms of strength and "brute" Strength if wee look from the past to the future Tien has been the strongest Human (before Uuub came in), his fights with Piccolo, Nappa, Cell are some of the major examples on the other hand Krillin has got the skill and moves but not power.

Z & GT

in Z id say






GT id say




chiaotzu... why not majuub? because since he did fuse with buu who isnt human that would make majuub half human? so i personally dont count majuub as a human.