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riftsdetoxWho would win in a fight, 6 Tailed Naruto or Super Saiyan 3 Goku?

Forum 6 tailed naruto vs. Super Saiyan 3 Goku?

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Normal Goku could kill 9 tails easily if it were at full power.

What really

Ok to all You people who say Naruto would get his ass kicked its true 9 tailed naruto vs SS4 Goku Yeh Ofc he would get his ass DROPPED! But Eva Think Bout Dis? If Naruto Grew up on Planet Vegita How Much Stronger do u think he would be? Huh? or How Bout If Naruto Got Taken Over By Baby lol -not sure bout baby thing that much- its been for ever since ive watch GT

You naruto fanboys sure bring up some imaginary scene deal with it naruto will always be weak no imaginary scene of things that NEVER happened and even if he somehow came to Planet Vegeta he wouldn't be able to walk because the gravity is 10 times of the earth which is 1 not even training could help him since he can't move unless he actually have a power level of at least 500 which he still is far away from it anyway an imaginary scene is still an imaginary scene and if he got take over Baby he still wouldn't get that much power boost and get his ass kicked by GT Goten or GT Trunks or even Pan i say his power level would be around 700-1,450 just saiyan

/\ You're calling HIM the fanboy? He's bringing up a hypothetical situation, if Naruto grew up on Planet Vegeta. He said NOTHING about him "going to Planet Vegeta." Naruto is very powerful, just in his own way. I absolutely hate the DBZ fanbase for this reason alone. You people think that Naruto is the weakest thing ever concieved. It's fucking annoying. To all you DBZ fanboys, shut the hell up. -TaylorHyuuga

thats wrong he is stronger than luffy, toriko, light {death note} but seriously not goku. for cryin' out loud do u guys even watch dbz i'm not gonna say goku can destroy earth cause he won't but a villian like cell or even scouter vegeta can eradicate earth in the blink of an eyeYouwastedtimereadingmyusername1 (talk) 20:59, December 16, 2014 (UTC)

Think for a moment, "How would Obito defeat Goku, or even how Madara Uchiha might defeat goku?" if Goku has one weakness it's his power. Goku's power is everything to him, yes he can destory plants very easily but he would never do that. Madara Uchiha could easily use Goku's power to destory him. Everyone loves comparing Naruto age 17 to Goku and I think it's sad how much they don't understand Naruto's not even close to his strongest. Back to Obito Uchiha vs. Goku both can transpot instantly, however Obito can transport any blast of Goku's into Goku's head or any weakness point; this is a simple tool obito can use with both his eyes. (Goku can destory Obito's planet and he'll instantly move to different dimensions.)


an injured one handed base form goku from the start of Z would own every naruto character with more than 9000 tails

I'd say Normal Goku is equal to Naruto with the kyuubi Cloak,

And Super Saiyan 3 Goku would match The Full 9 Tails or Sage Mode Naruto

When Goku fought Nappa he could've killed the 9 tails at full power while in Sage Mode (if it could) repeadly, though a tailed beast ball with ALL of the power from the 9 tails could probly injure Goku a bit.

"And Super Saiyan 3 Goku would match The Full 9 Tails or Sage Mode Naruto" hahahahahahaha... oh your serious


"I'd say Normal Goku is equal to Naruto with the kyuubi Cloak,

And Super Saiyan 3 Goku would match The Full 9 Tails or Sage Mode Naruto

When Goku fought Nappa he could've killed the 9 tails at full power while in Sage Mode (if it could) repeadly, though a tailed beast ball with ALL of the power from the 9 tails could probly injure Goku a bit."

You have obviously not seen DBZ. Ss4 gogetaLssj4 12:58, June 17, 2011 (UTC) hey ive seen this show and naruto would win over goku. see naruto and see.

Base Goku HEAVELY Suppressed

Master Roshi's full powered Kamehameha does far more damage then Naruto would ever dream of.SSJ4 Vegito 13:07, June 17, 2011 (UTC) have you ever seen full 9 tail state naruto??

Have you ever seen Naruto blow up the moon?

I haven't, though I know that Goku could get his ass whooped by a Eternal Sharingan User with Amaterasu.

well #17 and #18 have unlimited power so they can fight this 'enternal supereye' forever


Goku could fight his base form with his hands tight around his back and still win...


