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If you could do the attacks they do in DBZ, what would very custom attacks be? Put the name of the attack, it's power, what it does,it's mobility, etc. Just have fun with it Cool attacks barukka:its an attack like the kamehamha but you use 1 arm and put a whole bunch of power into it Intergalatic Blast:An attack that is black and has dark energy but can be used by pure people it is a very strong attack Alpha Star:An attack that goes into the opponent and takes their energy the more they power up the more energy taken Saneto:A attack that is a disk shape like destucto disk but it does not effect them physically but it effects their energy and power Barukka Saneto:A mixture of Barukka wave and Saneto.An very strong attack that affects the pyshical(barukka) and energy, power (saneto)

Ryújinha! (Dragon King Wave): A powerful one-handed wave, that can take form as a dragon head, that not only damages a lot, but also decreases the target's ki.

Kamehameha of Destruction: A kamehameha, which Beerus can use. Destroys everything in it's path.

ultimate super sayian 5 spirite bomb final shine dragon fist kamehameha big bang attack galick gun kaioken

Fatdude 03:18, June 26, 2012 (UTC) goku and vegeta combined every one of their ultimate attacks

must be used as a team battle with goku super sayian4 and vegeta super sayian 4 in dbz bt 3 in transform go to full power prees 1 then shake the controller the tearn to ssj5 and use every one of their ultimate attacks whitch instantly kills the aponant.and you fuse to ssj 4 gogeta.made by LANCE!!!!

Trunten 3900

Kuno Kaze KA!!

  • Kuno kaze ka!(full power)-Do the hand signals for burning attack, then hold your hands parallel for 2 min to charge, then yell KUNO KAZE KA!!! and shoot the kamehameha like beam; it travels too fast to dodge and can change direction after being shot; it has 1,000,000x the power of big bang kamehameha.
  • Kuno kaze ka(low power)-only yell KUNO KAZE KA!! then fire it from your hands; same abilities, but only 10x the power of big bang.
  • KUNO Soul Breaker- make a universal spirit bomb then condense it down to 6cm, create a create a full power KUNO, and combine the two; it has all the abilities of the others,but is 1,000,000,000,000x(1 trillion) stronger than big bang; it takes 5 min to charge in total.

Dimension Shatter

  • Dimension shatter-similar to janemba's reality control; the environment goes into violent convulsive changes that are controlled by the user(worm holes open, the world around you shakes and flips, bright flashes of light appear everywhere, gravity changes,etc). The intensity of this depends on the power and consentration of the user .
  • Skyward Plunge-your enemy is thrown into the sky at amazing speeds, then the world reverses and your opponent is thrown very painfully at the ground(at the equivelant of 10,000g).
  • Portal Warp-similar to janemba's attack; portals are opened all around that can lead anywhere in the universe that the user pleases; they would most likely be used as transport or a way to attack stealthily.
  • Gravity Control-The user can increase or decrease the gravity of their environment,ex. Increse the gravity around your opponent and they will be killed,or decrease the gravity to send them into space, or make them explode from negative gravity; this could be used in battle or to help with training.
  • FLASH!-bright flashes similar to solar flare are generated in any place the user wants.
  • Dimensional Void-the user creates a a black hole like void that consumes the enemy; there is no possible way to escape this, but it takes 98% of your power; this is completely offensive.
  • You need a power level of at least 10 billion, you must keep complete consentration on the move, and each move consumes a portion of your power.

Flashpoint BANG!

  • FLASHPOINT BANG!!!-yell the incantation then fire the beam just like kamehameha; the beam only goes straight but is to fast to dodge without teleportation; it has 20% the power of big bang.
  • SOUL CRUSHER BANG!!!-combine a USB with Flashpoint; same abilities; has 10,000x the power of big bang.

Razor Flash

  • RAZOR FLASH-chanel your energy through your sword or any other weapon you have with you; the energy in the blade would give it the power to cut through things as strong as kachiin; if you get enough power into the blade it can slice through the dimension.

Pretty good.

Whoever changed this, I just changed mine(and only mine) back to how I published it, so please don't change it again.

19:55, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Detonation Cage.

I'd put my arms out to my sides, and charge up two energy balls. They'd circle around to each side of my opponent, and then they would open up and envelop them in a sphere of energy, which would then explode, causing massive damage. I'd just fire two energy balls merged with nearly all my life energy and three fourths of my ki. I'd use the the other quater to control the attack and mid attack turn one into a destructo disk. ==

Flash Metal

Pretend to fire a normal energy beam by using the power of a solar flare to light the attack like an energy beam. The thing inside the light is an energy charged beam, energy used to trick enemy, that turns things into metal and absorbs the energy of the person hit by the attack also clogging devices that allow androids to absorb energy. This attack is highly useful especially by throwing a multitude of weak ki blasts to trick the opponent and adding in a bunch of these.

blazer kick

IN THIS MOVE THE USER LEG IS BURNING AND HE CAN HIT THE OPPONENT WITH IT Final Death Ball Two Death Balls combine to make an even bigger one this move can destroy a planets core and put a hole on top to bottom this move is used by mete cooler , frieza,and king cold

Supreme+Ultra Father-son Kamehameha!

Can beat Cooler,Meta-Cooler,Freiza,BROLY and A whole lot others in 1 BIG BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multiversal SpiritBomb

It`s preformed in the sameway as the Universal Spirit Bomb except it gets energy from the entire Multiverse before being launched at the opponent, and it`s size is equal to half of the moon and it`s power is far greater than the Universal Spirit Bomb.     

The Final Bang Kamehameha!

This is a attack that only Gogeto or im srry but maybe it is gogito is better can use being the fusion of Gogeta and Vegito as I really don't know what I should call him since I WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO MAKE AND/OR CREATE HIM. *It's very powerful since Gogeto gathers the two energys of the Final Flash and Big Bang Attack and after doing the Final Flash form, he gathers it in a Big Bang Attack form, and he claps his palms comboing the Kamehameha energy and the mixed Big Bang/Final Flash, then he fires it in the Kamehameha wave form.

Final big bang attack

Vegeta needs to shoot a large big bang attack, make 2 energy spheres, and launch a final flash to detonate and make the big bang attack explode

But seriously...

1. Hit the guy into the air with an upper cut, teleport behind to hammer blow them towards to ground. Fly under them and kick them into the ground as they fall. Then charge any old energy beam and shoot them in the face as they start to get up and see you .

2. Same starter as the other move, but as they fly, go with them and hit them in the gut. Keep them on your fist by throwing them up and punching them as they try to fall down, and after you get bored with that, fly into the ground with them. After you hit the ground, blast them.

3. A counter move: if they try to hit you, teleport behind them and elbow them in the neck. Grab them as they recoil and try to fall and smash them into the ground. Throw them up into the air and hammer blow them in the back. Kick them away while they lay in a broken pile.

4. Grab them by the hair and fly into the sky (just drag them, none of that fancy punching). When you get as high as you like, flip them up in the air and somersault kick them in the face, sending them to the ground. Charge your favorite energy beam and fire it at them. They'll try to resist, but while they do that, fly through it and punch them in the throat. These moves and more brought to you by --DARK 20:07, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

Galick kamehameha

It is a combination of galick gun and the kamehameha used by a ssj4 vegito when he makes his left hand look like a top half of a kamehameha and the right hand a galick gun hand looking like a final flash hand that fires an energy beam stronger than a big bang kamehameha

Kamehameha Beam

It's an attack created and used constantly by Goku in his normal GT kid form, ssj4 has 10x Kamehameha Beam, it's created with Tien gives Goku ALL of his ki and life energy killing him but increasing Goku's power. Power uses a normal Kamehameha, focuses intently, and then uses all of Tiens ki and life energy along with some of his own like in the Tri-Beam to icrease the power of the kamehameha and it becomes 100x stronger than usual. Goku eventually masters this move and is able to use this without dying.

Planet prison:

shoots a ball of gravity at the opponent. the opponent then has a large gravitational pull and pulls rocks and trees towards himself, effectively immobilising him. only active while user is conscious.


The blast is only use for Vegito and Gogeta. The blast is yellow and the out ring is pink spikes. When the blast hit the spikes spin around and then the blast blows up. The thought came from that don't you think that Gogeta and Vegita have only like 2 moves. The fist of a thousand saiyans- This move can only can be use by saiyans and not half saiyans. Mostly the punch is your mad rage as a saiyan and you see a thousand saiyan blasting you and the punch is spiritual and not actually physical until it hit you it is mostly like how Goku beat KING PICCILO,In Dragon ball outie dbz fan223457 also lil wayne-john ft . rick ross

Double Flash-Out

Pretty much a normal rush BUT: the trick about it is that the person using the attack goes unprecedentedly fast that their opponent can't see

== Instant 10x kamehameha 20ken == Instant Transmission + 10x kamehameha + 20x kaioken. By Wolf777xkaioken

Gigantic Blow

A ki attack where the user puts the hands in the air like holding a huge invisible ball and say "Get ready to die" and a big orange ball apeears where their hands are and the user throws it at the oppenent inflicting a huge amount of damage and on Budokai Tenkaichi games will change the area to 'Ruined Earth'.

