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Whoever wrote this is practicing foolishness at its finest. Really, Uub above Gogeta?(I deleted these stupid power levels, they are useless anyways XD) Gogeta's officialy stated power level is 2.5 billion....Amd this guy gives Uub 11 billion? Thats the biggest load of BS I've ever heard since I heard someone say GT was good! I think the Daizensuu(official DB encyclopedia) contests that...and if you don't know what this encyclopedia is then you aren't a true DB fan.  If you have any questions about the Dragon Ball franchise or want to see screenshots of this failure of a post, just contact me at I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!


That was great.My only disagreement is about majin vegeta and ssj2 vegeta that i believe are equal.Can you make a gt power levels post also.I know it's difficult because's gt,but please try.

Nice List

Probably one of the most realistic I've seen. Nice work, was getting tired of seeing fan power levels that were obviously outrageously wrong. 'Its not realistic, use your damn logic. And yes I do have a life, I just have some free time right now. I'm using it to correct fans who haven't done any research! Anything stated outside of the official sources(Shonen Jump,Daizensuu,etc..) is incorrect. Broly's power level is CORRECT.J'ust contact me at for any Dragon-Ball related questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

^^ I think that Super Gogeta PL is the one that's incorrect...if I recall, it was a PL released by V-Jump years after the movie had been released...V-Jump also had Broly at 1.4 billion, which is more than half of Gogeta's power level, which is very unrealistic...

Well, half of Gogeta's power level would be Vegeta's (since Goku had to lower his) and Broly is stronger than Vegeta so that makes sense to me.

Fusion isn't 1+1, it's an exponential increase, like Goten & Trunks being below 18, yet Gotenks being above Super Buu. 'Once again a foolish mistake, you obviously are ignorant. SSJ3 Gotenks is on Super Buu's level, anything lower couldn't faze Buu. J'ust contact me at for any Dragon-Ball related questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!


Make sure not not to write the db character and there power levels repeatedly.... Thanks :) .

Kid Buu is not stronger than the other Buus, because he is pure, he didn't absorb anyone.  

Super Buuhan > Buutenks > Buucolo > Super Buu (nobody absorbed) > Evil (grey) Buu > Fat Buu > Kid Buu

Actually no, Kid Buu is not the weakest. Fat Buu is. SSJ3 Goku was more than enough for Fat Buu. And Goku had some serious problems with Kid Buu.' I think it should be more like Kid Buu>Evil(grey Buu>Fat Buu. J'ust contact me at for any Dragon-Ball related questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

But Fat Buu has South Kaiohshin and Dai Kaiohshin. Shouldn't he be stronger than Kid Buu?

^The first thing we learn about Kid Buu is that Dai Kaio weakened him. That means Fat Buu and Evil Buu (grey one) are weaker than Kid Buu, making Kid Buu the 5th strongest (not counting Ultra Buu, since it's not really a transformation) Buu. Good Buu is leagues below everyone, and probably just a bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell. SuperGogeta91 (talk) 00:55, November 1, 2012 (UTC)

SSJ2 Gohan > Super Perfect Cell

Just saying...

These power levels are taken from a Youtube video... from a user named Vegito1099 or something like that.

'Vegito1089 is WAY off with his crappy calculations, anything outside of the Daizensuu or Shonen Jump, other official stuff, is fake. Vegito1089 shamed himself and looked like an idiot,how the hell is SSJ 1 Gogeta less powerful than someone like Uub? Just contact me at if you have any questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Hold on a sec...

So your saying that goku had a power level of 3,800,000,000 in the majin buu saga when Gogeta had a power level of 2,500,000,000. so your saying that goku and vegeta got WEAKER with a (proper) fusion dance? 'No, all of these are false power levels created by the ignorant Vegito1089. J'ust contact me at for any Dragon-Ball related questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible! Mysticgogeta67 (talk) 01:03, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

I'm going to tell you all this that SS1 Gogeta's power level is 2.5 billion!"

Power Levels

Dragonball Z Episodes

Saiyan Saga

Raditz vs Farmer Raditz: 1,200 Farmer with Shotgun: 5

Raditz vs Goku and Piccolo Raditz: 1,200 Piccolo (with cape and helmet): 322 Piccolo: 408 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon (1st Try): 1,330 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon (2nd Try): 1,440 Goku (with weighted clothing): 334 Goku (without weighted clothing): 416 Goku (with Kamehameha): 924 Gohan: 1 to 1,307 (power changes)

After the Battle With Raditz Master Roshi: 139 The turtle: 0.001 Krillin: 206 Tien: 250 Yamcha: 177 Piccolo: 329

Z Fighters vs Saibamen and Nappa Saibamen: 1,200 Yamcha: 1,480 Chiaotzu: 610 Tien: 1,830 Krillin (pre-battle): 1,083 Krillin (max): 1,770 Piccolo (pre-battle): 1,220 Piccolo (max): 3,500 Gohan (pre-battle): 981 Gohan's Masenko: 2,800

Goku vs Vegeta and Nappa Goku: 5,000 Goku Powered Up: 8,000 Goku Kaioken x1: 12,000 Goku Kaioken x2: 16,000 Goku Kaioken x3: 24,000 Goku Kaioken x4: 32,000 Nappa: 4,000 Vegeta: 18,000 Ozouru Vegeta: 180,000 Ozouru Gohan: 9,810 to 28,000

