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Alright I know gt is non-cannon, and it should stay like that....but from what we understand about Bills so far (even though it's not a whole lot) how would you's stack him up against the villians in Dragonball GT...Before anyone answers, I want you's to consider that Bills stopped ss3 goku with one finger (apparently), I doubt anyone aside from Omega Shenron would do that.

GT > Bills

To judge this we have to consider the facts, and let alone if we like or hate GT.

  1. Goku stated that Baby-Vegeta on his second form (before the one that fight Uub) has the strongest ki he ever felt. This puts Baby-Vegeta on second form clearly stronger than Buuhan. Then a very weakend Goku ssj4 toyed with the full powered third form, and owned the oozaru form when his energy was restored.
  2. Goku in ssj toyed with Metal Rildo. And base Rildo was already stronger than Buu (we don't know which Buu, I give you that), but he transformed twice after that.
  3. GT base or ssj3 Goku are way, way stronger than their counterparts at the end of DBZ. People tend to make the mistake that GT Uub is as strong as Kid Buu, and Super Buu like Super Uub. As already was stated Buuhan was already outclased by second form Baby-Vegeta, and Super Uub managed to put a fight against third form Baby-Vegeta (before he charged up his full power). And no, the spirit bomb like attack he uses on Uub and fat Buu was a small version of that attack, he says it clearly before launching it, so we can't use that attack to judge.

With all this in consideration, I think Bills would be weaker or equal to Metal Rildo, and that's it. Perhaps initial Baby-Vegeta at most.

Alright I know gt is non-cannon

Thank god it isn't. I used to love it. What if it bombs my face?

Sandubadear (talk) 01:11, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

Still a mystery...

First of all, in the anime series, Gotenks and Ultimate Gohan are not stronger than Goku from any sort of perspective, whether we like it or not - they even state that several times, like when Goku fight a Gohan's clone ("just as strong as the original) inside Buu's body.

That being clear, maybe Bills' level is close to Baby Vegeta before he became an ape. But I believe this guy has some weakness or, better yet, a trick (something that makes him look stronger than he actually is, becoming impossible to defeat him without knowing what it is). This could explain the scene that Goku and Bills are shown fighting each other in space, where both of them look quite serious.

GT wins with ease

Goku(base) GT>Majin Buu

SS3 GT Goku=400x Goku(base) GT

SS4 Goku= Golden Oozaru boost of SS3(SS3 Goku was owned by bebi, and was matched with Golden Oozaru Bebi)

SS4 Goku>Bills you have no idea if ssj4 is above bills or not goku is becoming a super sayian GOD which is said by alot of people to be above ssj4, i see bills maybe beating them all, espicially if he puts up a fight vs SSG goku and bills has a confirmed GOD satus thats more than anyone in GT can say 

Definitely GT villains

The villains like baby and super 17 are way stronger. BASE goku and vegeta are ridiculously strong compared to dbz villains like even super perfect cell. Even buuhan is not even close to as strong as baby got. We dont know exactly how strong Bills really is until we see him but it probably won't make a difference. He's no match for them- How do you know he could kill them all espicially with his god status and goku becoming a supersayian God, he beat the shit out of mystic gohan buu vegeta and gotenks even more convinclingly then super 17, id put him maybe past omega if he puts up a decent fight against a GOD even tho he is a God himself, SSG>SSJ4-Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 23:44, January 29, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

King Kai is a god and is weak as hell. Being a god means nothing. SS God is simply a huge power-up, while SS4 was hard to achieve.

But, back to the subject, Bills is probably weaker than Baby, because, y'know, Goku trained a lot, and stuff.