Blazing Blaster

Charge a green orb aura around the user then shoot a bunch of energy blasts for all directions in the aura. After blasts are shot, fire one giant energy beam at the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage. I'm Gonna Sing the Doom Song Now! 07:11, June 22, 2011 (UTC)User:Solo28 ==


FINAL RUSH charge your ki into your fist. punch your opponent into the air. teleport behind them and smash them into the ground 4.while they are about 8 feet above the ground and falling you teleport in their face and shoot a Makiha in their face should always use Lock-On before using this move to gurantee accuracy MAKIHA 1.put both of your hands at a 120 degree angle 2.charge up all of your ki into your palms half of your ki in each palm 3.put your hands in front of you 4. make your right hand overlay your left so it looks like you have one hand with 10 fingers 5.YELL MAKIHA AND FIRE! LOCK-ON 1.concentrate extremely hard on your opponent while at the same time concentrate all of your ki 2.if it works you shall feel completely calm and have no doubt in your ability to win 3.not only does this attack give you a slight power boost but it also makes you always know where your opponent is and if they teleport you automatically teleport behind them

Earth Spike by Wolf777xkaioken

Send your ki into the planet you're standing on and merge your ki with the ki of the planet and create a giant spike rotating at 180 kmph made of minerals found in the planet as the you become one with the planet. If you successfully fully merge with the planet you can use a much larger, flying, variation of this, 1,000,000 Diamond Spears of Death. Essentially you gain pure control of your surroundings and heal your body using the planet's ki. You can still fight normally and the spikes will not harm the creator but merely pass through them. It's possible for the creator to focus on each one and identify where they are, status, and control individual spikes. It's not required for the user to focus.


take an empty sword handle and use energy to make a blade, it would have the same slicing capabilities as the destructo disk


Solarnado you get two normal energy alls and then using the power of the light around you spin the the two energy /balls around your self. this whips up heaps of dirt and debri. Then you combine it all into a normal Kamehameha and then fire it forwads and it has an incredible power of 100,000,000x

Super Dragon Final Big Kamehameha bomb

This is a mix of Super Dragon Fist, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Kamehameha Wave, and Super Spirit Bomb. Vegito Starts by gathering enery the same way as the Final Flash. He then shapes the energy into a dragon shaped Final Flash and dashes towards the enemy with it. He then charges a Big Bang Kamehameha and fires it, creating a hole in the opponent. At the same time, the dragon shaped Final Flash hits the opponent. By now, if the opponent isn't dead that is a miracle, but anyway Vegito then turns when he has passed through the opponent and he fires a one handed Super Spirit Bomb in a fast motion, towards the back of the opponent. This attack should completely obliderate whoever was unlucky enough to get hit.


Terra Flash- I put my hands up like when doing the spirit bomb but i fire a million bronze energy orbs into the air all as strong as the big bang attack and all to fast to dodge then they hit the enemy and when the enemy is out cold i fire a giant bronze wave with bio electricity around it and its flame like in the way it looks almost exactly like pikkon's thunder flash but bigger and more bronze, the wave is as strong as the final kamehameha and final shine attack combined and before firing the wave its charged by pulling out my hands in front of me it charges 8 seconds and then i cup my hands and release it similar to the way the kamehameha is fired before i fire it i yell TERRRAAA FLLLLLAASHH!!!!! And electricity is around my body. This attack takes up 90% of my energy to form and 5% to charge , 1% to fire so when the attack is done i faint and wake up in 1 min.

Kaioken Sayian Healing by Wolf777xkaioken (Only for Goku)

1. Goku (GT kid) uses kaioken 1000x

2. Goku gathers half of ALL his ki (the equivalent of kaioken 10x)

3. He turns that ki into blutz waves (using Powerball basics)

4. Gathers all the blutz wave into his body

5. Heals his body eventually with all the blutz waves

6. Goku can use this to increase kaioken lvls especially at ssj4

Instantly gone-You use instant transmission to teleport your enemy far away then forgot about him...

Kame Ken Blast

I would use kame ken and then I would divert all of the energy into a beam of energy. I could make it more powerful by increasing the power of kame ken. Kame ken x5 would make it the most powerful before would kill me. At full power, it could destroy half a planet. Only half a planet? Vegeta's Galick Gun could blow earth, and your body's too weak to handle an attack that could blow just HALF a planet?

Rouse of Hell

This is my best devised technic! First-make slow then fast moves by hands for concentrating energy. Then advance two hands forward,before youreself and make a power ball a crimson color,from this energy,and shooting this ball in enemy then he take a form of giant re-concentrating ball!When this ball attaked enemy first he will be burning out him,and next this ball blowing up,making big energy wave which totaly destroyed you're enemy!!!

This technic name-Rouse of Hell

Explosive Steps

While in a blast collision focus the energy into even more of a beam and take a bunch of steps forward forcing the beam forward eventually causing an intense explosion or piercing through and killing the opponent.

Super Kaioken Darkness Kamehameha x20

Super Kaioken x 20 + Kamehameha + Intense Condensed Gravity added to it

Gravity is created by merging ki to planet's gravity and then having your ki become gravity.

x1000 Dragon Kamehameha Fist Solar Explosion

I charge up in 5 seconds. I put my hands in the kamehameha pose. Right when the blast fires I turn into the golden dragon and circle the blast. At the end I turn back and summon flames from the Earth's core to finish my opponent off.

Destructo Dragon (x20) by Wolf777xkaioken

Create a dragon made of 1,000,000 destructo disks tightly pact together to look like one attack and it could completely destroy super buu because it cuts him 1,000,000 times engulfing his whole body and we all saw how effective a destructo disk was on Kid Buu, it cut him into 2 easily! The x20 version is a Goku only technique where he uses a kaioken x20 to greatly increase it's size and power. Sure the normal technique and especially the 20x variant take a ton of energy but hey it works. It could even destroy oppponents a lot stronger than the user because the destructo disk is one of those types of techniques that works on stronger enemies though there is a limit but since it's a 1,000,000x that it's much better! This attack is first used by Sora Kitsuki a character I made up who looks like Jack Rakan except is more muscular and is as strong as Goku at his best and has regeneration, both forms.

Final Big Bang Kamehameha cannon

Gogeta SS4 move

Gogeta does a final galick cannon but instead of a big bang cannon he uses a big bang kamehameha xyour mom at the end obliterating the opponent and everything behind it

brought to you by jopiesaus

Sonic Wave, Saiyan Knuckle and Ultimate Shield

Sonic Wave

A move used by Saiyans. The user puts his hands on his shoulders and spreads them quickly to send an air pulse called Sonic Wave. The weakest version of the attack is enough to knock down the opponent, but if the user is strong enough it can cut through enemy beams and hit the enemy that way. If used in Super Saiyan form the move becomes Supersonic Wave. Supersonic Wave is yellow instead of colorless, and is much more powerful and fast.

Saiyan Knuckle

A move used by Saiyans. The user jumps and hits the ground with his fist. The attack has 4 forms: LVL1: Uncharged Saiyan Knuckle, LVL2: Charged Saiyan Knuckle, LVL3: Uncharged Super Saiyan Knuckle, LVL4: Charged Super Saiyan Knuckle.The move is charged by focusing your energy into your fist. When the user hits the ground it sends a circle with the center being in the spot the user hit. The weakest form (Uncharged Saiyan Knuckle) is used in Saiyan's base form, it's colorless and it knocks down all opponents it hits. Charged Saiyan Knuckle sends a blue circle, it does damage and if the user is strong enough it counters enemy energy attacks. The Super Saiyan forms of the attack send a yellow circle. The attack can be dodged by jumping high, but the higher the LVL, the higher the jump needs to be.

Ultimate Shield

Only the strongest fighters can master this technique. The user makes a shield in front of itself which lasts for a split second but is strong enough to counter ANY physical or special attack.

Hope you like them ;)

MarkoSeke 13:24, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

Makankosappo Sword Attack (finisher)

A combination of the Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon) and Dabura's Darkness Sword Attack, used by Piccura, the Potara fusion of Piccolo and Dabura (look up "piccura" on google images). First, he draws his sword out of thin air. With his other hand, he charges the Makankosappo. He channels the energy into his hand and holds the sword with both hands, channeling the energy into the sword. Then, he charges at the opponent and kicks them into the air. He flies up towards the opponent and slashes him/her multiple times with the sword. He raises his sword up and points it at the opponent. Finally, he shoots the Makankosappo out of the sword, blasting the opponent to the ground and inflicting massive damage.

The move is Piccura's finisher/ultimate.

By FinalKamehameha100


goku condenses the super spirit bomb into his hands and unleashes a HUGE, vaporizing, makes-big-bang-Kamehameha-look-like-dodon-ray, almighty Kamehameha!

By superDexter

countinous wolf fang fist combo

This attack is meant for Yamcha. First Yamcha spins around a does a wolf fang fist. then he hits everywhere. he stops spinning and draws his sword a slashes a wide arc

Charged Dragon Rush

Goku gathers the energy as he does in the Spirit Bomb and charges the energy into either a Kamehameha or Dragon Fist .

Super Dimension attack

This is Omega Shen-longs attack.First rise your both hands and then create a dimensonial hole. after that throw it to the sky and then sucks everybody in the planet to the Dimensional hole and every body who gets in to it goes between 2 dimension and never come back

Blow of the North Star

Begin attack created two power balls of the white colour with two edges on each,then beat both ball simultaneously and is got one big star with four edges,which got a blast unencountered power earthy remains which destroys body of the enemy and launches him in space!

raiden's ideas

Name: Kamehameha bomb Class:energy sphere Description:The user charges the Kamehameha but instead of using as a blast,the user hurls it at the target and it should the same ammount as a normal Kamehameha Variations:double Kamehameha bomb,angry Kamehameha bomb,galick gun bomb (not a Kamehameha bomb variation but a part of my bomb series)

Name:double Kamehameha bomb Class:enegery sphere Description:The user charges a double Kamehameha but instead of merging the Kamehamehas the user hurls both spheres at the should inflict as much as damage as a double Kamehameha.

Name:Angry Kamehameha bomb class:energy sphere Description:the user charges the angry Kamehameha but instead of firing it,the user hurls the attack at the opponent

Name: Galick gun bomb Class:energy sphere Description:The same process as a Kamehameha bomb but with a galick gun

Name:Phantom crash Class:energy blast color:transparent white Description:the user charges a phantom bomber and combines it with the final crash

Name:Flash crash Color:yellow and white Description:The user charges the final crash with the stronger version,final flash.I does a bit more damage then final flash

sorry if I made any mistakes. I would add links but my phone is having problems with that.I have trouble creating an account cause of my phone so please just call me raiden

Dragon Wrath

Very condensed evil energy, made into a form of a black dragon. Only useful against people with pure hearts. Must have a large amount of negative emotions such as anger, hate, jeolousy, etc. to create the attack.

sword slash kamehameha

foucus your energy in any sword for about 2 min, hold it back and say sword slash kamehameha then dash infront of the enemy and teleport behind him or her and strike them in the back with the focused energy on the sword.


charge up two energy sphere in my hands, but only big enough to engulf my hands in energy. then repeadetly hit the opponent at an incredibly fast rate. next, punch them in the gut and punchso hard your hand goes into their stomach, then you release the energy ball and it explodes inside of them. if that wasn't enough, then you grab them by the neck with your other hand and release the other energy ball. boom, dead.

ultimate time blitz baradge

user uses ki to slow down opponants sences so everything looks realy fast. then the user uses the multi form technique and all 4 go and beat the opponant up with a super speed flurry of super saiyan 4 power. the opponant cant even see you so go nuts and throw all the attacks at him you can. lightning strike make a basic kamehameha wave but also generate a lot of electricity in it. yell lightning strike but teleport right behind oponant and let the "sparks" fly

univercal spirit wave.

charge up a univercal spirit bomb then bring it to a k. wave stance and power it up like a k. wave and shoot it out.


