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Who would win if Videl went against Chi-Chi? And lets use the chi chi from the very end of dragonball in the piccolo jr. saga since thats when their ages are closest to one another.


Videl vs. piccolo jr saga chichi

I think Videl would win, what do you guys think?

totally Chi-chi. she may not be able to use her ki, but i still think she's more powerful.

Forum Chi-chi vs. Videl

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Chi-Chi with toal ease. She had superhuman strength and got a power level of 74 from the daizenshuu Yamcha at the 21st budokai could smash cars in half and lift big cars and was at 74, well Goku start of Dragon Ball was at 50 and could smash boulders and carry huge fishs something Videl cant, so Videls at like 17 and Chi Chis at 74. So Chi Chi wins wth one hit, any form of Chi-Chi kills Videl in one or to hits this isint a fair fight. Soilder5679 17:56, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Actually, Soilder5679, Goku was at 10 at the beginning of Dragon Ball. He could pick up giant fish no problem and though he could lift cars and boulders, he struggled. Seeing as Videl isn't super-strong, I'd give her a power level of 8 or 9. Chi-Chi would still win: the only time Videl could compete with her is when she was a little girl. Chi-Chi's power level in the Piccolo Jr. Saga ranged in the mid to upper 100s. Not to mention Chi-Chi has a terrible temper and, like Gohan, her power level probably takes a leap when she's really emotional/upset. Also, look at it this way: Chi-Chi's father was the Ox-King, who not only was a former pupil of Master Roshi but he himself was widely feared. Videl's father is Hercule... 'nuff said. In fact, if Chi-Chi learned to consciously use her ki, she could easily match the feats of pre-DBZ Piccolo, Goku, Master Roshi and Tien. Abc539 19:29, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

10 is way way to low. The Bar Theif was a huge giant whos strength was much much more stringer then the average human theres no way it was 9, and Goku defeated him with ease, so his powers like 50. I dont care what the Daizenshuu says, thats a book that believes Recoome killed Gohan and Krillin right... But we baiscally agree Chi-Chi destroys Videl. Soilder5679 18:51, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Remember that Goku had not only fought that pterodactyl creatured that tried to eat Bulma in the first episode but he also fought with Pilaf and those wolf creatures the episode before they came across the Bear Thief. Thanks to his Saiyan blood, Goku probably had gotten past 10 at that point. When Bulma shot him in the first episode, he felt enormous amounts of pain but the bullet couldn't puncture his skin. And don't forget that when they met when they were little, Chi-Chi was even with Goku, if not stronger. But yeah, we agree: Chi-Chi would kill Videl with one punch. And we're talking about Piccolo Jr. Saga Chi-Chi...Chi-Chi in Dragonball Z was stronger and three times more crazy. Abc539 19:25, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Wait, are we talking about Videl before she learned to fly or after. Abc539 19:25, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Videl's power - 8

We all know Goku at the start could defeat Videl right? Well there's not much of a difference between their strength so it'd be at east a close fight espeacially since Videl can fly but a jump could take care of it.

Goku start of dragon ball will woop Videl. But hes not at 10 hes at 50 or so, well Videls at 17 or so. Soilder5679 19:16, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah you're right. Because Videl never showed superhuman strength like Goku did. Remember when she went with Bulma, Yamcha, Chi-Chi and the others to search for the Dragon Balls and they came across that giant sea creature who ate the Dragon Ball. Videl jumped in first and kicked it but her kick pretty much did nothing. She had gotten a lot stronger after training with Gohan but she was still way too inexperienced in the use of ki. Whereas, if Goku kicked the creature it probably would've spit it right out. Abc539 19:28, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Goku's powerlevel was 10 at the beginning. But though you have to remember, even if someone's powerlevel was higher then another person, you'd have to factor in their speed, attack, defense and all that. Still, Chi-chi pwns Videl.SSJ3GokuJr 02:38, July 21, 2012 (UTC)


Ok I'm convinced now that Chi chi would probably win. But how are you guys getting these numbers for her power level? I'm not disagreeing with them, I'm just curious about their reference point.