No Naruto character has a chance against 23rd Budokai Goku, SSJ3 Goku would obliterate their entire world just by powering up. PeachWhiteWhite 15:55, June 17, 2011 (UTC)


Obiously Naruto,could kill goku with just with his fox, his base form alone is able to destroy whole planets.

^ Umm  no. Goku would destroy Naruto just by farting.

Goku will destroy Naruto because Naruto's smoking habit will get in the way. 

^ Naruto would be grounded into dust by Goku, smoker or non smoker.

Start of Z Goku and on will win

I'd rate 6-tailed Naruto at 300 and Pain at about 220, respectively, because Pain leveled Konoha, and King Piccolo did the same with a city of similar size, if not bigger, and 6-tails was kicking Pain around the crater like no-one's business. Start of Z Goku would be able to take this, anything beyond that is a guaranteed Goku victory. Anything earlier than his fight with Piccolo Jr., and Goku would lose badly.

Start of Z Goku = 334, 416 unweighted

End of DB Goku = At most 275

Fighting with King Piccolo = A bit stronger than King Piccolo.

So yeah, SSJ3 Goku would absolutely rapestomp 6-tailed Naruto 1,000,000,000 times over.

Are you Serious?!!?!?

9 tailed naruto at most can level a village and blow up mountains and etc, ssj3 Goku rocked the world by powering up...Goku would destroy and then use the fox skull as a bowl for soup...

If thats all the damage he can do he would be on par with Master Roshi's Max Power Kamehameha.

it's not really fair to compare the two series,

both gain strength way to easily, but goku even more so than Naruto, but overall, if for some reason they were fighting somehow, Goku's probably been stronger since well before he went ssj3 or even ssj. i think end of db goku would be a fairer match. maybe.

Are you serious?

Naruto even with all 9 tail losed Goku even in childhoo because Naruto even in own serial is nothing and against Goku he more so NOTHING!

no chance...

goku would destroy naruto even as a child he could

Goku is way better.

Naruto would easily lose to Goku even when going super saiyan 4. Naruto wouldn't even be able to defeat Krillin, let alone goku at ssj3

Naruto Could NEVER win

i really don't see any possible way for naruto to win. no one who says that naruto can win has any proof at all of how he could, and that is because naruto is weak when compared to the power of goku

 Naruto totally sucks

Naruto is nothing nothing and nothing! Naruto totally looooseeeer! He's only stupid fag which lose every time and every place! He couldn't beat even Yamcha! And Goku completely destroyed this loser only touch them!!! Naruto even couldn't approach to Goku on 1000000000000 miles!!!!! DBZ WIN NARUTO SUCKS AND NO CONTEST!!!!!!!!

Naruto...yea right.....

I say Goku in base, powring up only and Naruto would not even touch him...Even Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga would obilerate him...


Goku, in his base form, power supressed, everything but his back tied behind his back, can easily destroy planets. Just shut up.

Goku would win

Sry i think narutos awesome and all but goku base form could easily destroy planets naruto can barley manage a couple miles of land. If you think naruto would win and havent watched dbz watch it and you'll understand right away.

Remember Goku Can just Go to SSJ 4 if theres a Problem :D

Very precice calculations

Lets take Goku SSJ when he was fighting Frieza. His power level was 150,000,000 which is over 1 million times that of Master Roshi, who can destroy planets. So Goku in that form can destroy planets using over 1 million times less effort. So if Goku wanted to, mathematically he could destroy Earth by breathing.

you guys/girls are talking about this from a dbz fan standpoint if you think of it as a no biasd standpoint you would still be right but not in the manner you say. goku would win but it would be a good fight because naruto and goku both would grow stronger if there opponent is strong ie naruto grew stronger to bet pein and goku to beat all of his enemys. so they would both feed of eachouthers power but gokus sayin blood line would end up strongr then the kyuubi or sage mode. ps both of them are FAST with fly thunder god tech. and instint transmision so yea id wanna see it. (even though ichigo is faster then EVERY one and he would win but were not talking about that)