Very difficult perform this attack because this is need very lot of Ki! First enclosed on fore head finger or palm(power of the attack depends from this),and concentrate Ki in hard mental energy yellow color wiht red lightnings,then palm on enemy,scream "Genryu" and blow him away with power wave of destructive energy!

awsome attacks

the dot marks a move and the hollow dot is a variation of the dot last used.

•Kamehameha bullets

Class:enegery bullets

Description:the user charges a Kamehameha but in the stance of a masenko.instead of firing it,tiny pebble size projectiles launch out of the Kamehameha inflicting a small amount of damage.


Class:energy blast

Color:like red and dark red

Description:the user put his hands in the explosive demon wave stance with the right hand supporting the left and charges a red orb.the user fires a flame at the target inflicting a decent amount of damage.

°Blazing inferno

Class:energy blast

Color:light red,dark red and yellow

Description:just like inferno but with more power inflicting a high amount of damage

•¥€√£Π¢ (yevenc)

Class:energy sphere


Description:An ancient Namekian attack that completely obliterates the target.if it is hit by another attack,it slowly eats away the ki.

°¢@$|-|£Π¢ (cashenc)


Description:A suicidal version of ¥€√£Π¢.the user suddenly desovles.if anything comes in contact with the user while using the attack,they die.

Barrage Spirit Bomb -

Simple, I'd start out charging a universal spirt bomb just like Goku would, When it gets large enough to make me feel comfortable and in control i'd then absorb it like Goku does for dragon fist. Once i did that, I'd pull a Vegeta and Blast the Area my opponent is in with a large volley of hundreds of smaller spirit bombs. The chances of hitting with even one are high, and each spirit bomb would cause massive damage. :)

Ishimura Genryu

This attack like a usual Genryu but performe with whole hand and power twofold bigger can destruct a planet and that why this attack named Ishimura Genryu(Ishimura-Planet Destroyer)

Korokto Kamakuro!!!!!!!!

Korokto Kamakuro would stun my enemy, and implode him. You can only use it if you power level is high enough, let's say, Goku Super Saiyan's power level. To do it, you move your hands out, then both of them up to make it like you made a triangle, make sure your hands are together, then put your hands in front of you, open them up like a kamehameha, and yell the name of the attack. This is how you pronounce it, core. ok. to kama.kooro


can only be performed by hercule, gets behind opponent and destroys him from the waist down with his wood. Paralysis ray gun A attack used by Android 17, Android can beam a yellow ray from his pams of his hands to Paralyze Android 18, as she struggles to move, Android 17 laughs. Android 18 Says she can't move and her body was frozen, After Gohan kills Android 17, Android 18 breaks free.

Last Light Attack

Miniture version of Final Flash (No Shit) THEULTIMATEFUSION1334 Hates Waffles 19:29, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

Mr. Amazo's magic punch.

Transform to any super saiyan form except 4 make universal spirit bomb and use tranformation to turn to pure super saiyan energy then turn normal and make kaioken 20 using energy condense the newly charged energy into fist punce and charge all life and ki energy you can spare to fist to explode energy all with fireworks fog and while 1812 overture is playing. Note: Energy is bright red orange and covers you completely. Ive made thousands of attacks but this is favorite cause i made as kid. Power of attack is determinded by yours. Ps. In case you didnt figure out you have to be saiyan to use.

Master blast is when they have to turn super san they put there hands together and say masterblast and if the opponet tellerport who every is supersan san can terleport right behind him say master blast but the persion who there fighting has to be hurt bad 02:44, August 13, 2011 (UTC)jj

Tri-Beam Ball Trap

Can only be performed by Tiencha. He fires a Tri-Beam at the opponent, which explodes into a bunch of miniature Spirit Balls. The Spirit Balls form around the victim, and if he hits a Spirit Ball, he will fly into another, and into another, and it keeps going for a while. Given time, all of the Spirit Balls will cling onto the victim and then explode. We don't need no education! We don't need no thought control! 02:52, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

Devastation Attack, and more

Devastation Attack- Coat your fist with a thick layer of pure energy. Then, warp behind the opponent and land a good one right on the back of their neck. As they fly down, warp under them and shove your knee into their stomach, and fire any ki blast of your choice right into their face. (Best done in one fluid motion).

Maximum Kamehameha- Goku starts to perform a kamehameha as usual. Each syllable of the kamehameha is heavily emphasized and much longer. As he screams "ka", he uses the kaioken x20. As he screams "me", he goes SSJ. As he screams "ha", he goes SSJ2. As he screams "me" (again), he goes SSJ3. By now, the purple mass of energy in between his hands has expanded and he is holding his hands about five feet apart from each other. As he screams, "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," he does not go SSJ4 because screw GT. Instead, he pushes the purple ball of energy forward and unleashes it upon his opponent. The amount of sheer energy produced is so much, that for a whole day after it is used, the entire galaxy is enveloped in a purple light.

Tri-cross beam

first, the user must charge the attack 1 of 2 ways. either like that of piccolo's special beam cannon, or by dragging 2 fingers thru the air, from left to right overhead. next the user must put his 2 charged fingers behind the opposite shoulder. finally, the user thrusts his charged fingers, slightly bend his middle finger, creating a cross-like form, and brings the othher hand as a palm right behind the first arm. the result, three cross like beams strike the enemy and cause a scar that drains the life of the enemy


It gathers energy from all dimensionsand worlds it can only be used by Goku ssj 3and4 ,Vegeta ssj 3 and 4,Videl Mr Satan, Ubb , King Kai , Piccolo , Gohan kid, Gohan teen,Gohan adult and Gohan ssj2, Chi Chi OMG ,the OX KING Trunks ,Pan, Goten, Andriods 8 16 17 18 and Cell and by Future Trunks and Future Gohan


Charges like super explosive wave but sends out a infinit amount of Barrage death beam like blast for 5 mins long, can dodge it no matter how fast u are then user fire a super spiritbomb sized super spirit bomb fused with supernova and revenge death ball final.


The user charges a kamehameha near at least 1 of the dragon balls. 1 dragon ball=1000X. Charge it for 3 - 5min and launch it. A golden shenron appears, similar to dragon fist. The attack is orange except when shenron is summoned, which will 1000000X the attack and make it green

Negitive spirit bomb

A spirit bomb made by pure evil energy. Power: 372638360363630. Destroys good guys and planets and other worlds -_-. Only used by evil people like frieza or omega shenron or other evil.

Spirit kamehameha

SPIRIT KAMEHAMEHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

put your hands in the air like a spirit bomb and say spirit then after goku ssj 4 puts it next to him saying kamehameha and unleashes a powerful spirit kamehameha and can use it to destroy a planet

mirror move

it can only be learned by gotenks he uses super ghost kamehazi attack and then a bunch of mirrors and he does not aim at the enemy he aims it at a mirror and boom refects all of the ghost surrounds the enemy and kills him

Made Ya Look! (NomadMusik)

Launch a giant ki blast in one direction to distract the opponent, and then get behind the opponent. Launch said opponent into the air. Then, get above the opponent and use a massive energy wave. Then, curve the energy wave into a Galactic Donut-like ring and trap the opponent. Finally, slash the opponent with a ki wave and/or sword.

Can be used by Krillin, Gotenks, Vegito, Goku, Goten, Trunks and Super Buu. BardockNomadMusikTalkFanon WikiBardock

rage of dimensions:

put two fingers in the air creating a cage of black holes then shoot some litlle kamehameha`s inside and At last shoot a planet burst inside and vanish the black holes

kaio ken fianl kamahama-ha and kianzan kamahama-ha: both would instantly kill their oponents due to kaio-ken and final flash and destructo disk.

masenko flash: it would stun the opponent with final flash and do dammage with masenko

spirit dragon fist: a combonation of genku danikai and dragon fist

kaio-ken genku danmikai: a combo of kaio-ken and spirit bomb. i have actulaly done this on budikai tenkaiechi 3.

Final Big Bang Kame Kaioken

Can only be performed when Goku are fused as Vegito or Gogeta, It is the ultimate attack and looks like a final flash only it's blue and flashes red and green with 2 second intervals of blue

multi bomb:it its a spirit bomb with the power off all the universe.Impossible to dodge,5x stronger than gt spirit bomb,looks like spirit bomb from saiyan saga,has a green-ish color takes 10 years to master


I have good ones

1(Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta).x100 Kaioken Super Big-Bang Kamehameha

2.(Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta) x100 Super Kame-Galick Gun

3 (Super Vegito). Super Final Dragon Kamehameha (After doing the final kamehameha, a dragon comes out and attacks the opponent)[Final Flash+Super Kamehameha+Dragon Fist]

Regular attacks improved

Big Bang Breaker: it's a rush attack used by SSJ4 Vegeta on Baby Goku. Vegeta charges energy in his fist and punches Baby in the gut and flies away, still punching him. He channels the energy on his fist into a Big Bang Attack, and sends it off against Baby. While Baby struggles with the energy, Vegeta charges a second Big Bang and tosses it behind Baby, who gets sandwiched between the attacks.

Finger Soukidan: An attack developed by Marron after seeing Yamcha's Soukidan. Marron makes a tiny soukidan on her finger. It can be directed at will just like the regular soukidan, but since it's smaller, it's weaker, and Marron can control it at her will, without having to weave around her hands. She will move her hands at some point to bluff the opponent. Since it's so tiny and weak, a direct hit with the Finger Soukidan doesn't do much harrm - it's usefullness lays in the fact Marron can sneak it into an opponent's hear canal or their mouth, where they explode, causing near-instant death.

Kame Kien Ha: an attack developed by Krillin, taught to Marron. Krillin puts both his hands in the Kienzan pose, and begins charging energy, creating a hand-sized Kienzan. Then he points both hands at the opponent and fires a Kamehameha through the Kienzan, merging both attacks into a drill-like spinning beam. The attack can pierce through any energy beam it faces, drilling it's way across it, and it destroys virtually anything it touches. Even if the opponent dodges, the energy slices through the air and would still harm the opp should he/she be close.

