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This is about creating your ideal transformation!

What race would use it(hybrid races work too); how would it affect the user's form; what would be the aura color; what would be the power multiplier; etc.

Be creative!

Forum Create your own transformation

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SS5 and SS6

SS5 is possible in a similar method to SS4, except one must be IN the SS2 form while looking at a full moon or a suitable substitute. SS6 is possible while transformed in the SS3 state doing the exact same thing.

super sayian 1228827 The aura is yellow with blue flames and their hair turns a light red color. and their power increaces by 53737773782736

easy super (insert name of friezas race here) it would need the user to have frieza like power and be at 100% and be fighting a hard opponent like super perfect cell then it would increase the users power by 1000x and 2 would be 100x 1 and so on.

I would have mine as Gokus body, with Vegitos clothes, with Teen Gohan SSJ2 hair, the aura will be yellow and black lightning will appear now and then, the super saiyan stage would be for the hair to lengethen down to the legs so it literally just touches the floor and its would be a shiny silver color with black and yellow tints in it, this time different colors of lightning will be seen

Ultra Saiyan

The Ultra Saiyan.He would belong to the race of the Saiyan.You would have black aura.Spikey hair,you usually get a new outfit with it.Its awakened by pure anger.If you have weapons they change their appearence and your power multiplies by 10 fold.I use this in my books Enemy of Brothers.



Similar concept to FPSSJ, but applied to SSJ 3, wtith the same benifits and no energy consumption/draw backs.

Fierce Saiyan

A transformation for a character I like to call Fierce Vegito. Basically, it's a what-if scenario of a crossover of DBZ and Super Smash Bros., more directly, Vegito and Majora's Mask. The scenario would be that Vegito and Link (as the Fierce Deity) would have to face Majin Buu after he absorbed a majority of the strongest villains from both Nintendo and Dragon Ball. Buu would defeat Link and Link would drop the Fierce Deity's Mask. With no other choice, Vegito would don the mask to boost his power, becoming as powerful as a SSJ3 whil in SSJ1 form. When he dons the mask, Vegito immediately takes on the form of the Fierce Deity, an all-powerful Terminan entity. With it, his hair turns silver (instead of white like Link's version), eyes become blank, gains red and blue markings on his face, and his ears become slightly pointed to further his appearance as a Terminan Saiyan. His outfit changes to match the colors of Fierce Deity Link's, and include a cloth armor with moon and triangle designs, as well as a small starp on the left side of his body. He also wields the double-helix bladed sword of the Deity, and his height increases to such a degree that he easily stands at least
Fierce Vegito

Vegito wearing the Fierce Deity's Mask from Zelda: Majora's Mask.

a half foot taller than Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. The sheer power of the mask also causes his tail to grow back

Here's my drawing of what he looks like --------->

original super saiyan

  • is an original version of Super Saiyan, just pure blood saiyanscan get it, your hair is darker yellow, the eyes are totallyred, and dark as your skin or paragus Turles, and unlike the Super Saiyan 4, has only the chest and abdomen with yellow hair

Fruit Punch flavored Candy

Piccole turns into fruit punch flavored candy, and his power is 1/1000,000,000 of it's original power

The Future of Konoha 5 by sarutobiscrystalball

saya berharap dragonball dengan naruto bisa berpetualang bersama

Dark/Super Majin

Happens when a Majin or Majin Hybrid (like Majuub) is consumed completely by dark emotions such as anger, or exposed to vast amounts of corrupting influence.

Amplifies every shred of anger or other dark emotion in user, causing them to go berserk; physically, they turn into a black liquid form (generally with glowing colored bits where the eyes should be, probably other markings to distinguish one from another) and use their limbs to full effect in battle, using the Majin's traditional digestion techniques not to absorb enemies but to rip them apart atom by atom. Other techniques include splitting arms into sharpened tendrils to attack, and various other vicious and lethal techniques, depending on the individual, how mad they are (going upwards from DIEDIEDIE due to previously mentioned side effects of Dark Form) and what abilities they have available in their base form. Also, due to the fact that they are now entirely liquid as opposed to the....I suppose you would call what Majin are made of 'muscley goo', they are nigh invulnerable to physical attacks. However, though they have accelerated regeneration in this form, they are still far more vulnerable to Ki-based attacks.