^ You dumba$$!!! dbz first before u talk bout it. the fight against goku in his standard form would last mere seconds or even less. in other words though naruto also grows stronger when he fights strong opponents but look at it this ant against a mountain...there's just too much power that an ant can bear.  btw can ur speedo ichigo travel to different planets within seconds? NO? so he's at pause when compare to goku's speed. Not to be misunderstood, ichigo is cool n all but ABSOLUTELY stands no chance defeating goku. he could have a good fight with krillin but would lose in the end! 

let's be fair to our visiting naruto fans so i will critically compare them 

speed: goku was so fast vs cell most of the z fighters coulden't even keep up 

strength: let the other commentators speak talk about that

technique: this is the only stat they're equal in {p.s i not comparing technique strength but variety}

ss3 powers

Ss3 goku could destroy earth (it said goku held back his power so earth wouldn't explode).

bryan come on goku suck naruto will destory goku with one pinky

Are you RETARDED? Goku beat a guy the size of two bears by poking him and that was when he was 9. YOUR ARGUEMENT IS INVALID.

I say who strohgest

Naruto power level in 6 tailed fox is 200!!! You're said that! But i think its little bit lower then 200! And power level of usual Goku form even in Saiyan Saga is more then 1000 and now his power level is 855000000000 and this just a USUAL form!!!

If you not believe watch this!!! Watch and cry Naruto fansthumb|500px|right|Power levels of GT saga

Let's make it easy

Goku in his base form with a Kaioken Kamehameha x4 is stronger than Vegeta's Galick Ho, an attack that could have destroyed the Earth. The Kyuubi in his full 9 tails state would take a hell lot of time to blow the planet. Nuff said.

aweomse gohan's ideas

i think goku will win because naruto sucks

314px|rightHeres what would pretty much happen

Goku would only lose if he was either from the start of DBZ back to the beginning of DB or if there was some kind of dimensional balance increasing Naruto's power to DBZ level. Even then, SSJ3 Goku could rape Naruto.

I agree that SSJ3 Goku would win, but naruto doesn't suck! Naruto is awesome and it's the show that got me to watch DBZ, even though dbz came first.

personally im a fan of naruto but a bigger one of dbz. but if i had to say id pick goku cuz goku even at ssj1 would probally be able to throw a week ki blast and destroy naruto. but thats just my opinion.


Its ovious that goku would win, as a super sayian 3 he can pretty much destroy whole galaxies. While 6 tailed naruto i would give him a max power level of 100,000, athough he problably doesnt even reach that as a nine tailed fox. Even naruto and his whole group of fighters dont stand a chance against ssj3 goku, also dont forget that ssj3 goku is way more experienced than naruto in fighting.

Goku Saiyan Saga

Saiyan Saga Goku before he met Raditz would be more than enough to finish the 9-Tail Fox. Kingcold6ColdSon&FatherRipto22475KingColdNVKingColdHoldingTrunksSword

I like Naruto, But that^^^Is the truth. Nyan-cat3 CertainlyNot TalkSuper buu steam by mugenmaster-d3gixlc

My Thought

Before I just run in guessing I'm going to do some math. First of all Master Roshi in the saiyan saga could destroy mountians with a power level of 180. Narato at six tails could not destroy much so about 140. Goku was 110,000,000 when he fought Friesa as a SSJ1. so SSJ3 the pressure would kill Narato. That is my thought 04:36, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

Goku would win. He is alot faster and stronger

Taiki's opinion

I don't see why you want to compare Naruto to Goku, it's obvious that Goku would have pwned him in every way possible. No contest here. Taiki150 11:07, October 29, 2011 (UTC)


Goku is far more powerful than Naruto, and anyone who has seen either series should be able to clearly see this. I know some Naruto fans may not like this, but they just have to accept it. It really isn't Naruto's fault, he, like Goku, is a piece of fiction, and it just so happens that Goku was made to be a lot more powerful. The world lacks life if this is what people finally decide. Goku is stronger, but everything after that is a lie! Naruto shouldn't ever be compared to DB!

Specialbeamkamehameha 22:56, November 1, 2011 (UTC)


goku would kill naruto in SSJ3 just by lightly touching him. naruto doesn't stand a chance evan at 6 tailed fox

goku would win easily

even chaozu is stronger then naruto

TaylorHyuuga's Rant

O.K. All you people who hate Naruto THIER PRETTY MUCH THE EXACT SAME!!!!!! Even though Goku gains more power than Naruto doesn't mean that Naruto's crap. I am a fan of both Dragon Ball and Naruto. I think that Dragon Ball fans should like Naruto and vice-versa. Even though Goku would win because , as i said before, he gains much more power than Naruto. finaly someone who agrees

even if naruto would lose i think he is still beast

This S*** again?