Freeza Saga

Gohan and Krillin vs Frieza's Thugs Gohan: 1,500 Krillin: 1,500 Frieza's Men: less than 500

Vegeta vs Kui Vegeta: 24,000 Kui: 19,000

Dudoria & Zarbon vs Namek Fighters Zarbon: 23,000 Dudoria: 21,000 Namek Fighters: 1,000 to 3,000

Vegeta vs Dudoria Vegeta: 24,000 Dudoria: 21,000

Vegeta vs Zarbon (1st time) Vegeta: 24,000 Zarbon: 23,000 Zarbon Transformed: 33,000

Vegeta vs Zarbon (2nd time) Vegeta: 35,000 Zarbon: 23,000 Zarbon Transformed: 33,000

Vegeta, Gohan, & Krillin vs Ginyu Force Krillin: 10,000 Gohan: 10,000 Gohan's Masenko: above 20,000 Vegeta: 30,000 Guldo: 10,000 Recoome: 40,000

Goku vs Ginyu Force Goku (Scouter): 5,000 Goku vs Jeice and Burter: 60,000 Goku vs Ginyu: max power of 180,000 Jeice: 50,000 Burter: 45,000 Recoome: 40,000 Ginyu: 120,000

Goku in Ginyu's Body Ginyu in Goku's Body: 23,000 Jeice: 50,000 Vegeta: 60,000 Krillin: 16,500 Gohan: 17,000

Nail vs Frieza Nail: 42,000 Frieza (form 1): 530,000

Vegeta vs Frieza (1st Time) Vegeta: 120,000 Frieza (form 1): 530,000 Frieza (form 2): 1,000,000 Krillan: 13,000 Gohan: 22,000

Piccolo vs Frieza Piccolo (merged with Nail): 800,000 Frieza (form 2): 1,000,000 Frieza (form 3): 2,500,000

Vegeta vs Frieza (2nd Time) Vegeta: 300,000 Frieza (final form - 33.33%): 4,000,000

Goku vs Frieza Frieza (fianl form - 33.33%): 4,000,000 Frieza (fianl form - 50%): 6,000,000 Frieza (final form - 70%): 8,400,000 Frieza (final form - 100%): 12,000,000 Goku's Base Level: 300,000 Goku Kaioken x10: 3,000,000 Goku Kaioken x20: 6,000,000 SSJ Goku: 15,000,000

Trunks vs King Cold and Frieza Bot King Cold: 13,000,000 Frieza Bot: 12,500,000 Trunks (Hidden): 5 SSJ Trunks: 17,000,000 SSJ Goku: 20,000,000

Android Saga

Battle With The Adroids SSJ Goku (not sick): 25,000,000 SSJ Goku (sick): 10,000,000 SSJ Trunks: 20,000,000 SSJ Vegeta: 27,000,000 Piccolo: 8,000,000 Gohan: 5,000,000 Android 16: 40,000,000 Android 17: 35,000,000 Android 18: 35,000,000 Android 19: 10,000,000 Android 20: 5,000,000

Cell Saga

Battle With Cell Kamiccolo (Piccolo fuzed with Kami): 40,000,000 Cell (after absorbing humans): 45,000,000 Cell (after absorbing Android 17): 65,000,000 SSJ Vegeta: 80,000,000 Ultra SSJ Trunks: 130,000,000 Perfect Cell : 125,000,000

The Cell Game Piccolo: 55,000,000 SSJ Vegeta: 100,000,000 SSJ Trunks: 105,000,000 SSJ Gohan: 130,000,000 SSJ Goku: 120,000,000 SSJ2 Gohan: 325,000,000 Perfect Cell : 125,000,000 Super Perfect Cell: 300,000,000

Buu Saga Piccolo: 180,000,000 SSJ Gohan: 275,000,000 SSJ Vegeta: 340,000,000 SSJ Goku: 360,000,000 Chibi Trunks: 35,000,000 Goten: 30,000,000 SSJ Chibi Trunks: 95,000,000 SSJ Goten: 90,000,000 Android 18: 60,000,000 Kaioshin: 250,000,000 Kibit: 225,000,000 Yamoo: 10,000,000 Supopovitch: 10,000,000 Dabura: 275,000,000 Fat Buu: 300,000,000 Majin Vegeta: 250,000,000 SSJ3 Goku: 450,000,000 Majin Buu: 350,000,000 Gotenks: 250,000,000 SSJ Gotenks: 300,000,000 SSJ3 Gotenks: 400,000,000 Majin Buu (with SSJ3 Gotenks & Piccolo): 650,000,000 Gohan's Zet sword: 350,000,000 Mystic Gohan: 650,000,000 Majin Buu (with Trunks, Goten & Piccolo): 500,000,000 Majin Buu (with Piccolo, Trunks, Goten & Gohan): 700,000,000 Vegetto: 800,000,000 Kid Buu: 500,000,000

This last one is a fan made based off the idea of future trunks with present gohan having both there hidden power unlocked by the kia, fused with the earrings, and transformed in ssj3.

SSJ3 Future Truhon: 500,000,000,000,