Spirit Merge

"Those who have the life of the dragon within their soul may call upon help from the dead to emerge victorious..."

In other words, only those who have been revived by the Dragon Balls can utilise this ever-so-helpful edge to battle.

The "Spirit Merge" can be considered as the most dangerous form to achieve as it requires incredible mental capacity and clarity. Despite the complications of usage, the actual method and result is quite simple.

"Spirit Merge" can be used by an apt fighter (let's use Goku in this example) to become as powerful as their spirit can allow them to be. What do I mean by spirit? Why, the souls and clandestine power of the departed by any means within any realm. However, the drawback is that the being wishing to be empowered cannot become so with any old spirit. It has to be attempted with a spirit from their own bloodline.

Let's say Goku, Shenron willing, wished to merge his living spirit and power with that of his tragically dead father, the great Bardock. (Could alternately be attempted with Raditz) Here's how the method would pan out...

Goku would have to perfectly control his Chi, much like preparing to use the Kaio-Ken technique without achieving it. Then, in a manner similar to that of his contact with Master Roshi from the Other World with King Kais' help, Goku would reach out with his mind to whichever realm Bardock resides in and mentally link with the soul of his dead father. Spurred by an outside calling, Bardocks soul (and therefore spirit) would follow the link back towards Goku and materialise beside him, ghostly in form, being partially transparent but still retaining his awesome power. To merge Bardocks spirit and power with Goku, the method is simple: just perform a standard Fusion Dance.

The result is Goku "wearing" his fathers spirit around him (like Goku being the solid nucleus and the transparent yet still perceivable Bardock being the electrons around him) and the voice a 50-50 split between Gokus and Bardocks. The main difference is the currently advanced power level of this new form, which can be influenced by turning Super Saiyan, also turning the spirit the specified Super Saiyan level in the process and/or by turning Great Ape. Be it small or large, the improvement should be able to give Goku the edge in battle. After the fight is finished, Bardocks spirit will simply leave Gokus body and return to the realm from whence it came with no after effects. THAT is the "Spirit Merge".

On a side note, imagine this: Goku and Vegeta Spirit Merging with Bardock and King Vegeta respectively, turning Super Saiyan 4, fusing to form Gogeta and then (if possible) turning Golden Great Ape. *shudder*

Acended Super Sayain (not Super Sayain ultra)

this would be a transformation achivable to all Sayains (excludeing .75 to 1/16 Sayain) where the Sayain`s power is takein to the max but the form waest Ki faster than standerd forms. like if you were Acended Super Sayain 3 you could only take the form for 1 hour before tireing out. but it will max out your power, speed, and stamina. overall its the most powerful transformations.

supreme super saiyan

Supreme Super Saiyan- This is driven by pure rage and instinct. their power increases hundred fold at any form their they are in but cannot ascend any higher in the form that they where in but get full fatigue when out of the state back to normal saiyan or super saiyan form. Aura changes from standerd yellow or gold to red unlocking new power and tint of hair changes slightly. Energy is almost unlimited and energy turns a different color depending on the saiyan. This is usable from any form of super saiyan basicaly a level below legendary super saiyan and not as powerful.

Zarbothree (i dunno the name of zarbons race so im just assuming) is the second transformation (third form) available to zarbon's race. Can be activated from first or second form. Hair grows outquite long and covers the body except for the face. power is increased dramatically and the hair forms a sort of armor increasing resilience.

Super Janemba 2

More horns and stuff, bigger, etc. I'll draw it later if I remember and feel like it. Goku SS3Shakuran13Tapion with bladeThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13endsKonatsian wizard with effectsNOW!SS3Rush 22:23, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

Never saw this coming, eh?

It would start out with long normal hair, like ss3. Then when transformation occurs, to level 1, then the hair gets shorter. The next level gets even shorter. Then the ss3 level transformation would be bald.

....I guess I'll call the transformation Cancer..

UntoldSarcasm 23:03, March 1, 2012 (UTC)


It looks like SSJ3 but with bigger muscles and green hair(and it's strong like SSJ4).

Retarded bast*ard

id like to tell the guy to suck it who said acended ssj he supposedly made up is not as strong as my ultra saiyan which power is boosted 10 with out even going a decimle of 1%


This forum is NOT a power forum, now if you are not going to behave then GET OUT!