Come on, seriously. Even as a fan of both, anyone who thinks Naruto can win, with Goku even in base form, has is lying to themselves.

The only time I'd think it would be even close is if Goku was at the strength he was around the fight with the saiyans at the start of dbz, maybe even earlier. UntoldSarcasm 23:59, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

/\ I believe you are talking to me, in which case I said Goku would win because he gains more power than Naruto. I never said Naruto would win, I just wanted to complain about the fucking DBZ fanboys, who think that anything that's not DBZ is absolutely terrible. I was getting really pissed reading these comments. -TaylorHyuuga

I'm hoping this fanfic will eventually end up settling the naruto/ dragonball debate.

The guy hasn't written a new chapter in a while, I'm hoping he didn't abandon it.


I mean 6 tailed naruto cuudnt evan stand a chance agains t SSJ so definately not SSJ3. But he could 2 Kaio-ken x 20EmperorPeelaugh575TalkContribGuide0w 22:29, March 25, 2012 (UTC)EmperorPeelaugh575

Kid Goku

Kid Goku from Dragonball could own the hell out of 9 tailed Naruto

that is a fukin lie u not that is not true

To Top Sentence: I think Naruto would beat Kid Goku, maybe from Start of DB to Pre-Master Roshi Training, since he only got training from Grandpa Gohan and Naruto in 9 tailed? Is it the wild naruto like the one fighting with Pein or the mastered tailed beast mode...



Think about it like this, just at the first saga of dragonball z, vegeta and at the end also goku, can easily destroy a whole planet. at that point, a simple ki blast would have more power than 100 rasengans. even before goku goes to namek and have trained in 100x gravity, he would pulverize naruto before he could even think "that is one messed up hair cut that dude has". The powers in the two franchises cant be compared, and ssj 3 goku would have more power in his pinky than all the fighters in the entire naruto universe. 10000 rasengans


Can Stand a chance


Can Stand a chance

For about 0.5 milliseconds.


Goku wins because I don't like Naruto.AREA95000 (talk) 10:10, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

^Not a legitimate argument. He would most likely win, as his power is far greater than Naruto's, however, you can't say he wins just because you don't like either the series or the character. That's just unreasonable -TaylorHyuuga


Okay, so since this is a DB wiki people are gonna say Goku not knowing the true power of Naruto, and they don't even watch the show or like it. SO obviously people arte gonna say crap like "How come Naruto can't expode planets?", which is kinda douchey, and makes DB Fake. But anyways Naruto won't win. Give me all the crap you want, but Naruto won't win.. SupremeLegacy (talk) 06:54, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

Its Not Even a fair fight

Oh my god not another naruto vs goku or a dbz vs naruto think. Let me just say i am a fan of both animes i love dbz the best anime it all started with dbz if it was not for dbz there would be no naruto or any other anime. I am a fan of naruto it has a great storyline to it but can be fustrating with all the flashback. Let me tell all the naruto fans and even dbz fans out there, this is not even a fair fight goku would just power up and everyone in naruto would die. Seriously it is embarrassing to even mention naruto and everyone from the naruto world in the same sentance as goku and the other z fighters when it comes to fighting. They would destroy all the naruto guys by just powering up. The naruto guys would not get past the z fighters energy barriors all the people who have watched dbz will know what i am talking about, remember when hercule and his two fighters tried to fight cell in the cell games and they could not get past the energy that was around cell, thats what would happen to the naruto and everyone else. So please enough with this it is not even a fair fight never mind goku even master roshi or chaitzu (not sure how to spell his name) would beat naruto and everyone else in the naruto world with not much effort, Even kid goku can destroy evryone without even trying. The z fighters can move at the speed of light they can fight for days, they have endless energy even if they fight for days they can just eat a szensu bean and do it all over again. They can blow up planets just with one finger like vegeta did in the start of the series. Naruto fighters can not fight for very long they dont have the enduranse, resiliance and stamina to match the z fighters. Naruto fighters run out of chakra when they fight for like 5 or 10 minutes, their justus dont last for very long example shikamarus shadow jutsu. I know that naruto fans will say naruto has stamina because of the fox spirit let me tell you he has no way near the stamina that the z fighters have.