And the temper aspect that someone mentioned is true. In dragonball Chi Chi as a kid would often become scared, crying for her father -- all the while nearly killing her enemy. So it seems her emotions have something to do with it (much like gohan)

The thing is theres no officialpower levels except for the ones stated in the anime/manga. The others stated in guide books arint official. if Goku was at 10 that would normal humans very close to Goku which dosint make sence. Plus i highly doudt someone who could smash huge boulders in half,bank bullets, and smash cars in half was only equal to to farmers. Soilder5679 19:29, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Yup...not only did she come close to castrating Yamcha but she actually hurt Goku. Gohan's highly emotional disposition and how they relate to his power come from Chi-Chi, not Goku. That's actually why the children of Goku and Chi-Chi are so strong compared to Vegeta and Bulma's children: both the father and the mother are tremendously powerful. Gohan specifically has so much power due to the fact that he was concieved during Goku and Chi-Chi's physical and emotional prime. Abc539 19:38, June 28, 2011 (UTC)


Well chi chi is still decently strong. In dragonball she would often send Goku flying when she was simply touching him, and he would say it hurt -- which most things dont hurt him. And characters often say she has unusual strength for a female.

Decently strong?! She scares her father, a good chunk of the Z Fighters and Master Roshi who happen to be very powerful men. Abc539 20:19, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

We can all pretty much agree that Chi-Chi is a big chunck stronger then Videl. Shes proabably even with the Ox-King. Soilder5679 20:33, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Do you think Master Roshi is correct to be scared of Chi-Chi? Or better yet, do you think Chi-Chi could give Master Roshi a run for his money. I mean, he's never really tried any of his pervy tricks on her and she was more or less equal to him at the end of Dragon Ball. Abc539 20:38, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Chi-Chi couldint touch Master Roshi. If they fought fseriously Roshi destroy her. I put Chi-chi at 66 and Roshis at 139 and 180 at 50% of his buff Max power. Soilder5679 20:40, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

66?! That is really low. Even for her. She might've been 66 as a little girl but during the Piccolo Jr. Saga, she had to have been well into the 100s. She probably cut back on training after she and Goku got married and had Gohan but I seriously doubt she ever stopped training. During the Garlic Jr. Saga when she got brainwashed by that Black Water Mist, she was a very serious threat along with Master Roshi and Yamcha. Right before that she had charged up her power enough to gain an aura. At that time I'd put her in the early 200s. I mean, come on: she evidently was bold enough to stand up to Super Buu by herself. And then later, she was going to charge into battle with Videl and her sons in the Super 17 and Shadow Dragon sagas in GT. There had to be a sizeable power to back up her courage, otherwise she would have to have been stupid. Abc539 20:53, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Black power mist just boosted everyones strength super high look at Yamcha/Master Roshi. as a kid theres no way she was above kid goku, she didint train much and never got the chance to master chi so 66 seems right. Soilder5679 20:55, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

When Goku was a kid at the beginning of Dragonball he had no one to train him because Grandpa Gohan was dead. He was just on his own with the power pole and, later, the Flying Nimbus. Chi-Chi had her father and that crazy helmet. It was a bit of a running gag when Chi-Chi would accidentally hurt Goku without even meaning to. On their first date, they were easily even. When Goku first met Ox-King, Ox-King was able to give him a hard time. Yes, she didn't get to master chi (or ki) but I think you're underestimating Chi-Chi a little bit. Abc539 21:07, June 28, 2011 (UTC)


Chi Chi is strong, she is not as strong as Master Roshi or Goku (when they met).But she is stronger than the Ox-King because you didnt see the Ox-king being able to jump into the air like that, She is tronger than Nam, weaker than Chiaotzu, Maybe stronger than Grandpa Gohan. I would put her at King Chaffa Level,Maybe even as strong as Cyborg Tao?. These are just my opinions, prove me wrong. Also I doubt Chi Chi Trained after marriage, seeing she hated Gohan and Goten doing it. the jump thing is probably more weight than strenth that keeps ox king unable to jump high. i doubt chichis stronger than tao, the cyborg boosted his power a little i thinks, and chichi is definantly not as strong as goku was when he first fought tao, much less the second time goku fought tao.