Soukidan Storm: another variation of the Soukidan, created by Marron. She charges the Soukidan in her hand, and throws to the opponent, but in midair, the ball divides into thousand of small Soukidans, which can all be controlled at her own will.

Split Kamehameha: Marron, trained by Roshi, developed this variation of the Kame Hame Ha. She fires the attack with her hand horizontal and, when it's close to hit, she opens and closes her hands together, splitting the beam into 2 attacks with half the power that go left and right, and collide back into the opponent.

Nova Imprisoner: an attack created by SSJ4 Vegeta during his fight with Goku Baby. It's a huge sphere of energy that, unknown to the enemy, is hollow inside, and as such it can be used to keep somebody inside the ball, unable to escape, while everybody else is unable to get in.

Shunkanido Bluff: the user fires a regular energy beam, then uses the cover provided by the attack to do the shunkanido or instant transportation to get behind the opponent, who's most likely watching the incoming attack. The user attacks the opponent by the back, and while they turn around in awe, they get hit by the originl attack.

Shunkanido Lockdown: the user punches the enemy and uses the shunkanido to get behind them and punch them again. That, times infinity.

Ki-Ko-Ho Ring: a move developed by Tien Shin Han to destroy Majin Buu. Tien fires several rows of Ki Ko Ho which, upon impact, stay stuck to the opponent, eventually covering him/her up. Once the opp is completely covered, Tien fires one last Ki-Ko-Ho and the energy explodes, obliterating the opponent.

Ki Gloves: the user charges a lot of ki on their hand, creating small spheres of energy which highly increase the power of their punches, and can be easily turned into more powerful energy attacks without needing to charge.

Acid Armor: the user surrounds itself with energy. When somebody or something touches the energy, they get burned. Prolonged contact ends in desintegration.

Negative Genkidama: an attack used by Baby Goku. Baby gathers the negative energy (fear, hatred, rage, sadness, etc) of all the infected humans into a genkidama.

Shunkanido Gate: similar to Super Janemba's dimension warping, this technicke makes the energy headed towards the caster be transported to another location the user knows of, essentially making it as if the energy had used the shunkanido

Dragon Wave: a mix of Kame Hame Ha and Dragon Fist, Goku charges energy into his fist and punches the air, firing the beam which turns into a dragon. It's much more powerful than the Kamehameha, but weaker than the draogn fist. Still, it's a long distance attack, and can catch the opponent off-guard when the energy becomes a dragon.

The Piercing Finger (NomadMusik)

Variation of Crazy Finger Beam and/or Spirit Sword, depending on user.

First, the user knocks the opponent away with a swift backhand or kick. Then, with quick percision, paralyzes the user by either breaking their spine or PSI-abilities. Then, the user uses several beams with one finger and/or a ki-sword with one finger and pierce their opponent.

Vegito, Frieza, Cell, Gogeta & Kid Buu can use it. My heart's a broken stereo. Skipping beats like a broken metronome. 23:10, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

Gravity Crush

The user focuses a ton of enery to crush anything in to oblivion.

Moonlight Wolf Bullet

This move can only be used by Vegeta. First, the user shoots a beam into the sky called Darkness Hope Wave with turn it to nightime along with a shock wave that creeps up the opponents spine, paralizing them. Then Vegeta comes in with a barrage of slashing attacks. Then Vegeta absorbs the moonlight into a small bullet and whips it a the opponent creating a huge explosion in the shape of a wolf.

The Huolong Pubu

Huolong pubu, which in chinese is roughly Waterfall of the Fire Dragon, the user holds their arms up above their head, and then a circle of fire forms around their head. Then the circle sgets bigger and starts to form a coil around the user, until the coil forms a shenron looking dragon, that is about the same size as his. From their, the user can control the movements of the dragon with their hands. The only drawbacl is that they cannot move

000aj's moves

Special Beam Kamehameha: The user charges a Special Beam Cannon, and combine the move with a Kamehameha. Useable by: Cell, Buu (Gohan absorbed) and Future Gohan (He can use Special Beam Cannon in BT3)

Fusion Beam: Two persons who master the Fusion Dance use it, but instead of touching the fingers together, both persons fire a beam. The two beams fuse together and become as powerfull as a beam fired by the fusion. Useable by: Everyone who master the Fusion Dance and can fire an energy beam.

ps: Sorry for bad grammar or spelling, I'm not really good in english.

I'm Just Saiya-jin's Pick

Never thought I'd be here...

  1. Spirit Explosive Wave

- Like a Spirit Tri-Beam, it uses your last bits of energy & life force for a final explosive wave. Power depending on life force & person.

2. Bang Ball

- Basically a Solar Flare, but in ki ball form. Upon contact, it would immediatly explode, no matter the throwers power level or the target.

Two ki attacks and a rush

Big Bang Bomb

A variation of the Big Bang Attack used by Gogeta. First, he puts his hands at a 90 degree angle like the regular Big Bang Attack, but charges orange energy. He then shouts "Try to survive this!" as he thrusts his hand foward firing the attack at his opponent. The explosion caused by this technique is bright and acts as a vacuum, sucking everything in it.

Double Vanishing Beam

The Double Vanishing Beam is a two-handed double version of the Vanishing Beam used by Kid Buu. First, Buu charges a Vanishing Beam in both hands. He then fires both beams from his hands.

Berserk Strike

Berserk Strike is a rush attack used by Majin Vegeta. First, he says "Now you die!" as charges at the opponent and jabs them in the stomach and delivers a swift roundhouse kick which sends them flying. He then teleports behind the opponent and double axe-handle punches them into the ground, and fires a Final Impact through their chest, thus ending their life. SupremeGotenks 01:11, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

spirit cannon

spirit cannon like a squashed kamehameha wave but my custom character uses it and it can kill gogeta ssj4 in one hit

I am Gotenks!

Gotenks (Gt) first charges towards the opponent. He hits them in the chest with his shoulder, sending them flying. He then flies above them, following them, does an aerial somersault and kicks the opponent down to the ground. He then charges a golden energy beam and fires it at the opponent.

Honoo No Shawā (Flame Shower)

Future Trunks channels his energy in the form of a Galick Gun. As he charges his energy, his ki changes to a deep orange color. He then releases the energy like a Galick Gun. The blasts releases are a barrage of miniature Burning Attacks.

Dance of the Seven Dragon Balls

Goku absorbs the dragon balls into his chest in at a quick speed. He then charges towards the opponent and begins a barrage of puches to the chest. He keeps the same puch pattern going but ads high kicks to the side of the body. He ends his barrage of blows with a hit to the mid body with his hands in the form of delivering a kamehameha, Then dragon balls then appear around Goku's hands. They begin spinning anround and increase until it looks like a full circle. A gold energy beam is then fired from the "circle."

{{User:awesome gohan/sig} 08:10, October 4, 2011 (UTC)
23:22, October 7, 2011 (UTC)23:22, October 7, 2011 (UTC)23:22, October 7, 2011 (UTC)~

Bum Face (Paralyse Technique)

Where you shoot someone in the face and they land on their bum (what were you thinking O.o)

Oooow, can break your butt. Can also cause coccydynia or some sort of spinal nerve injury... take that villians!

The opponent would obviously be partially immobilized, transfixed or even incapacitated for a moment so you can buy time to ATTACK!! ~ User:EcioD October 10, 2011: 04:26

Eclipse Cannon:

The user creates a ball of shining energy into the palm of their hand and then realeses. It explodes on contact making major damage.

Death Throw

charge abunch of power into a small ki ball. throw it.

Chi Chi Surprised Sig. . . Where . . . is My . . . Sweet . . . Little . . . Gohan? . . . 01:05, October 16, 2011 (UTC)



I made a person named Araces (Pronounced Uh-Ray-Seez) and this is a list of his some of his moves.

  • Araces Cannon: Hands are put together and a circle is made. Araces looks through the circle and looks for chi of target. After Araces finds the chi of his target, a huge beam is fired out of circle and will most likely obliterate the target. Full power would destroy the solar system and low power could destroy a small country.
  • Araces Mega Smash: Araces flies toward his target and elbows his target in the face. Araces then uppercuts target into the air and then teleports behind them and finally smashes both of his fists into target's back, causing paralysis. The target is then smashed into the ground and usually dies.
  • Raining Hell: Araces creates a portal above his enemy that teleports millions of bullet-sized rocks from distant planets and sends them towards his enemy at very high speeds.
  • Self Destruct: Araces moves all of his chi into his core and causes it to go out at high speed, killing Araces but destroying the entire solar system.
  • Death Sword: Araces compresses half of his chi into a sword shaped aboject and uses it as a weapon.
  • Mega burst: Araces flies towards his target and puts his hand on their face. He then blasts chi into their face, usually killing them.

I will add more as I think of them.


your mom attack

Wolf777xkaioken back again!


make your ki into a ki blocking poison that is even stronger than the poison types that the impel down warden makes

turn into blade and stab

Start of stuff by Cityracer

Accelerated Spirit Bomb

I noticed that during that against Frieza and Buu, the Spirit Bombs take forever, so this can complete a spirit bomb from the universe in 3 sec. flat, however can only be absorbed by the user, like in one of the movies.

Black Death Beam

Both arms behind your back shout "black" both arms in front by your chest shout "death" arms extended fully out keep arms apart and postion hands at a 45* angle towards each other shout "beam" one black colored beam from each hand that intersect to create one blast that can be controlled towards your enemy that does double damage as a Kamehameha for half the energy.

Black Death Spirit Bomb

Uses negative energy from the farthest corners of the universe in 3 sec. 5x-7x as strong as a normal one.

Final Kamehameha

This is a difficult finisher move the requires knowing the Kamehameha wave Final Flash and some kind of doubling technique. You split into 2 one uses Final flash one uses Kamehameha wave then they turn at a 45* angle towards each other then the attacks combine into one that looks like the final flash, but blue.

End of stuff by Cityracer

Starlight Gazer

The user is surrounded by light as energy forms into the user's hand much like gogeta's stardust breaker. The user crushes the energy sphere and throws the ball at the opponent. one form is that the ball strikes through the opponent expelling anything that doesn't belong in there and the other form is that the ball bursts into a rocket form and obliterates the enemy.