Is this even a question?

Goku, Super Saiyan 3: Power Level - 16,000,000,000

Naruto 9 Tails: Power Level - 1000 max


naruto vs ssj3 goku: not as easy as you think

Well let's get right to it all of the people are saying this Is a stupid debate, and that goku base form with his hand tied behind his back. While loving both series and acknowladging That dbz is stronger, it wouldn't be as easy. Let's start by saying NO goku base. Form could not defeat 6 tail naruto. I don't. Want people saying Watch the series again. Look bluntly one person said it is a unfair fight and goku, could easily in ssj3 destroy naruto in a instant. Well Sthu about blowing up planets as 1. Goku blowing up the planet just show blunt strength in a match 2. This would be a suicidal attack! 3. People say know one can blow up planets in naruto which I disagree with due to the near castrophic damage 4 tail naruto did let alone 6. Also There have been stupider questions such as Ssj4 goku v ryu and ultimate gohan vs. Spiderman

I believe that goku base mode could lose to 3 tail naruto, but with base ssj naruto would lose unless he uses 6 tail mode which could properly be defeated by sssj1 full power goku. So 6 tail naruto could probably lose to goku after goku left the hyperbolic time chamber.

goku wins

Ssj3 goku is capable of destroying the planet just by charging up. At the most goku would need to go super saiyan 1 against NINE tails naruto. I admit I don't really like the naruto show but I do know that those characters are strong, just so no one thinks I'm trying to bash on naruto. But dbz characters in general are insanely powerful. All the Z fighters are capable of destroying the planet and we are talking about ssj3 goku here. I don't care how strong someone says nine tails naruto is. As strong as base goku already is, ssj3 is 400x that. There's no competition between naruto and goku as much as people may like the debate--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 22:15, January 9, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96


base form goku could blink and beat that useless naruto


SSJ3. Duh...I mean come on. CNSsj2 gohan in armor     i think goku would win agansit every person in naruto with kamehameha *10 are the original one so thats the end of dicusion


I'm a fan of dbz and naruto. However, One of the most tightest attacks that Will put any dbZ character down and out Is atmaratsu!!!!!! There is no way they can teleport To get it off either. Not mention saskue can Minipulate flames as well! I call that game over!!!!

If they made the game on a even universe playing Field which they should, this would be very much A even fight. Who cares if the majority of the Characters can blow up the planet!!!!

You get caught in itachi uchiha tskuyomoi ( like in the storm 1) He will either be stabing you for the next 72 hours or You won't be able to catch him because he controls the time.

Goku got sick and/would've died lmao!!!!!!!! Here comes Sassori with his 1000 puppets xD lmao!!!! Goku got sick....

Na on the real note sjj 4 Goku would kill everyone if he would've Never bumped his head as a baby and lost that saiyain Killer edge. But you still can't over look the sharingan and Mangekyo sharingan or the uchihas which is more on Their level!!!!

In any case support each other and get the word back to Both sides dbz/naruto authors and make the damn game and See me online for a ass woppin in it!!!!! All dbz games and Naruto games online right now, on ps3 PYRO311R 6/8/13

The sharingan can see through any jutsu.... Unfortunately goku uses power not illusions. I am being fair by the way plus naruto i think doesn't have the sharingan?

To Top Sentence: First off, it's amaterasu, it isn't oh so almighty faster than Instant-Transmission...Second, Goku doesn't have chakra, Tsukyomi (dun know how to spellz) won't effect Goku since Genjutsu needs the opponent to have chakra...... Sharingan can detect but can they move their body in time? It's like the observation haki from OP. End. -Sir Meepalot IX

TaylorHyuuga's Rant 2 

OK, guys. Goku would win, but almost all of you are overestimating Goku, or underestimating Naruto. Most of you are doing both. While Naruto isn't as strong as Goku, he can still fight, and stand a chance against Goku. But people are saying that Naruto is the weakest thing alive, and that Puar can beat him, or that Goku can beat him by looking at him funny. But it's nowhere even near true. Hell, why would they even be fighting anyway?  They wouldn't, and that's what makes this entire thing stupid. They would be fighting with each other, not against. Logic aside, Naruto could still stand a chance against Goku. This bias must end. They must be observed on how they're strength really is, and be judged accordingly. Thank you very much.