Chaos Saiyan

Chaos saiyen gives you unlimited power. Your arura is silver, red, gold, and black, and no saiyen as transformed into it. You can only stay in it for 10 minites or it starts taking over you and making you go crazy. Your speed cant be matched, you can blow up a whole galaxy with a eye beam, Vegeta is even afraid of it.

Super Roshi

It's like Master Roshi's MAX Power Form, but it is much stronger. it brigs his PL up to 75,000 (and thats really saying sumthin 4 a guy with an average PL of 139). Sorta like a super saiyan, Roshi's Beard turns very spikey and a silverish gold color, and his muscle mass increases 10,000 fold.In this Transformation he learns a new move, Super Kamehameha, with the power to destroy the whole Earth. (compared to the MAX Power Kamehameha which can only destroy the moon).In this Form, He can have a fair fight with all of the Ginyu Force members (and evan defeat most of them) except Captain GinyuEmperorPeelaugh575TalkContribGuide0w 03:50, March 9, 2012 (UTC)EmperorPeelaugh575

Super Human

Super human Transformation, it is achieved by learning how to control your ki, and then raise your power level.

The human's power level will raise by 100 Fold, and their hair will turn pure red and they will have a pure fire aura with flashes of red electricity.

Saiyan Spirit

The SSs Transformations will mix up leaving the face of the saiyan with mixed black and yellow hair with yellow and blue aura

Elemental Essenece

For the use of wisards (such as bibidi and bobidi).

This transformation occurs when a wisard trains under a certain element. This transformation:

  • In/Decreases power level (Based on root element)
  • Changes the look of the user to match root element (Really good if you're ugly like bobidi(no offence))
  • Increases learning base and expands/specifies on spells, making them stronger/more usefull
  • Enables the user to use and control their surroundings

I've created a character that uses such a transformation (root ice) which makes them 10x more powerful than before and enables him to possess and use a special gem that increases the power of ice based spells by another 10x (Please pardon all spelling errors, and please do not become offended and "diss" my post)

I came up with two transformations,super warrior and ultimate super saiyan.

OK,first is super warrior.Its triggered by a pure rage like super saiyan.But,you have to have control of Ki or you'll just blow yourself,and the universe up.Any race can use it,but you need to have pure blood(androids being the exception).Your hair becomes straighter,like with the mystic transformation,and it turns white.Your eyes turn white,then black,then finally stop on green.Your muscles receed,then burst.Your aura would depend on your race.For humans,it would be blue,for namekians,green,saiyans,red.This-if you survived-would multiply your power 50 fold.But you have to be careful,staying in this stay burns Ki like crazy.

OK,now the ultimate super saiyan.First,you must be saiyan,be able to achieve at least ssj2,and have the mental and pyshical strenght to endure it.You focused all your Ki and let it gather.After gathering all your Ki,let it all spike at once,sending all around your body.Your hair'll flash between gold and black.Small flashes of lightning appeared,but disappeared a moment later.After the lightning,the gold aura grows giant,then disappears.In the end,you don't have an aura,your hair is gold streaked with black,your eyes a deep teal,but you don't gain much muscle.Your Ki's sky high.It's at least twenty fold your ssj2 power.

super sayain 43

u would get long(ss3)rainbow hair and unlimited power(exept for anorher ss43)

goddess or godlike ssj: blue fur tuft around neck, lapiz lazuli colored hair, golden tail, silver eyes,cat claws,multi colored feather wings with blue flame and lightening,multi colored scales on wrist, blue iridescent fur,spikes from back down, gold and silver facial marks, and a sparkling blueaura with silver and gold lightening bolts,caused by EXTREME rage. females have a toft of peacock feathers and a blue jewel on the forehead and males get flame on the tail tip and a red jewel on the chest

and there isnt a number high enough to match the strength,but only the three strongest beings ,if there saiyans, can reach it, and then can become a super draco rex, which looks like a dinaurian with spikes, which gives you a healing aura to the pure and incinerates evil


The race would be a NekoMajin/Saiyan hybrid. Their form would be growing cat ears and crazy hair. The aura color would be yellow. The power multiplier would be X1,000 per transformation. SNS stands for Super Neko Saiyan. this

Blaze saiyan

Eyes are fire,hair is pure red,black aura with red electricity and when angry clothes start to burn.Can be acheived by fear or rage(SS1 orSS2.)Unlimitated power,POWER LEVEL:5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 ,Hair stays like it is in normal,and never tireds down.