Spirit bang Kamehameha

An attack used only by fusion of gogeta and Vegito, Gogeto. Gogeto's hands are out in front of him in kamehameha form. He yells out Spirit bang Kamehameha as the attack charges up in a white shine. At the last HA in kamehameha, the attack is shot in a straight line going through the opponent. the opponenet disintegrates depending on their power. Fusion attack of big bang kamehameha and spirit sword.

Asesino Blast

Giant one handed cannon its green with blue aura comeing off it

asesino blast

Kami-Shen Cannon

Technique Name: Kami-Shen Cannon.

Power Level: Untested, though apparently has the capabilities to turn stars and planets into supernovas beyond previously-thought intensities.

Time To Execute: As long as it takes to say the technique name. Once executed, the attack will travel at the speed of light.

Individuals It has Been Used By: Full Power Future Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Adult Mecha-Gogeta Junior.

Effects Of Technique: Used only once to destroy the massive engine ‘Planet’ Verit from generating an energy strong enough to merge Future Planet Vegeta with current-day Earth. A miscalculation of current-day physics meant that the Kami-Shen Cannon not only destroyed Verit, but kept travelling through the universe where it eventually collided with an unnamed red supergiant, causing it to turn supernova and create a new nebula, eventually named the Gogeta Nebula in honour of the new saviour of both Earth and Future Planet Vegeta.

Execution Of Technique: Please read the below steps.

Step One: Become ‘Full Power’ by concentrating power to its maximum potential to every part of the body to push power past its limit.

Step Two: Focus the power to all 10 fingertips, similar to Frieza’s Death Beam attack, each powered up to the equivalent of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta’s 100X Big Bang Kamehameha from the game Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Step Three: Gain adequate footing and create two claw-like gestures with hands and launching the destructive energy from all fingertips towards the opponent while yelling “KA!”

Step Four: Bring fingers together and straighten them to look like flippers, all the while directing the energy towards the opponent while yelling “MI!”

Step Five: Bring hands together as though praying while still directing energy and yelling “SHEN!”

Step Six: From position in step five, quickly curl hands into fists with thumbs pointing forwards on top while moving the energy from fingertips to new fist configuration into one large, impossibly powerful beam. At this point, the word being yelled must be “CAN!”

Step Seven: Thrust fist configuration forwards and give the beam one final boost of power while screaming “NON!” and hold for as long as possible until opponent is defeated/destroyed or strength begins to wane. Once the move has finished, the user has just used the Kami-Shen Cannon.

Solar Bomb

Solar Bomb

  1. gather you engey.
  2. instant transment to the opponent.
  3. throgh the sirit bomb at them.
  4. solar flare them so they can't block the atack.


Thunder Flash Kamehameha and Spiral Kamehameha Fist

Instant Thunder Flash Kamehameha

It starts out like Pikkons Thunder Flash, but is blue. you then strech your hands out like the Final Flash, then charge, then shoot it like a Kamehameha

Spiral Kamehameha Fist

shoot a regular kamehameha, jump into it, and spin to make it like a enegry cylcone, then when it engulfs the person, you beat the shit out of them as theyre getting hit by the wave

final flash

ultermate final flash i will jump to the sky put my hands in the back of my head and boom the earth or a town is gone

Omega Spirit Bomb

A Spirit Bomb The Size Of Mercury And The Largest Spirit Bomb Ever Made With A Power Level Of 1,000,000,000,000,000 That's A Quadrillion And Powerful Enough To Destroy A Planet.

Full-Power Kamehameha

A Kamehameha In The Full-Power Super Saiyan State And Even With Enough Energy To Destroy A Whole Town.

Red Potara Power Up

The Ability To Increases Someones Power Level By 10,000 Times Their Normal Power And Increases Their Strength Speed And Power For Example If Gohan's Power Is 10,000 And You Use The Power Up Then His Power Level Reaches 100,000,000 Has A Incredible Affect.

Infinite Lightning big bang

Infinite Lightning BIG BANG

The infinite lightning big bang would be the ultimate finishing move. You would start with the right hand and arm up and the left hand and arm down. With them each being completely straight except for 10 degree bend at the elbow, you extend the index finger and the middle finger on both hands. You begin by bringing the left arm up and the right arm down slowly while saying, also slowly, "Infinite lightning" and as you say it you bring both arms that were already moving to be parrallel with each other which would woyld slowly be gathering all the energy in the universe and then once it is all gathered you purify it by making you hands go from the previos position into the position used in the kamehameha while still keeping arms parrallel and spread. While doing this you say "BIG" and then you slam you rists together creating a massive energy ball and forcing it forwards into a beam and then screaming as loud as you can, yell "BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". As you shoot the beam your hands and arms should be in the position used right after the kamehameha is lauanched with both arms extended forward but instead of having one hand above another you put them side by side. This finishing move used coorectly, and with the right amount of ki in yourself, has the potential to blow the multiverse out of existence.


A few types of other techniques can be used to make this move more powerful or just change it depending on the situation you may be in. One of them is the wave formation. Remember in the broly movies how when he charged a ki blast, an circle like orb shrank into his hand? Well the effect of the wave formation is similiar except it continuosly happens and goes outward instead of inward causing damage in all directions of the same magnitude as the original beam. You also have the ability to focus it in one direction if neccessary. To preform the wave you must first preform the attack normally. You then spread your arms out again but with hands spread as well. As you move them you yell " WAVE FORMATION" and the beam becomes more transclucent as it spreads in all directions creating a wave. In the case that this attack is in a clash another technique can be used. This technique is called infinite lightning fusion storm. It is in a series of fusion attacks i have been deveolping that a fighter can use to enhance there attacks but each fighter has to develop a signature one for themselves. These techniques are similiar to when gohan was fighting cell he used a super kamehameha at first but, using his dad to help him, upgraded it to a father-son kamehameha. The way mine works is, after launching the base attack into an energy clash, you pull you arms back slightly and then thrust them forwards yelling "FUSION STORM" which makes lightning course through the attack and forcing itself to the base of the clash causing the power of the attack to increase exponentially. These to enhancements can be used together to make the lighting spread through the waves of energy being released. The final enhancement, and the one I think is most powerful, is the hyper lense. To make a hyper lense you first form a dome with a bluish tint above you head by raising your hands up and releasing that energy into that form. You then move it infront of you as if it were a shield, while keeping you arms extended. This dome will be the hyper lense. You use your right hand to grab your left rist. You yank your right hand onto your left forearm while yelling which will make the lense multiply forwards. After that you are free to let go of the base lense. You then launch the attack, or any attack for that matter, through the each lense. Each time the attack goes through a lense it goes up exponentially in power. You can make as many lenses you want to increase the power but each lense will drain your own ki slightly. The lenses pull in more energy from the universe adding to the attack. Seeing that attacks like the infinite lightning big bang or the rpirit bomb dont use your ki, an effective strategy would be use every ounce of energy you have to spare on the lenses and then use an attack that wont use your own power. The lense itself is what drains you energy not the fact that it increases the power of the attack so you can make anywhere between one and thousands without having to repeat the technique. To explain the utter power of the base attack alone, let me try this. Who has ever heard of the big bang and its utter power. Now who believes in the multiverse. Well take the power of that many big bangs happening at once and then take it to the power of 1,000,000,000. You now know how it feels to do the movements. You cant even imagine the potential of the attack with its boosts.

Omniversal Spirit Bomb

Everyone is obsessed with the multiverse but what about the omniverse, the thing that holds every multiverse. You raise you hands into the air, of course, and begin focusing on the omniverse. You begin to absorb that ultimate energy into an orb above your head. You condense it into an orb the size of a star. You launch it at you enemy, and after launched, it has the ability to destroy the host planet of the bomb so be careful or you could end up scuiciding.


The flash spirit bomb allows you to attack using energy with almost none of your own without having to charge. First you must be a super saiyan to be able to absorb energy that quick. You thenabsorb planetary energy within a quarter second and launch it immediately. With this attack there is no need for drawing off of your own ki.


Similar to Vegito's Scatter Finger Beam in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, but much more powerful and faster. :3 - SuperRaditz

The Kaio-Saiyan/Blub Bomb

The Kaio-Saiyan is achived by gathering energy like a spirit bomb absorb it then transform into a super saiyan while simultaniously doing a kai o ken X20 then you become the kaio-saiyan and the power level is 20X more powerful than SSJ4

The Blub Bomb using a kai o ken to get the nesscary energy to create the Blub Bomb and it creates a giant grey orb that whoever gets hit gains so much weight that there all blubber for it to wear off you need to jump 3 feet above the ground which is impossible unless you have a power level of 110,000+ or someone to pick you up to that level

above at the kaio saiyan post please dont take credit for it Kaio-Saiyan

Kaio saiyan


The Solar Ki Blast

You put the light of the solar flare into a ki blast and you can detonate it when you please and it releases the light of the solar flare and the attack of the ki blast. you can put it in any Ki based attack and use however much power you want.

Nail Christian Lizardking 21:27, November 14, 2011 (UTC)1Turning Wood Beam

2Gum bomb

3arrows machine gun

4box beam

5Black Scythe Disk

6Great Hammer

7Sleeping Beam

8Ghost shield

9Ghost cannon


by the way most be at least ultra super saiyan or super saiyan 2 End Kamehameha is when you puch your enemys stomach multiple times then smash him through the air with a kick then a mid air ki blast to the back. then going above him and hitting a ki blast to the stomach knocking him down. while he's going towards the floor power up a 1 handed kamehameha by saying kame....hame... . fly quickly towards him and push him down with a lot of force to the ground and once hit hits the ground say HAAAAAA and you will destroy him completly and everything else near ye (about 50 football pitches wide) and you've saved the day.......... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burning Masenko: got the idea sinse Trunks can use both, why not combine them, starting out with the hand motion for burning attack but in the end of the motions have the hands over lap like they would for masenko then raise above the users head as if charging a super masenko. The attack would have the speed and directiong of masenko simply super charged by the burning attack. The idea for the attack came from Vegito's Final Kamehameha, as it combined the 2 powerful attacks, only thing is i could not think of a way to combine Trunk's Heat Dome Attack and Finish Buster.

raging flash - used by super saiyan vegeta first he duplicates himself until his opponent is completely surrounded then all of them shoot a energy ball that knocks the opponent out but vegeta can only use it once every 3 beware vegeta.