The sage of six paths, with the ten tails as his jinchuriki. The ten tails is actually in the form of a flower, which is chakra itself. The ten tails can easily destroy the planet if it wants, and making dozens of chakra bombs for it is like breathing in air for humans. It can also teleport from one place to another, thus, need for travelling at the speed of light. At the same time, the sage of six paths can create black holes easily, as well as 'The almighty push' which can create a crater hundreds of miles around, even leveling villages and that too when under control. The ten tails, can cast a genjutsu reflection off the moon, being easily able to manipulate Goku.

/\ You make good points, but you forget that Goku can, has, and if nessecary will blow the moon up. -TaylorHyuuga

Goku, in no way, would be able to survive a genjutsu cast upon him. A Uchiha member like Madara could easily beat Goku, with his visual prowess alone. He could easily use Amaterasu, a black flame which can even burn normal fire, doesn't get put out even by water or ANYTHING else. It burns its target until the target is fully burned, meaning killed.

/\  Perhaps, but that is assuming that Goku knows not to get out of the way, which he does. Plus, you have to look them DIRECTLY in their eyes for Mangekyo to take effect. -TaylorHyuuga

goku kills naruto in his sleep. hahahahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa morons. with ur stupid naruto fanboy posts... go the hell away from our face... u dont belong on this site at allllllllllll talking to us. whatsoever... be gone from here. i dont know why the admin allows this. why would you want naruto fans here sir??? can  i ask you this? they dont CARE about DBZ whatsoever, they just wanna come here and talk trash to us then they cannot be here right? WTF is this shit dude?!?!?!?!?!? WTF is going onnnn here???? NARUTO fans here?! WTF??? how is that EVEN POSSSSIIIBLE??? how why AND WHO GIVES A SHIT!!! its annoying to me!!! i dont wanna see naruto at this place. if i want to see naruto fans i can SEE them at their site!!! but im not gonna come there and start shit with them! they come here just to start shit with us and its allowed??? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


/\  I like DBZ more than Naruto, so I obviously care. I'm just saying that I absolutely hate biases without any actual legitimate reason, such is the case with you right now. I have stated that Goku would win, but Naruto would put up a good fight because I don't underestimate Naruto and overestimate Goku. I actually look at what they can do in their own respective canons. But as I said, they would not be fighting against each other. And I believe you are calling me a moron, in which I say you are the WORST type of DBZ fanboy. You think that DBZ is the best, undisputed, and anything that is not your opinion you couldn't give a shit about. This type of fanboy is on the same level, if not on a higher level, than the CoD fanboys, and we ALL know how THEY are. I'm really not sure if you could, but at least TRY to analyze their individual abilities and strengths. -TaylorHyuuga

I'm sorry but naruto doesn't stand a chance. Goku can destroy several solar systems in an instant. He can fight at speeds massively faster than light. He has many many planets worth of durability. He is an amazing martial artist and is a genius when it comes to fighting. He has much more experience than naruto has. I don't hate naruto. But the truth is that goku is on a level of power, skill, and experience that naruto will never reach. --Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 15:01, November 17, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

/\ Please, show me where Goku destroys a single solar system, let alone several in an instant. That is nothing more than your own bias, and it's overestimating Goku, which is exactly what Isaid NOT to do -TaylorHyuuga

Honestly thinking about it, I would say power level wise Naruto or any Naruto character will probably never be able to beat goku. Dbz is an awesome anime because the characters are all so over power. With the ability to destroy planets and moons at will, maybe even whole galaxys. I say Naruto in any form will not be able to defeat him in combat. That being said i still think he has a shot. Even if goku has gotten out of situations similar. I think that narutos genjutsu would have a pretty good shot. I'm not saying Naruto himself can cast something like this, but itachi or mandara could probably restrain him with their sharingans. Still these two universes are separated by two totally different power limits and comparing the two really does seem pointless. Btw sorry for any spelling errors.