Users:Goku,Gohan,Vegeta,Future Trunks,Trunks (at the end of GT),Goten (at the end of Gt),Gotenks,Vegeto,Gogeta, and Bardock. P.S (HERCULE,Krilin ,VIDEL,Picilo,YAMCHA, and Tein) all try but the two closests one were KRILLIN AND PICILO.

Mega super saiyan

Mega super saiyan

This is the mega version of a super saiyan it has an orange aura with green lightning aura the hair is purple and is a powerful transformation my character that can use this form is called omega—This unsigned comment was made by Kaleb10 (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

Leikosians and Super Forms

Leikosians, are the people  from the planet Liekos( my planet).

They look very much like humans, except for pointed ears. At the age of 13, they are given a choice between Healers and Predators.

When chosen they will train under a teacher in the ways of that category.

Also,when they choose their transformation changes into if your in the healers, Kami Ascend, and if Predators Shinagami Ascend

Kami Ascend

When healers reach a certain level, they will a have a transformation known as Kami Ascend. Their bodies a little, like their hair turning white and iris black. Their aura will also become white.

In this form, their healing powers increase 500x( power ful right? Their name is Kami).

Shinagami Ascend

Like healers, when predators get to a certain level they have a transformation called Shinagami Ascend. This form also changes their body, but to a much higher degree. Their hair turns black and skin becomes pale. Their screla turns black, and iris white. Their aura is pure black with a white outline.

In this form their power increases 1000x. They will also have a soul sword forged for them, and can summon it anytime to fight

Super Saiyan great ape

My transformation is super Saiyan great ape. Looks close to the golden one but stronger. If controlled correctly can fly and blast. This form can go to any super Saiyan transformation. First form has golden spiky hair and looks like a great ape. Super Saiyan 2 is the same but with longer hair and lightning aura. 3 has fur all the way down its back with lightning.


This is form is for 100% evil people only: evil super saiyan it would have a dark purplish aura with lightining and the hair would look misty and mysterious with their original hair the same but it is just a power up with extreme strength and speed. would be good for villians but the thing is the strength of the evil transformation is equal to a super saiyan 4. I think that we be a challenge unless they go SSG or SSGSS 

True Super Saiyan God (Super Swine)

  1. Looks: It would be like a SSJ4 ,but with red and shorter hair, the eyes would not have pupils and they would be red colour, it wouldn't have furr, just red patrons in his body and his face,this would glow and aemit a fiery aura when going full power.,(Red tail too),for the aura it would be sharp and red - gold  ish colour, with bright red lightning sparks, and when you power down the aura changes to blue - goldish and the hair turns darker.
  2. Power: It would be a base increase of 100,000x or 416x Saiyan Beyond God, should be stronger than SSGSS Vegito from GT saga. Full power: 150,000x base
  3. Obtaining it: You have to be a pure blooded Saiyan and alredy be able to transform into SSGSS,then, have 7 new items: God Power Infusers,which have to be charged with the power of 7 ssj's: this thig would have to be thrown into the user wich has to turn into SBG and,using his Ki manipulate them unttil they create a vortex of arround 1 mile of radius, the user will now have the power to transform and will be put in a masivly enhanced SSGSS state like a SSGSS2 kind of power increase,the user will now be in this state  for 6 months,if he or she experience a tremendous rage or a deep sadness, it will now be otorgued the TSSJG powers.
  4. Downsides: It will slowlt drain your energy,unless you de-transform by a masive amount of damadge, until your power level drops to 0.001, this will take from a couple of hours to a few minutes,depending on what the user does while transformed. This isn' necesairly a downside but your attitude turns serious,selfish and agressive,but you still care about the others a bit.

Ultimate Super Saiyan 4

A fully mastered version of the Super Saiyan 4. It is achieved by severe training once the regular Super Saiyan 4 form is obtained it is similar to the Full Power Super Saiyan. It's power is higher than Golden Frieza's and like the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan it has no limits.


Identical to the baseline version of the Super Saiyan 4.


The baseline power of this form is the same as Golden Frieza.


Identical to the normal Super Saiyan 4 except it is blue and crackles with electricity signifying the power increase.