Big Bang Blow

The Big Bang Blow is a close-range version of the Big Bang Attack used by Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form. Vegeta teleports behind the opponent and blasts them in the side with a Big Bang Attack. This move is used as a counterattack.

Wolf Fang Infinity

This move starts out like Wolf Fang Fist, but when you are about to smash your opponent, you do a Spartan kick infused with energy and blast them back. Then you teleport behind them and punch them high into the air. You teleport high above them, and create an energy blast in the shape of an infinity and throw it at your approaching enemy. This attack causes infinite damage and could easily destroy everything that ever existed but needs a lot of qi.

galick furry blast

Really crazy

My World My FANYSY

Gotenks ssj2 by hsvhrt-d3er250
Bardock ssj2 by hsvhrt-d434mbc
Dragon ball z vegeta ssj2 mbs by tekilazo-d41o59p
Vegeta 18


Final Bang Kamehameha Shot Volley

Final Flash+ Big Bang Attack+ Kamehameha+ Eraser Shot Volley

Super Fire Tornado

Super Fire Tornado:

You put your arms on the sky like death ball (Frieza's ultimate attack) and the you charge a big green-red energy ball and the you say SU-PER FIRE TO-RNA-DO HA!! and if your enemy hold the Super Fire Tornado then you throw smaller SUPER FIRE TORNADO BALLS! (This move can used by Bardock ssj and goku ssj3)

Lethal Moves!!!!

Team Ki Attacks:

1.Big Bang Omega Blaster: Broly will use Omega Blaster on Vegeta(Super Saiyan 4) who will use Big Bang Burst on it and give it more power and send it with full power on the enemy.

2.Special Big Bang Masenko: Piccolo will charge for Special Beam Cannon and Goku will charge for Big Bang Kamehameha,where Gohan will charge for Super Masenko.All three will use it together to form a very powerful ball of energy enough to disintegrate 10 Brolys!

3.Genocidal Kamehameha: First,Kid Buu will use Genocide Blast on Cell(Super Perfect),who will use Super Kamehameha,and absorb the ki energies.Then Cell will let a Super Kamehameha which will turn pink and is capable of destroying planets.

Physical Attacks:

1.Fierce Dragon Fist: Goku will charge for Dragon Fist and use it,making the opponent fall with a hole in the chest.But,to ensure no Regeneration,he will use back to back,fast Dragon Fists to destroy the enemy.

2.Homicidal Combination: Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta fiercely punches the enemy and uses a Sky Uppercut to throw the opponent upward then uses Final Explosion in air to destroy the enemy inspite of his life.

10x dragon final explosion/ self fusion

The 10x dragon final explosion would be done by first using mult-form so there would be 11 of you. 1 of you stay behind (so you don't die) and the others use dragon fist to wrap your opponent with 10 dragons. after that all the dragons use final explosion to obliterate ur opponent!

self fusion would be done by using mult-form to make 4 of you. then you'll split into 2 groups and perform the fusion dance so they'll be two of you then you'll do the fusion dance again and defeat ur opponent as fast as you can before the fusion wears off



Bomb Bomb Bomb

100 ki blasts on one opponent plus a final explosion

Energy Bombs

Solar enrgy bomb

make energy ball, the do solar flare on the balls. once it hits, the opponent will bo temporarily blind, and the attack is a bomb.

Final Flash bomb

final flash, but instead of the shooting a beam, you shoot the energy ball, and it blows up.

Haze Faze

SSJ4 KakarotTheLastSuperSaiyanXTalkContribVegeta SSJ4 00:45, January 1, 2012 (UTC)TheLastSuperSaiyanX Haze Faze is sorta like instantaneous Movement except first of all the user must think of shadows, after thinking of them, haze starts to form around the user, then the user is ported to another place but instead of appearing where they wanted to go, they simply melt out of a shadows.

Sayin Power

Gabe74.102.144.64 01:44, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

sayin blast attack mode

super sayin blast

merge attack

energy absoreber

Pure Matrix: user creates a blade of pure white energy in the form of a sword. the form of the blade, as well as its durability, depends on what level transformation you are in. It is a cutting weapon and is able to deflect energy blasts, but it takes a lot of skill to utalize the move.

"Manhattan style"

It's more or less an attack like Kaioken, but instead of increased ki output I gain omnipotence. I'd make SS4 Gogeta explode just by thinking about it. Tokeupdude 03:32, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

Mind Encasement

A Freakin Amazing Attack!!!!

  • The user puts their two index fingers and thumbs together and puts their index fingers on their forehead and their thumbs on the bridge of their nose. The user must have time to focus all of their energy into their mind and then relax all the tention in their body. Then the user pulls their fingers together at a point a couple inches away from their head. As the user pulls their fingers away from their body, it leaves an electrified, green, trail of energy. After the fingers meet, the user puts their hands to their side and creates a hallow ball of energy where the fingers once were, using his/her mind. The user can then make the ball as large as they desire before firing it at their opponent, entrapping them inside the ball of energy. The user can then keep them there, fire another attack at them, or tighten the ball, making it smaller and squishing them. The only way for their oppontent to escape is if they use a larger amount of energy output around the entire inside (or outside if they have friends).

This attack requires one with alot of focus but can keep their cool, because if not, the attack will backfire and attack the users brain. (Yes, unlike some people, my attack is not unstoppable or increadibly strong. It is just as good as the user.)

Final Kamehameha

a crossover of a Kamehameha, and a Final Flash used by Vegito and Gogeta. Super powerful. Can only be Used in , SSJ3, and SSJ4, Vegito or Gogeta. used as a last resort like Spirit Bomb. can kill most villians in DB/Z/GT/Kai with one blast. can blow up 100 galaxysEmperorPeelaugh575TalkContribGuide0w 17:45, January 1, 2012 (UTC)EmperorPeelaugh575


First,my super saiyan character gives a powerful uppercut to the enemy and then my character charges an golden and glittering in his both hands and shout "GOLDEN BURST ATTACK".

Spirit Flash or Final Spirit ball

The User (Gogeta OR Vegito) Creates a medium sized spirit ball. and while both hands are in the air he slowly seperates them and then has two small spirit balls on each side like the final flash form then quickly slaps the palms together and shoots a white beam/ Ki blast about 3 yards in diameter and it cant be deflected or blocked or dodged.

BOOM BOOM die attack

used by gotenks (ssj 3)

he split himself in2 and the one trow the enemy to the other who used a kamehameha when the enemy falls, one gotenks teleport himself to the ground and punch the enemy 10 times then bote of the gotenks use a super kamehameha.

Black hole bullet

If performed correctly, the user's eyes will go black and shoots a Black hole and implodes the enemy

KIENZAN HA!!!!!!!!

kienzan: an attack that has the power of both the kameha and the special beam cannon i would stab it into my opponents then control it to rip ther insides apartSonicfan4511 23:05, January 2, 2012 (UTC)​sonicfan4511

Fates Punishment

First the user kicks the opponent in the stomach, stunning them. Then the user double axehandles the opponent and fires a red beam that goes through the opponent's chest.

Umbrella Shield

First the user puts his left hand up in the sky and a dome forms around him the size of a football stadium. Then energy blasts start coming from the dome out into the sky striking the foes. Then the opponent puts his hands out and makes the dome explode similar to an Super Explosive Wave

I'll Break You!

First the user kicks the opponent to the left. Then he teleports towards the flying opponent and elbows the enemy to the ground. Then the user says "I'll Break You!" and flys up in the air, charges up all his energy and double axehandles the opponent in the stomach with his ki enhanced fists.

super solar big bang x10 cosmic kaio-ken ka me ha me HA!!!!!!

Shard Breaker

Shard Breaker

First,the user slices the opponent 15 times then kickes them away and appears behind him

and slices them again and with a BIG smash he blasts them with a ki wave . So it inflicts a huge

amount of damage.

Ultra Ghost Kamakazie attack

Super Ghost Kamakazie with an energy blast inside for larger effect.

Heat Cruncher

The user first punces them in the stomach,then kicks them away with his ki powered fists . Even with the high amount

of damage he later blasts them with a energy wave and kills them.

Final Super Spirit Cannon-Ha

So, if Goku and Bardock use the potara earings, I'd say this'll be thier FP attack. In the left hand, he starts the Final Spirit Cannon, and on the right (which is off-screen), a Kamehameha, then he puts it together, and releases it while yelling, "Ha", as if he was doing the kamehameha. Got it?

Ka9 cannon

Ka9 Cannon

  1. ssj10 vegeta shoots his hands at the opponent a thousand times and releases a 100,000,000x(one hundred million damage)super per Hydro Cannon that obliterates anything in its path.(Can also be performed by SSJ5, SSj9 and SSJ4.)

Dragon Burst

Blackstar Dragonball Shenron

Ultimate Shenron

timate Shenron taught the warrior, Pikkon, the Dragon Claw, a move similar to the Wolf Fang Fist. First the attacker charges up to the vey limit. Then, the attacker charges up to the opponent with tremendoes speed. Then, gives the opponent a powerful punch in the stomach first, after that he just pull some random combos, then, the attacker takes his face and slams it into the ground, after that the attacker kicks the opponent into the air and follows, but the attacker must be higher. When the opponent is ready to come down the attacker gives him/her a really powerful punch toward the Earth and uses a Super Kamehameha, or any other energy wave, to speed up the process, but the attacker stays airborne. When the opponent hits the ground the attacker charges down quickly and releases a Dragon Fist. But it isn't over. The attacker picks him up chokes him for half a minute, then, fires a Full Power Energy Wave directly at his chest and throws him into the ground. After that, the attacker fires a Full Power Energy Wave Barrage and as the attacker's done, he/she releases a Full Power Energy Wave. If the attacker wants he can impale the opponent with a sword or something at the end and the finally, the attacker quotes, "That is the power of the Dragon!" This attack requires alot of ki, and would be wise to use it on strong people, especially at the point where things look bad. This attack could be used in any form as long as you have the ki for it.

GoldenBullet67214 01:49, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

Super Dragon Burst

Before we start, you MUST be able to tranform to a Super Saiyan of any kind and you have to have all seven Dragon Balls. Well to start off, you transform to a Super Saiyan of any kind. You take all the seven Dragon Balls and absorb its power. Then you charge to your foe and punch him or her in the stomach, HARD! Then you start charging your BEST Energy Wave at Full Power. Your foe will get up and charge after you, but then, a Dragon Spirit flies out of your soul and binds your foe, also HARD. After that you release the Energy Wave. Finally, the Dragon Spirit unwinds itself off your foe and flies high into the air and drills directly back to your foe. As you see this version of the Dragon Burst isn't like the original, but it is still stronger.