Completely different user: Goku doesn't have chakra. Genjutsu don't have any effect.. Amaterasu might be able to do the deed though. About the almighty push thing, Goku can pretty much kinda replicate it with Kiai..- Sir Meepalot IX


I feel that you people look at goku like hes some all powerful bringer of death.dont get me wrong i love goku but the question is coud he really beat EVERYONE from naruto.if u think that then ur more of a fan boy then everyone here combined and this is including the folowing wordsof wisdom (idiot remarks) "Goku can beat naruto in his sleep" (what) "Goku could beat Naruto by blinking"(cause that makes since) and this is my favorite here "Goku can beat Naruto by farting" (FANBOY #1 AWARD RIGHT HERE) u are idiots if u beieve this im not saying naruto universe wins im saying there variables to take into account naruto has rasen shuriken whitch individually destroys all cells in the boy one hit kill everytime except for the raikage(but he was an extremy special case) amaterasu as the guy before me said is another one goku woud die from tsukuyomu instantly frozen and unless goku knows how to do a release jutsu(which might not work anyways than good luck) and i guess someone woud say this is where his all powerful planet destroying moves come in yep good luck using that to destroy an illusion totsuka blade one slice and gokus trapped Rinnegan which summons a HUGE METEOR WHICH YES IM PRETTY SURE IS CAPABLE OF DESTROYING A PLANET think before u fanboy about stuff im not saying naruto would win but think about the capabilities of each universe before u make a judgement ike this the awnser to this question is we dont know who would win it depends on the circumstances and how they fight how they react but since were arguing it dont use dumbass arguments for a debate THIS is why no one but the dbz fanbase likes the dbz fanbase. —This unsigned comment was made by Thumper23 (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time! 20:59, October 3, 2014 (UTC)

Ep 269 - Super Vegito
A (tc) 23:38, October 3, 2014 (UTC)


Im gonna be honest, I do love Naruto way more than Dragon ball but this is just impossible heck im even sure if 10 ten tails Naruto and Sharinnegan Sasuke together can take down early Goku from DBZ episode 1.

However I wouldn't doubt that they would be able to, but VI tails wouldn't stand a chance except by running away, heck not even nine tail naruto(kyuubi mode) was able to do this or Bijuu mode which is considered to be the Super Saiyan 3 of the Naruto series.

This is way too far dude im sorry but there is no way that naruto in 6 tails form can beat Goku. —This unsigned comment was made by Spyrocks (talkcontribs) on 17:16, October 3, 2014 Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

Naruto in terms of Goku is no match. But if you 2 want to compare.

Hand2Hand combat: Kaioken Goku = maxed out Naruto.

With ki blasts: Goku before kaioken can match the tailed beast bomb and surpass it.Spirit bomb hands down would destroy Naruto sadly.

I love both shows, and hands down that's the facts.

Naruto? No way in hell. Edit

If Naruto was at his strongest and Goku was in base form, he could blink in Naruto's direction and the guy would drop dead. And that's not hate for Naruto, that's a fact.

^For all of the Naruto Fan's out there I'm sorry you have to put up with this idiot's post above me and other's like it. No I don't think Goku will destroy Naruto simply by breathing, or just blinking at him, because lets be honest, that's just absolutely dumb. So lets look at this from an objective point of view please. I enjoy both characters and the respective anime that the come from, however as far as power goes I have to go with Dbz on this one. There are several reasons for this, the first being that in the early saga's of Dbz we witness piccolo blowing up the moon with a single shot, and afterwards its not like he's really exhausted from doing so. Now we know that before Goku died, he and piccolo were very close in power levels. So we can infer that if Goku wanted he probably could have destroyed the moon as well. Now in the latest episodes of naruto we see the ten tails using 4 tailed beast bombs at the same time. I should note that this is done inside of a barrier as well. While the attack was immensely powerful, It failed to break through the barrier and also didn't destroy the entire planet. Now maybe I'm wrong in saying this but I cant see that attack blowing up a moon even with how strong it seemed to be. So unless the ten tails and Naruto have been holding themselves back with the tailed beast bombs for some reason, I have to say that the attack lacks the planetary level destruction of power that we find so often in the Dbz univers. Now for this next part keep in mind that Raditz power level was 1250. If we skip ahead to the Frieza saga, the power level's of both Goku and Frieza were stated to be above 1,000,000. So what do we know, both Piccolo and Goku were weaker than Raditz at the time they fought, however Piccolo still had enough power to destroy a moon being weaker than a power level of 1250. I take that though and imagine what a power level of > 1,000,000 can do and I really just can't see a comparison at least when it comes to power.