ChiChi and Videl

Its said that in DBZ Videl's power level acutally ranged from 24-30 and ChiChi and DB was 74 so by logic ChiChi would win.

I agree! But you got Chi-Chi's power level wrong. The article said that Chi-Chi's power level was 130. I'm not sure if it was teen Chi-Chi's power level.


abc539 what! why does everyone think chi chi will win she will win at proctetve conyest not a fight videl will beat chi chi,s ass

Cause shes more stronger!

Disregard that, I suck my thumb.


No way, Chi Chi has a power level of 110 compared to Videls 9, not being able to fly doesn't do much! eg.Tien vs Master Roshi(Jackie Chun) They were even and Roshi couldn't fly when Tien could. Anyway all this doesn't matter because Chi Chi could take out Hercule Power Level 8, Videl and even those Majins Spopivich Power Level 60 and Yamu Power Level 25. In the Slug movie she even takes down a few of his army. AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE she was trained by and surpassed a pupil of Master Roshi, Videl with her lousy martial arts and ability to fly will get owned. Even Nam Power level 22 or General Blue could beat her up. CHI CHI IS AWESOME (Her temper is where Gohan gets his hidden powers) and Videl is lame... simple

videls not lame and neither is chichi, but chichi is stronger. 

Over Time


When Chi-Chi is a child, her power level is 20.

When Goku and Chi-Chi reunited during the Tien Shinhan Saga, her power level is 73.

When Chi-Chi fight Goku in the Tournament, her power level is 130.

At the beginning of DBZ, her power level is 137.

When Gohan is a teenager, Chi-Chi's power goes up greatly due to training with Goten, and she gains a power level of 1,500.

During Dragon Ball GT, her power level is 13,000.


When Gohan and Videl first meet, her power level is 200.

At the tournament, after training with Gohan, her power level is 232.

During the movie Wrath of the Dragon, which is post Kid Buu Saga, her power level is 238.

During Dragon Ball GT, her power level is 10,000.


If Videl faced Chi-Chi during the Dragon Ball series, she would be more powerful, but Chi-Chi would have the advantage since she would know superior fighting styles.

By the end of GT, Chi-Chi is the more powerful of the two.

Some people theorize that the only reason Chi-Chi and Videl became so strong during GT was due to a power boost they received from being infected by Baby, which increased their strength and the power remained after they were cured.

Chi-Chi wins

I think that Chi-Chi would win in a fight against Videl. Chi-Chi was trained by the Ox-King, who was trained by Master Roshi. Videl was trained by Hercule. So I think Chi-Chi has better martial arts skill than Videl. Goku Kaio-ken x2Chi-Chi Fighting PoseChef ChickenGohan SS2GotenSuperSaiyanINV 01:33, September 28, 2012 (UTC)

Chi-Chi will win, even though she can't fly and Videl can. Besides, Chi-Chi was mentioned to be one of the strongest women in the world. Does it matter if Chi-Chi can't fly?

I expect Chi-Chi to win, I mean, SHE HAS RED AURA :D But seriously I still expect her to win. BlueRoseFlame (talk) 04:22, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

Videl (she can fly and use ki)

so what if videl can fly? chichi will still win.

Chi- chi would win. It doesn't matter if she can fly or not look at Roshi he cant fly and he used to be the strongest fighter until Goku was a teen. He could have beaten demon king Piccolo if the containment wave didn't miss. But lets get back on track here ok Chi-Chi is the better fighter she was trained by the Ox king who was a student of Roshi Videl was trained by Hercule. Chi-chi knows all kinds of skills such as the kaioken!1 Videl had to dodge bullets and she got stomped by majin Spopovich she is nothing to even Yajirobe.

I agree! But I think Videl is also a good fighter too, both Chi-Chi and Videl are great fighters.