GoldenBullet67214 06:12, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

Energy Fist

This attack is very simple. Direct most of your energy to your fists. Then, now you'll pack a punch!

GoldenBullet67214 06:23, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

Kountdown Kamehameha

Featuring in my story soon. Rush to my enemy and punch him("7!"),knee him in the stomach("6!),elbow back of his head("5!"),kick his face back up("4!"),headbutt him("3!"),grab and toss him into the sky("2!"),then prepare my technique("1!Kamehameha!!").Gola245 07:02, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

Afterimage Explosion

The enemy is attacked by explosions every time they hit the user, while the user is teleported backward.

RapidFireSuperDonut 07:34, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

dragon inferno1 fly into air and do claw swipe double claw swipe then a spirit bomb. similar to dragon fist in appearance.

toxiclaw2 a ki powered claw swipe

galic grenade3 bulla gets in a galic gun position, creates an energy bomb and throws it.

saiyan soul4 just a spirit cannon and spirit bomb combined

aerial anihilator5 fly into air form an energy ball then blast it energy balls will rain down on your opponent and everything in a 1/2 mile radius.

Evil Bombardment

This is a move created by Cyborg Frieza. First the user, fires a bazooka from out of nowhere at the opponent. Once the opponent is down, the user charges at the opponent while firing two machine guns at him. Then the user clings on the opponent briefly and sticks with a semtex (sticky grenade) then returns airborne. After the semtex explodes, the user fires a crazy finger beam at the opponent. Then, he/she swoops down and drops two rounds of missiles at the opponent. Lastly, the user charges down to the opponent, grabs him/her, throws the opponent into the air and uses Exploding Grasp. Finally, it's over.

GoldenBullet67214 02:05, June 25, 2012 (UTC)


First the attacker creates a blade-like aura on both his/her arms. Then charges at the opponent and starts a slashing combo. Then, stabs the opponent once. After the opponent falls to the ground, the user/attacker makes the blade longer and charges toward the opponent and impales the energy blade once again (but this time the opponent stays on the lengthened energy blade). Then the attacker slams the opponent on the groung multiple times. Finally, to finish it off, the attacker tosses the opponent off the blade and into the air and charges toward him or her and does a Shining Sword Attack. Anf that is how you do Slash!

GoldenBullet67214 02:16, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

Ultimate Hadouken

First, Ultimate Gohan and Ultimate Goku (Goku asked Old Kai to find his Hidden Powers too) both charge at the opponent and surrounds him using the Multi-Form technique. Then, all the clones fire a Super Hadouken (a Hadouken at MAX power). The opponent tries to escape but the Hadouken was to fast and was guided. After that all the clones disappear and return to the original person. and Ultimate Gohan charges at the opponent and does a Burst Rush. The opponent starts to fall to the ground and Ultimate Gohan and Goku release another Hadouken to speed up the process until the opponent smashes into the Earth. Finally, Ryu (Street Fighter) shows up and FINISHES it with one last Super Hadouken!

                              The End

GoldenBullet67214 02:35, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

Atom Blaster

After focusing incredible amounts of energy, power equal to that if a super spirit bomb is focused into a gold orb roughly the the size of a golf ball, held above the head on the index finger. When thrown, the sphere travels quickly towards is target. At collision, the spherell expand about the size of LSSJ Broly,, then compact instantly. As soon as this happens, the sphere explodes, creating a burst bigger than a super spirit bomb, and many times more devastating.

Kaio-ken Final Galcik Gun

Gogeta first uses Kaio-Ken x100, then smashes his opponent to the ground. After that, he charges up all his power, and releases Galick Gun. He then sends an barrage of Kamehamehas at his opponent. He finishes with a Final Flash.

Afterimage Disk Barrage

First, the user creates an afterimage, distracting the opponent. Then, they get behind the opponent at superspeed, and continuously slice the opponent with Destructo Disk (Ki-En-Zan).

Power Disk

A orange destructo disk thats very fast.

Spirit Bomb Blast

A spirit bomb that is shot as 8 exploding energy balls.

Ultimate Rainbow Combo

Transform to ssj5. Use infinity rainbow clash(sorta like giga impact with rainbow aura around user)to sent opponent to space then use FINAL SOARING DRAGON RAINBOW DESTRUCTION WAVE to oblitirate opponent.

SSJ9999Time to end this, Vegeta.SigforTAF2Only this once, Kakarot.SigforTAF3Biiiiig Baaaang Kaaaaaaamehaaaaamehaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 17:12, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

10 Attacks

AROUND THE WORLD: I made up this attack for a fanfiction. The user flies AWAY from their opponent, circling around the entire planet to build up speed and power, then comes up from behind their opponent after having flown around the whole planet and delivers a powerful punch that surpasses even Goku's Super Dragon Fist.

SPIRIT BOMB KAMEHAMEHA: According to the Dragon Ball AF storyline, when facing the final villain, Goku somehow fuses with everyone in the universe. An attack I made up for this fused being draws on the energy of everyone he's fused with and the energy from wherever in the universe they came from, and then unleashes it in a powerful Kamehameha blast.

UNIVERSAL BIG BANG: Unrelated to Vegeta's Big Bang Attackk. This attack is equal to the big bang that created the universe.

MINI DISKS: Like Krillin and Frieza's Destructo Disks, only numerous small ones are unleashed rather than one or two big ones.

DRAGON FIST SPIRIT BOMB: Goku gather's the energy for a normal Spirit Bomb (the basketball sized one), then uses the Super Dragon Fist attack with the hand holding the Spirit Bomb. The attack acts like the ordinary Dragon Fist by forming a golden dragon that tears through and wraps around its victim. The dragon also carries the Spirit Bomb in its mouth. After wrapping around the victim, it doubles back and slams headfirst into the victim, hitting them with the Spirit Bomb.

ENERGY REVERSAL: When an energy attack is unleashed, this technique allows the user to absorb the blast and then unleash it again with their own energy. The danger of this attack is that if the energy intake is too great, it can seriously damage the user.

RAINING CHAOS: Sort of a combination of Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack and Omega Shenron's Negative Karma Ball. It creates a giant supernova, which is then condensed into a small ball of energy, no bigger than an apple, which is then launched up into the sky. Once high up, it explodes into billions of energy blasts that rain down on the opponent.

ENERGY IMPLOSION: An attack that implodes rather than explodes. Its briefly creates a gravity suction that is stronger than even that of a black hole, sucking in it's surroundings and keeping it trapped in the implosion blast. Only to be used from a distance since the gravity can even pull in the user if they are not far away enough.

EXPLOSION BLAST: An attack used only by people with regenerative abilities like Majin Buu. All the energy gather's in a certain part of the body, such as an arm or leg, until the body part can't take it anymore and the limbs bursts open and unleashes all the energy.

ATOMIC EXPLOSION: The attack is exactly as it sounds. It focuses the users energy on a single point and unleashes a microscopic blade of energy that draws in atoms, splitting the first one it come in contact with to create an atomic explosion. Uses very little energy, but the user can easily get caught up in the blast if their not fast enough.

My DBZ attack

My attack would be a Gogeta's big bang kamehameha, Vegeta's Final Flash, Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, and Trunk's Big Tree Cannon. I would hold out both of my palms and then point my index finger together and let it fire. It would look like a big bang kamehameha with the lines of special beam cannon around the wave and would look golden due to final flash and big tree cannon, and it would also have the SSJ2 aura around it. 01:50, September 21, 2012 (UTC) ANONYMOUS WU


MY own attack would be


(Final Flash, Final Shine Attack, Big Bang Attack)

Ultimate Slash

Ultimate Slash-Just make your finger like want to use Frieza's Fissure Slice,but charge the energy first for 30 sec

Effects: A great hole on the ground,or a city will be sliced (depends where you will use this attack)

Large Ultimate Slash-Same like Ultimate Slash,but is more powerfull

Effects:a great hole this fits for a city size

Super Ultimate Slash Barrage-Created 5-9 Ultimate Slashes

Effects:If you face Super Perfect Cell and attacked Cell with this attack,he will be completely obliterated

Full Power Ultimate Slash-Created a very big Ultimate Slash that is more than enough to destroy a planet

Effects:Slices a planet to four parts

For Peace!

A power up that boost your power level by

Chaos Breaker Cannon

Kick your opponent to mid-air,punch them in the gut,slams your opponent to the ground,and kick the enemy when they are still on on the ground

Kam he beam ha

Special beam canon plus kamhehamaha

Masenko Kamehameha

Used by Gokhan

First, Gokhan puts his hands across his forehead with one on top of the other. Then, a green colored beam forms in his hands. Next, he puts his hands to his side still with one on top of the other. Finally, he launches a energy wave which causes a lot of damage.

Super Dimension Breaker

First, Goku (Base form) uses a kamehameha. Then kaioken attack in kaioken form, ssj uses instant transmission kamehameha, ssj2 uses meteor blast, ssj3 uses dragonfist, blasting the victim into midair. Goku becomes ssj4 and fires the 10x kamehameha, then becomes super kaioken because he goes back to regular ssj. In super kaioken, he uses a continuous kamehame ha to hold off the victim. He becomes false ssj to lower his power so not to waste it and uses a super kamehameha. Then he becomes ssj5 and charges an interdimensional spirit bomb. Then all the other z fighters use the most powerful attacks they have and fire it in sync with the interdimensional spirit bomb, causing the biggest explosion in DB history to create a vortex that destroys every atom in the victim's body. This technique was made by Gamewolf67, creator of the Masenkamehameha, the technique above.

'Masenko' Flash

Lightning Nova Strike

SSJ4 Gogeta puts his arms in his Big Bang Kamehameha stance, but the blast is either red, blue, or green (users choice) and is powerful enough to destroy the Dragon Balls, Black Star Dragon Balls, and Omega Shenron in 2 hits. While Gogeta is doing this, SSJ3 Gotenks can use his Revenge Cannon and combine to make the Full Power Revenge Cannon.