Now before all of the fan boy's rage about some way in which I'm wrong I'm going to point out that it is stated in Dragonball Z that power levels are irrelevant, this is because the Z fighters can manipulate they're power levels both focusing them to increase the strength of an attack, and suppressing them to avoid being sensed. That being said if Goku can focus an attack while his power level is over 1,000,000 to make it even stronger than it supposedly is I don't really see this helping Naruto out in anyway at all. For the sake of all Dbz Fan boys I should also state that 1,000,000 is not Goku's "max" power I used it purely for example since after the Frieza saga we know Goku is much stronger, but power had for the most part stopped being measured by numbers such as power levels.

I'd also like to point out that I'm not hating on Naruto in anyway, I'm simply trying to put an argument that is probably never going to end anyways to rest. I love both of the characters and they are all strong in different ways. Personally while Dbz has stronger characters, I think as far as attacks go Naruto has a better variety, I enjoy watching them use strategy and different techniques to win rather than just powering up and it all being about who has more power at the time.

SSJ3 Goku make a Super Kamehameha and Kyuubi go to Shinigami's Ass

Obito vs. Goku

Think for a moment, "How would Obito defeat Goku, or even how Madara Uchiha might defeat goku?" if Goku has one weakness it's his power. Goku's power is everything to him, yes he can destory plants very easily but he would never do that. Madara Uchiha could easily use Goku's power to destory him. Everyone loves comparing Naruto age 17 to Goku and I think it's sad how much they don't understand Naruto's not even close to his strongest. Back to Obito Uchiha vs. Goku both can transport instantly, however Obito can transport any blast of Goku's into Goku's head or any weakness point; this is a simple tool obito can use with both his eyes. Mangekyō Sharingan - "heavenly eyes that see the truth of all of creation without obstruction" (Goku can destory Obito's planet and he'll instantly move to different dimensions.) Sageofsixthgokus (talk) 23:49, April 3, 2015 (UTC)      --Sage of Six Paths--

Close Fight

It seems almost reminiscent of kid buu vs SSJ3 Goku. Power with the intention to destroy, six tails is very fast, chakra arms, chakra blast, unpredictable, goku would really have his work cut out for him


Ok, here's what I think.


Two. It shouldn't even be 6 tails vs SSJ 3. That's so fucking stupid. It should be like Golden Naruto version 3 vs SSJ 3. That would be fucking fair, seeing how Naruto can now teleport.

Three. Is this biased? Honestly, I like DBZ. But seriously, this is a fucking DBZ fanboy base. So...

Four. If you kept six tails, six tails is fucking weak. Add Sasuke with him at least, Sasuke can predict Gokus moves.

Five. Gokus son beat Goku. So Gokus son vs six tails maybe?

Six. Yay. Let's the hate begin.

I'm still butthurt over superman beating Goku, are you?


Sageofsixthgokus (talk) 23:27, April 13, 2015 (UTC) Superman won for the same reason Garaa lost. Those battles are fake and stupid they will never let anime win,  You can't titile something like, "six tails naruto vs. SSJ 3" that would be weird and wouldn't work.This wouldn't work mainly because Naruto in a fight like this with his life on the line would unleash more of kurama's power if needed even up to 9 tails turning him into Kurama himselve a beast much like Goku's monkey.   That's would be a fun fight Goku monkey vs. 10-tails.

Jubi 10 tailed beast naruto fan art wallpaper - - naruto 609 juubi by hisokaa-d5m0cxn

Goku Monkey God Vs. Ten-tails

Goku In God mode turn into a Monkey God...else where the Ten-tailed beast senses the power and teleports instantly to the planet Goku has unleashed his monkeyness.  Sageofsixthgokus (talk) 23:41, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

If the Ten-Tailed Juubi can controll everyone in the world with the moon could he not just control Goku with the moons power?

What color would Goku's hair be if he was in Monkey God mode?