Sandubadear (talk) 00:57, March 20, 2013 (UTC)

Bills only owned Z SSJ3 Goku

Using SSJ3 Z Goku vs. Bills and SSJ3 GT Goku vs. Baby Vegeta to gauge Bills' power against GT villains is no good. So what if Bills stopped Goku with one finger? It's a Z SSJ3 Goku. SSJ3 GT Goku is 400x stronger than SSJ3 Z Goku. Also, Goku did not lose power when turned into a kid, his kid body simply could not handle the demanding strain of SSJ3. So, we don't have much to compare on really. However, we can likely suppose that Super Saiyan God doesn't have a totally insane power boost of over 1000x. And Bills probably isn't over 1000x stronger than Goku. To easily own someone, it's pretty clear that a fighter doesn't need to be that much higher than another. In most one sided fights throughout DBZ, such as Frieza vs. Goku (normal), SSJ2 Gohan vs. Perfect Cell, Semi-Perfect Cell vs. Super Veget, Super Buu vs. Ultimate Goham, the stronger fighter could have probably stopped the other with just one finger. However, they like to drag things out and really beat on them. In these cases, the combatants are only 100x apart or less. So, while Bills could be 10,000x stronger than Goku and the SSG gives like 10,000x power boost, it is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is most probably that Bills is weaker than GT Villains.

SBCSpecialBeamKamehameha!Gohan Kamehameha 03:08, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

Base GT Goku < Any GT Villain < Gogeta SSJ2 or 3 (Not 1) < SSJ God < Bills

Look at this; SUPER SAIYAN GOD is made of Base Form Z Fighters from DRAGON BALL Z.

In GT, even if it doesn't look like it, ALL the Z fighters are like 50 times stronger than they were in Dragon Ball Z, and Base GT Goku owns them all in their SSJ form. Now, the GT villains can kill SSJ 4 Goku easily if he doesn't use a plan.


According to V-Jump, Bills is without a doubt the strongest character in Z. This means his power surpasses that of Super Vegito, who originally held that title. The anime comics for A Hero's Legacy state that Super Vegito is about equal to SSJ4 Goku. If we put two and two together, this means Bills is even stronger than SSJ4 Goku. By this logic, Bills could easily defeat Super Baby 2. The question is, however, how much stronger than Vegito is Bills? This is the only possible way to figure out if he can match othr villains from GT such as Super 17, and Omega Shenron.

Now I understand some of you out there might not buy that Bills is even more powerful than SSJ4 Goku, but I can prove it. Lets look at the facts, shall we?

  1. In Battle of Gods, Bills is seen defeating SSJ3 Goku with a single chop to his neck. This tells us that Bills is, at least, more powerful than base form Goku from GT. We can conclude this because Goku has risen to the level of SSJ3 Goku from Z in base form by the time of DBGT.
  2. In Battle of Gods, Bills is seen defeating Ultimate Gohan with a single kick to his abdomen. Ultimate Gohan is even stronger than Gotenks SSJ3, who is 8x more powerful than SSJ3 Goku. We know this because, during a conversation between Goku and Piccolo, they state Gotenks in SSJ alone will have more than enough power to defeat Majin Buu. This is a feat only SSJ3 Goku could pull off at the time, meaning the two must at least be equal. A jump to SSJ3 would make Gotenks 8x stronger than in his SSJ form. In conclusion, Bills would be more than 8x stronger than SSJ3 Goku. However, this isn't even close to GT Goku in his SSJ form, as you can see, for the increase is 50x.
  3. Looking back to the battle with SSJ3 Goku in Battle of Gods, we can assume that Bills was only using 1% of his maximum strength. I say this because other villains (like Frieza) have been known to do this, and Bills never powered up to fight. With this calculation, we can find the power of SSJG Goku. His power at 100% is equal to 70% of Bills power. That means that the SSJG transformation is 70x stronger than super saiyan 3. This also means Bills power, at 70% power or more, would easily surpass GT Goku's super saiyan form by a large margin. It's even possible that Bills can match SSJ2 GT Goku using even more of his power.

Thats all I've got so far trying to prove the facts. But from the things we already know, Bills could at least defeat Baby.

Evolve 20 (talk) 22:30, October 22, 2013 (UTC)