Full Power Lightning Nova Strike

Sora (my made up character) shoots his Lightning Nova Strike at his opponent. The opponent intercepts the attack with his/her blast. Sora shows signs of struggling, but transforms into Super Sora and uses his ultimate attack in his super form, Full Power Lightning Nova Strike, at his opponent. He then gets mad and says, "I'll show you the ultimate!" and turns his Full Power Lightning Nova Strike into a gold/yellow color and says, "See ya!" and defeats his opponent

Gravity Death Ball

A blue ball that can push away gravity,which Also means it will push away other blasts and Opponents.

Full Power Lightning Nova Strike

Full Power Lightning Nova Strike (Sora)
Full Power Lightning Nova Strike

Sora's Full Power Lightning Nova Strike

Sora is in the Kamehameha stance but the blast is green and resembles the Full Power Big Bang Kamehameha

Bounce 'Em

The character smashes the opponent in to the ground, literily bouncing them off the ground, and does an elbow smash or a scissor kick to send their opponent flying sideways, in a hilarious combo attack.

Death breaker

First punch the foe the kick then start shooting death beams. Used by Frieza.

Turtle Fist

A punch attack that could destroy a small planet!

Multi fusion

must be made with at least 3 personns.this fusions all the participants,no matter size or power. the dance is like the fusion dance,but they put their hands togheter. this is really powerful,but only lasts 10 minutes. plus the fusion is really painful

Multi fusion

Multi fusion

must be made with at least 3 personns.this fusions all the participants,no matter size or power. the dance is like the fusion dance,but they put their hands togheter. this is really powerful,but only lasts 10 minutes. plus the fusion is really painful

Super saiyan dark power

this form is like super siyan,but the hair is dark and blue,with lightning. its initial form is as powerful as super saiyan 4,but the user cannot control himself,because beeing controlled by his dark side.

my attack is super final spirt bomb kaioken x10000 big bang kamehamha  it can be used on super saiyan level 5,6,7 ,8 and 12 on fusion gogeta and vegito or for gotenks it would  super ghost die tree cannon both will kill who ever it it also  say i if you think gogeta is better than vegito

Final Bang Galick Kamehame Dragonfist Spirit Bomb Ha!!!!!

Final Bang Galick Kamehame Dragonfist Spirit Bomb Haa!!!!

The name says it all

Burning Bang Attack

First, Vegetunks does the rapid hand movements for Burning Attack. Then, puts both his hands in front of him. Each hand is in the stance of a Big Bang Attack. Next, he yells Burning Bang Attack as he launches a yellow sphere at his opponent. When it hits the target, it creates a massive explosive.

Masenko Flash

This attack is used by Vegehan

He first spreads his arms out and charges yellow energy balls in each of his hands.

DBZpiccoloFAN1 - Galactic Flash Combo

5x punches

5x kicks

2x knees

1x fast silent elbow to the back of the neck

hold both hands like a big bang attack with the thumbs out... now put your right hand behind your left to make an X with a big top and small bottom.. then fire a green blast into the opponents back :P

tiencha - spirit tri ball

tri-beam hands shoots spirit ball and controled by tri-beam hands

final kame gatlic cannon

must be performed in ssj4 gogeta and must have full power

Fire Kamehameha

Release your power and then make it fiery and then shoot a Kamehameha.

Wind-Breaking Ki Fist

First, you charge an ki ball in your hand. Then you close your fist with the ball still in hand and absorb the energy to make an fist made out of ki. Then you channel your ki into that fist and fire a massive ki blast able to slice through the enemy.

Blaster Laser

A beam used by Broly, similar to a kamehameha.  It can destroy a big planet if charged up.

Mini Death Ball.

The super,ghost volly of dragons

makes a volleyball out of the opponent covers it in super ghosts after the explode use spirit sword to impale volleyball then goes ssj3 and swallows the volleyball using dragon fist

Dual Galick Wave 

This would be used by Vegeta in SSJ2. He would put his arms like two guns and yell "GALICK WAVE CANNON!" Then he would shoot a lot of ki bullets that are purple like the galick gun.

Powered Galick Attack

This would be used in Vegeta (scouter) he would start to glow purple and unleash a flurry of attacks. He would then finish by launching the opponet (sorry if I spelled opponet wrong....) into the air and kick him in the chest-stomoch area. He would then hit the fighter the ground and launch a galick gun. He would lose his purple glow after that.

Empowered Warp Kamehameha Rush

Goku in SSJ3 would put his arms together and rush towards the fighter, ramming him. He would then knock the fighter down. After that Goku would go under the fighter and launch a Kamehameha on him.

Big Tri Cannon

This would be used by Gotenks in SSJ3 form. He would put his hands together akin to Tien. Gotenks then starts the Tri-beam. Gotens charges it up and puts his hands together like a Big Tree Cannon. Gotenks then fires a yellow pentagon shape at the fighter. It would fire at him and he would be trapped by it. Gotenks will then teleport to the fighter give the peace sign and unleash a flurry of punches witch will bring the fighter to the ground.

I already posted some, but here is one more.

Light Attack

A beam of light shot from the hand.  It can destroy steel.

Dragon kamehamefist haa

First goku reuined the power of the dragon.Then he lauches himself like the dragon fist but with the Hands open like a kamehameha.Thenhe say " Dragon kamehamehafist haaaa" the kamehameha wave appeared and the wave take form of dragon and his attack explode with the enemy.

Spirit ¡Flash!

Goku Use the spirit bomb when vegeta use the final flash the is confuse searching them later goku and vegeta turn ssj ( well vegeta ssj 2 ) and vegeta go to left side of goku. the enemy are turn-around and goku & vegeta say ¡ NOOOOWW!and the enemy is destroy thanks tje bombray

Spirit ¡Flash!

Goku Use the spirit bomb when vegeta use the final flash the is confuse searching them later goku and vegeta turn ssj ( well vegeta ssj 2 ) and vegeta go to left side of goku. the enemy are turn-around and goku & vegeta say ¡ NOOOOWW!and the enemy is destroy thanks tje bombray

Revenge rush

Bardock flies at his opponent dodging a fist to his head, grabs his opponents arm and throws him over his shoulder. Then he jumps on them double kneeing them in the face and double axe handing them in the stomach one after another when the opponent is down. Then he takes their legs and smashing them into the ground a few times and throws them into the air, finally blasting them with an energy beam

Ultimate ka-nay-sha-Kay-ha

Ultimate Ka-nay-sha-Kay-ha!

This move is like the kamehameha! It is a beam of energy! You absorb a star (you can absorb as many stars as your body will Handel) Then you condense the energy into a ball (in the Same motion as the kamehameha) Then thrust your hands forward and shoot a beam with the power of a exploding star at the Target!

Ultimate ka-nay-sha-Kay-ha

Ultimate Ka-nay-sha-Kay-ha!

This move is like the kamehameha! It is a beam of energy! You absorb a star (you can absorb as many stars as your body will Handel) Then you condense the energy into a ball (in the Same motion as the kamehameha) Then thrust your hands forward and shoot a beam with the power of a exploding star at the Target!

10x Galick Gun

Vegeta forms a powerful Galick Gun in Super Saiyan 4 form. It is comparable to 10x Kamehameha used by Son Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form.

1.spirit kamehameha galik buring maseko

3.burning kamehameha

4.assain killer beat up

5.power of super saiyans kill

6.lights out 

7.ko punch

8.speacail galik flash

9.saiyan pride power

10.brutal assult ko

Ki Catalyst

The user projects a powerful sphere of Ki and throws it at the target, depending on it's dirability it may feel a burning sensation but nothing more as the sphere fades into the target's body. The sphere then acts as a catalyst to release much of the target's internal Ki at once in a rather spectacularly violent fashion. The more Ki that is there the stronger the release, in other words the stronger the opponent is the more powerful the attack.—This unsigned comment was made by Sorcerer Du'un (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

RnR's Attack

1. Fire Windmill- The user creates two orbs of ki in their hands. The ki heats the atoms around the hands, this turning the ki into powerful fireballs. The user then crosses their arms and raises them over their heads. Afterwards, the user then throws their arms forward and unleashes a powerful spinning blade of blazing fire, burning the area and their enemies to a crisp.

2. Lightning Rush The user gathers their ki around the entire body, eventually coating themselves in a [[Lightning Aura). After charging, the user then rushes at their opponent and relentlessly attacks with a barrage of lightning infused punches and kicks. The user then knocks the opponent into the air with a kick and continues to hammer the opponent left, right, and center. Finally, the user jets in the air and slams the opponent with a lightning infused punch down to the ground with a trail of electricity following behind.

Red Star Blast

It is similar to the techniques Saiyans use to create artificial moons. Only it is offensive in nature, and emits solar radiation. The ball of energy is red in color. It is a very, very powerful and dangerous technique.(talk) 01:34, October 30, 2014 (UTC)

Nova Cannon

It is similar to the Kamehameha, but many times more powerful. The blast is red in color like the Red Star Blast. --Aang13 (talk) 01:38, October 30, 2014 (UTC)

Nova Burn

The user holds his or her arms out forming fists in a posture similar to the Thunderflash attack. The result is a red-orange fire blast. Immensely powerful and dangerous. --Aang13 (talk) 23:56, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

Dragon Strike

Very similar to Goku's Dragon Fist except the dragon produced breathes fire at the enemy as well as going through them.

WaffleGuy26's Picks

1: Heres one i thought up for Nail..............Nail Gun? XD =p —This unsigned comment was made by WaffleGuy26 (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!


1. Demonic Incense Probably an amplified version of the Masenko, but the user extends both hands out, and places them above their head. They begin to charge energy in both hands. They then combine the two energy spheres and shoots a red-orange blast out of their hands. At the release of the technique, the hands appear to look nearly the same as when the user is firing the Final Flash.

2. Intense Melee Rage Not to be confused with the High Speed Rush, the user charges his/her/it's energy inside it's body, and with the assistance of emotion (adds greater power output), unleashes a wave of melee attacks using completely primitive strikes. Strikes can range from simple punches to the stomach, or, depending on the user's level of emotion, a barrage of kicks and jabs towards the vital organs or head. This attack is meant to weaken the opponent where the enemy is exhausted from attempting dodges, which disables the use of blasts, and injures the enemy to where they cannot move, disabling the use of their body. This attack drains a lot of energy however, and should be used specifically for dangerous situations.


The user holds his or her arms out forming fists in a posture similar to the Thunderflash attack. The result is a red-orange fire blast. Immensely powerful and dangerous.